1 500 cry foul as Chiyangwa repossesses Stoneridge stands | The Herald

via 1 500 cry foul as Chiyangwa repossesses Stoneridge stands | The Herald March 8, 2014

At least 1 442 people have lost residential stands to businessman Phillip Chiyangwa’s Pinnacle Property Holdings Limited at Stoneridge Farm in Harare after they allegedly defaulted on payment.Pinnacle Property Holdings said in a statement yesterday that the residential stands were now up for grabs after it ordered the residents out.
Some of the affected people had already built houses, some with as many as eight rooms.

Stoneridge Farm, measuring 586 hectares, has been under contestation by Government which argued that Pinnacle Properties Limited would not cater for low-income earning citizens because it was profit-oriented.

“The following defaulting persons are hereby notified of the cancellation of their agreements,” the company said in the statement, before listing the names of the affected.

“You have seven days to vacate the properties. These listed stands are now available for purchase. Please visit our office or call our sales team on the numbers listed.”

Mr Chiyangwa said in an interview that the residential stands belonged to him and he had the right to evict those defaulting.

“They were supposed to pay amounts varying from US$25 to US$150 over a 10-year period, but they are not,” he said. “They should finish paying than to stay without paying anything. The stands are all mine. Hapana anogara muHarare mahara. Ngavabhadhare.”

When The Herald visited the farm, some of the affected residents criticised Mr Chiyangwa, saying he resorted to communicating with them through the Press.

“We are paying the money we agreed to pay every month although sometimes we default. But we always visit their offices situated along Samora Machel Avenue where we can pay in line with agreed payment plans,” said one of the residents.

Another resident said there was no other form of communication with them other than through rumours.

One of the residents who identified herself as Mrs Dube said it was painful for her to be given seven days to vacate the residential stand when she had constructed a four-roomed cottage.

Pinnacle Holdings contested the acquisition of Stoneridge Farm before making a U-turn in court this week, saying negotiations for compensation were going on with the Government.



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    he is a thief

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    gandanga 8 years ago

    Kutamba nembavha kwakaoma! We are in the age of legalised stealing! Zimbabweans we need to rise up to these looters!

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    Relocate the people from the 1500 stands to Chiyangwa’s 1500 houses around Harare. Let them blockade and take over these.

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    gonzo 8 years ago

    the time is going to come to hang this lot of robbers for stealing from the people of zim to much talk no action wake up

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    Messenger Of God 8 years ago

    Blessed are ye the poor for yours is the Kingdom Of Heaven…Those who put their trust on riches shall kneel down and beg from you the poor…

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    Messenger Of God 8 years ago

    God Jesus Christ said ‘How hard is it for a rich person to enter the Kingdom Of God.’ It is impossible for we know a chamel cannot pass through the eye of a needle…

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    Chiyangwa needs to be probed seriously. His arrogance stinks.

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    roving ambassador. 8 years ago

    People be warned . Do not buy into any of these Zanu schemes. THEY ARE ALL SET UP TO FLEECE YOU. He is already calling for more people to be fleeced. Years ago people came to me asking if they could get involved in the home link scheme by Gono. I told them ,’Do it at your on peril’. Hey, you know what happened. Looters, treasonous malcontents . Bob is the overseer.

    Pasi nembahva.
    pasi nezanupf.

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    yvonne kamukosi 8 years ago

    oHie do u still have the project where u built houses then u sell then we pay in 10yrs time