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via 2 more Airzim bosses arrested | The Herald February 14, 2014 by Freeman Razemba

Suspended Air Zimbabwe (Private) Limited chief executive Innocent Mavhunga (53) and his predecessor Peter Chikumba have been arrested on fraud allegations. On Wednesday, company secretary Grace Nyaradzo Pfumbidzayi (48) was also arrested on similar charges.Chief police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba yesterday confirmed the arrests, saying they were in possession of six reports detailing alleged fraud at Airzim.

Sources told The Herald that the reports pertain to procurement, maintenance of aircraft and insurance, among others.
Potential total prejudice runs into millions of US dollars.

“The ZRP would like to confirm that Peter Chikumba and Innocent Mavhunga have been arrested in connection with the ongoing investigations into the Air Zimbabwe (Private) Limited fraud case.

“Chikumba, a former chief executive of Air Zimbabwe from September 2007 to December 2010, and Innocent Mavhunga, the suspended chief executive, are Grace Nyaradzo Pfumbidzayi’s accomplices in the fraud case,” Snr Asst Comm Charamba said.

Pfumbidzayi was arrested on Wednesday on six counts of fraud and one of criminal abuse of duty as a public officer for allegedly swindling the airline of more than €5 895 695 and US$1 298 827.

The three are assisting police with investigations and will appear in court once these are concluded.
In apparent reference to reports that police were dragging their feet on investigating corruption in public offices, Snr Asst Comm Charamba said: “The ZRP would like to put it on record that investigations are first conducted before picking up any suspects for prosecution.

“In the case of Air Zimbabwe, a report was made on January 3, 2014 with no forensic audit report available.
“When the report was later supplied, police had to expertly sift through and analyse six voluminous reports to establish a prima facie case against the accused.”

She said police were fully aware of their constitutional mandate and would not hesitate to arrest anyone who commits a crime.
“Inasmuch as we are all concerned with the Air Zimbabwe fraud case, police are appealing to the public and any interested parties to co-operate and allow the ongoing investigations to proceed smoothly,” Snr Asst Comm Charamba added.

Pfumbidzayi was accused of fraud in an audit report compiled by BCA Forensic Auditors last year.
The report recommended Pfumbidzayi’s arrest together with Mavhunga, human resources manager Oswald Madziwa, finance, administration manager Patience Tichagwa and strategy and economics boss Norbert Machingauta.

Acting general manager Nicholas Mujere, former finance and corporate services manager Oswell Matore, as well as Givemore Nderere (Navistar Insurance Brokers managing director), Vukile Hlupo (Navistar director) and Orton Mawire (Navistar finance director and company secretary) were also fingered.

Pfumbidzayi’s arrest came barely a week after the airline’s disciplinary tribunal, chaired by Harare lawyer Mr Wellington Pasipanodya of Manase and Manase, found her guilty of fraud and acting contrary to her contract of employment.

It was established that she played a pivotal role in facilitating that the airline pay inflated amounts to Navistar between 2009 and 2013, resulting in the airline losing €4 461 672.

According to the report, Pfumbidzayi also appointed Navistar as Airzim’s aviation insurance brokers on March 18, 2009 without following procedures prescribed by law and company policy.

In addition, she authorised payment of a fraudulent invoice valued at US$142 300 from Navistar, thereby prejudicing the already struggling airline.

Pfumbidzayi — according to the papers — was part of a fraudulent transaction that saw her authorising debit notes from Navistar amounting to US$1 062 370,52 for aviation insurance cover for two A320 airbuses from November 2011 to April 3, 2012.
But auditors found that the airbuses in question had not yet been bought and that they were only received in January and July                2012.

She was also found to be part of a fraudulent transaction in which €713 921,04 was released by the airline to pay insurance cover for three MA60 aircraft to Navistar when the planes were already covered by Colemont Insurance Brokers’ debit notes.
Mr Mavhunga is accused of theft and fraud involving US$11 460 448.



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    Nothing will happen. Mugabeland now probably the most corrupt and criminal regime in the world even surpassing equatorial guinea Angola drc etc. Our snakepits at the new chikurubi will be overflowing with zanoids. The shocking ever widening gap between obscenely rich looters and poverty stricken masses is an international disgrace also. But hey. Muggersboy was the favorite “freedom fighters liberation struggle ” poster boy. Shame on you terrorist worshippers of 1980. Vommit you

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    Mukanya 9 years ago

    Are they locked up or they were notified of their pending invitations to dinner with the Zanu Republic Police as part of valentine celebration.

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    Tjingababili 9 years ago

    We’ll done MaShonas, you are licensed to steal! It’s in your DNA!

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    Doris 9 years ago

    What a pigging farce. We have all known for years who has had their fingers in the till. Why is this stupid bunch acting like they are our saviours by ‘arresting’ these selected few. How about exposing what the so called top brass have nicked? Makes me sick.

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    Africanson 9 years ago

    O…o oh!! Insurance executives in zim can steal for sure. They specialise in fradualent claims. I witnessed it with one of the insurance companies in Harare. The finance manager, accountant and software consultant spent the whole night burrying evidence in my eyes. I was powerless because the MD was related to evryone except me. That MD is still managing finances in Zimbabwe.

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    roving ambassador. 9 years ago

    My dear mum worked for the state for more than 25 years, when she was pensioned of ,she had nothing to show for it. Zanu, through Gono, had ransacked the people’s savings.

    She is lucky because her kids can afford to look after her.There is so many sad stories out there unfortunately.
    The whole POLITIBURO ransacked the state. And now its having a meeting to investigate corruption, what a joke.
    With the rotten leadership in the MDC calling for a commission of enquiry into corruption. Convened by who? The Zanu thieves? ITS A MAD MAD MAD Wolrd.

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      Jenandebvu 9 years ago

      What woould you do if you were the MDC? How much power doess MDC have? Do you think if MDC walks out of parliamnet ZPF would give a dame? Of course no, the best MDC can do is shout anti-corruption loudly, whc they have done and are still doing. Alternatively you and me can go to the street and demostrate enroute to chikurumbi under presidential temporary measures act of 2014 (recently gazetted) You think MDC is daft, no, its not. Right now the regime is waiting for any excuse too cage MDC leaders. And ZUNDE being HUNDI (chaff) you know there is no alternative opposition voice

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    Roving Ambassador your words “it’s a MAD MAD world”.
    “Those who the Gods wish to destroy, make mad first”; and we all know that Bob The Sod is stark raving mad.