2014 budget will be fictitious, govt too broke – Tendai Biti

via 2014 budget will be fictitious, govt too broke – Biti | The Source December 17, 2013

Former finance minister, Tendai Biti  said the 2014 budget to be presented on Thursday will be ‘fictitious’ as the government does not have the funds to back it up.  

Addressing journalists on the state of the economy on Tuesday, Biti condemned government for moving away from the cash budget which the former government of national unity used to a deficit one.

“In the era of cash budgeting, there would be revenues to finance the budget but in this situation where the wage bill alone can’t be financed from the revenue, you are going to have a totally unfunded budget,” he said.

“As a matter of fact, government is in de facto shut down due to lack of revenue.”

He said the government was likely to bring back the Zimbabwe Dollar abandoned during the hyperinflation era in 2008 opting for the multiple currency system, due to reliance on deficit budgeting.

“The only way to monetise the deficit is to reopen the printing press. That is the only last avenue that this government has,” he said.

Biti said the country’s economy was inching towards stagflation after inflation for November slowed further to 0.54 percent from 0.59 percent in October.

“There is absolutely no economic activity and stagflation becomes a by-product of that absence of economic activity. What you are seeing is a shrinkage of the economy,” he said.

The government, he said, was battling with a huge wage bill constituting around 90 percent of its revenue and was now saddled with a $300 million debt for salaries.

“You are going to have a new lexicon in Zimbabwe of staggered salaries in2014,” he said.

Biti said his party; the MDC-T was also concerned about the accumulation of domestic arrears forecasting the debt to hit the $1 billion mark by end of the year.

“And for any government to fail to pay the bonuses is criminal and irresponsible.”

Lack of financial discipline, he said would also negatively impact on the Staff Monitored Programme signed earlier this year with the International Monetary Fund to help monitor the country’s economic reforms and policies, and facilitate arrears clearance with creditors.

He also expressed concern over the depreciating the current account as the country’s import bill continues to exceed exports.

He said the government’s overreliance on the banking sector, Diaspora remittances and the private sector to finance the economy was putting a strain on these traditional sources of income.

Biti attributed the liquidity crisis facing the country to absence of cash and production.

“The biggest crisis we have in the country is a crisis of production. This crisis then manifests itself as a crisis of liquidity and diminished revenue,” he said.

He said three quarters of the country’s 13 million population was going to face starvation due to poor rains and lack of preparedness for the 2013/14 agricultural season.

Government has set aside $160 million for inputs while banks have only disbursed $200 million to the agric sector which Biti said was inadequate.

He urged the government to normalise relations with the West to attract Foreign Direct Investment, engage the MDC-T over the  ‘stolen election’ and  to reconsider the indigenisation law which requires foreign firms to cede 51 percent of their shares to local blacks.

President Robert Mugabe and his ZANU-PF party claimed an overwhelming victory in the July 31 general election disputed by the opposition MDC.

Critics blame Mugabe’s policies, such as the seizure of white-owned farms to resettle blacks and the current black firm ownership drive, for Zimbabwe’s economic woes.

The veteran ruler denies the charge and blames Western sanctions for the crisis.



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    Problems after problems with these maggots that call themselves Zanu PF. Let’s just wait for Thursday and see if Chainamasha will Nikuv the budget.

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    The so called budget will also promise manna from heaven as usual.empty vessels like zanupf make the most sound. 2014 on track to be the new 2008

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    Daniel Berejena 10 years ago

    Well said Secretary-General Biti

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      Timba 10 years ago

      My Ass. Ofcoz he gon say Gvt iz broke. It woz broke when he woz in office… Simply coz he neva woz shown the money!!! But the money woz there wozn’t it??? Wozn’t it??? Kikikkkk. Fool!!

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    Mr Mixed Race 10 years ago

    Well said Biti but you people failed to make real changes when you had the majority in parliament-How do you propose to influence them now when you have no voice at all? Infact, you should keep quiet and let the economy do the talking for us.Just wait and see how the economy tames the most stubborn politicians.The more you talk the more you give your opponents your ideas to bail themselves out of their mess.

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    God’s judgment! The economic rod of judgment. Pray, Zimbabwe, for repentance for we are all caught up in this. It affects us all and let each one of us make sure our own lives are right before God before we point fingers!!!

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      Chris 10 years ago

      thank you for letting us know but we need people with future it better to provide realistic solution lets forget about elections they have gone. lets unite all sides and bring bread on the table rather than frightening the masses. it wont help . This appeasement polices of Mussolini and Hitler will destroy our loved nation.Mr Bi ti help with all resources that u have for the better of Zimbabwe.

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      Timba 10 years ago

      And wots God got 2 do with this 1. Enda ku Church kana uchida zvekunamata mhani iwe…Kmt

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    Chris 10 years ago


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    Boorangoma 10 years ago

    Ndokuti Finance Minister ka uku Sec Gen. Kwete madutya anofunga kuti Renaming school names and Vic Falls is a priority at the expense of a dying economy. Munofungawo Chinamasa asingatozivi kuti GDP chii angasimudze nyika ino ari Finance Minister? The Lesson from all this is that NEVER STEAL AN ELECTION.

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    Mdidi 10 years ago

    Ma Ndebele, ma Zinyane eSilo, yekelani amashona azibulalele ilizwe labo. Let’s watch from the terraces.