33 corrupt Avondale police officers transferred

via 33 corrupt Avondale police officers transferred | SW Radio Africa by Nomalanga Moyo  January 17, 2014

33 traffic police officers, accused of soliciting bribes, have been transferred to other stations, sparking an outcry from Zimbabweans.

On Friday the state media reported that the 33, including an officer-in-charge at Avondale Police Station in Harare, were transferred over alleged “intolerable corruption levels”.

The whole unit was disbanded Wednesday after a motorist, who was in the company of well-known musician Jah Prayzah, formally complained that one of the officers had demanded a $50 bribe from him.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police’s internal investigations team swiftly reacted to a complaint by the motorist, but the money was not recovered. It was recommended that the officers all be transferred,” the Herald said.

Some social commentators however say that the officers should have been dismissed, because letting them keep their jobs is akin to condoning corruption.

“It does not make sense that instead of being fired they have been transferred. Only in Zimbabwe do you get this kind of response to corruption,” Ephraim Ndimande posted on Facebook.

Makabongwe Apollo Ncube said the transfers were just a slap on the wrist for the corrupt officers. “They call it kuchengetana pabasa” (it’s called looking out for one another), he commented Friday.

Shepherd Mwenda said it was unlikely that the transfers will act as a deterrent for the corrupt officers. “The ZRP leadership is simply spreading the problem around rather solving it,” he said.

Another commentator, identified only as Kudzi, said the corruption in the police traffic department reflects more than 30 years of bad leadership in the country.

“How can one expect them to be fired when the very same powers-that-be have been recycling themselves for over three decades now.”

He decried what he said was a culture whereby underperformers, or corrupt individuals and those who lose elections, remain in their positions.

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba described the transfer of the 33 officers “as routine”.

Zimbabwe’s police are amongst the most corrupt in the southern Africa region, according to a recent survey by global lobby group Transparency International.

Last week the NewsDay newspaper revealed that two officers had been arrested after they solicited bribes of more than $2,000 along the Harare-Masvingo Road.

The money, which was hidden in a rubbish pit near the checkpoint, was found by a 10-year-old girl from Beatrice who gave it to her parents.

When the traffic officers discovered what had happened to the hidden money, they allegedly followed, harassed the family and confiscated a further $132 of their own money from them. The family has since been summoned to Harare as part of police investigations into the matter.

In October last year, 19 senior police officers were either retired or transferred amid reports of criminal activity and corruption.

Rights campaigner and prominent actor Bernard Bhekilizwe Ndlovu said corruption in the country went to the very top levels of political leadership.

Ndlovu said it would be difficult for police chief Augustine Chihuri to stem malpractices within the force “because his hands are tied by his own corruption”.

“Corruption is part of the legacy of President Robert Mugabe’s leadership. For example, most businesses, and the economy, belong to Mugabe’s close or distance relatives,” Ndlovu added.

Ndlovu said any leader who engages in nepotism and corruption will not be willing to promote a police force that is transparent and accountable.

“Claims by ZANU PF officials that curbing corruption is top of their agenda are just cheap talk, and these transfers prove that the party tolerates it,” he added.



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    Why are these common criminals.the not doing life hard labour?? Our snakepit beckons

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      zimjesus 8 years ago

      I agree. For years the catholics transferred child abusers, and guesswhat? The child abuse SPREAD. Now it is a wild fire that cannot be put out. All those wicked people who abused children should have first of all been bought to the parents of the children, and apologised. Then they should have been bought to the courts and prosecuted. Then they should have gone to jail where there are no children to abuse. In a like manner each and every zanu member who has been involved in corruption should apologise to the people they have cheated… like zacchaeus in the bible, paid resutition and then gone to jail, preferably prison farms where thay can actually do a day’s work for the benefit of other people.

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    This is a surprise. Maybe they were not meeting their targets

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    These police have lost their dignity with the public.We no longer trust them.They cannot fire them because they are all corrupt and greedy.All road blocks are not for public safety but for looting and enriching themselves.Shame on them!!!

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    ZPF’s way of dealing with dirtbags in its house has always been to rearrange the the dirt. Kubvira nguva ye Willowgate scandal, Kangai and the GMB demise . Nothing changes. When Bob says he will deal with corruption all he means is he will pretend to sweep his house but realistically the dirt that was under the bed goes into the lounge making it look like its’s gone but its still there. But of course his supporters are easy to fool and will belive in all ernest that action has been taken.

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    Murimi Wanhasi 8 years ago

    I remember a long time ago,there was a traffic officer in Masvingo named Chimusoro,who would terrorise the length and breadth of it in his 504 GR.
    Now,every police outpost,has a traffic section.In fact,every police officer,including the recruits(have u ever noticed how young they are at the roadblocks?) are now traffic officers.
    33 traffic officers for Avondale only?I wonder how many “officers” @ Central,a couple of hundred,maybe a thousand

    • comment-avatar
      Ruramai 8 years ago

      Very good point Murimi. The majority of the police force is now being assigned traffic duties to the extent that reporting a case at any police station is a waste of time as one is invariably told there is no transport to attend to the crime scene.

      Question, Murimi, why do you reckon the head of state and government and commander in chief of the the Zimbabwe defence forces has failed to stop the rot which has thrived on his watch?

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    Zimbo 8 years ago

    For how long are the Zimbabwean people going to accept this nonsense?To those with eyes to see and ears to hear,we have to take our country back!

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    Multiply the Avondale police station by every other police station and police post in Zimbabwe, then you understand the scope and depth of the corruption. The really scary thing is that this corruption starts at the top and works it’s way down to the most junior police detail in the ZRP, which is why there are only transfers and no dismissals. Drive past PGHQ on 7th Street in Harare and look at the new Twincabs, Landcruisers, Pajero’s etc, then you will understand where your stolen money is feeding back into, and why a small station like Avondale needs 33 traffic cops.

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    I have the solution to this rot.We should all refuse to pay spot fine which is not mandatory and see what will happen.Let us educate all these ET and bus drivers to join us in refusing to pay the illegal spot fines.I guarantee you that this rot will start resolving itself because these criminals do not want to go to courts for exposure.I want to repeat what I said before that corruption only survives where there is a willing giver and willing taker.I have never paid a bribe in my life time because I insist to have an official ticket given to me to pay later at the police station.

    • comment-avatar
      Ruramai 8 years ago

      You are right Mixed Race. Its is not a crime to actually tell a traffic cop that you do not have the money. It is not a crime.

      When I tell them I don’t have money they either aske me to park on the side or tell me to drive to a police station to which I always ask to be shown the section of the Road Traffic Act which requires that I do that simply because I do not have cash on me. When I refuse to budge they simply let me go.

      Many motorists say they pay because they do not want to be delayed in reaching their destination. So what if you are delayed unless its a matter of life and death?

      Imagine if we all did it just once. To a large extent we deserve the treatment we get from these thieves because we are way too complacent.

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    Pepukai 8 years ago

    transferring all 33 officers means spreading the corrupt and their skills wide into the country. how efficient!

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    I for one refused to pay a spot fine near Mwenezi. I asked the policewoman to issue me a ticket so that I can pay at the nearest police station. I was delayed for 30minutes. Finally she even could not give a ticket. On my way back to SA I was stopped by two ZRP police reservists who claimed I had gone through a red robot. They threatened to impound my car. I again refused to pay a spot fine. They let me go after a delay of 20 minutes.

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    Stingray 8 years ago

    So what will happen if the senior staff officers , chief staff officers , commmisioners, deputy commissioner and the commissioner are accused of corruption where will they be transferred to ?

  • comment-avatar
    Tawanda 8 years ago

    Please name them so we will know them wherever they are transferred to.

  • comment-avatar
    Harper 8 years ago

    Less than a week in office and Chihuri had already disgraced himself.

  • comment-avatar
    apolitical 8 years ago

    I was the individual who complained at Avondale in writing, illustrating that since the new government things are happening.

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    I will tranferes will be done in ZRP Epworth police station because its to much now police are corrupt they is Bribes,escort drugs and performing duty in un proper manner

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    Munondidii 6 years ago

    ZRP the most corrupt organisation I know.