34 years of Zanu (PF) plunder – Vince Musewe

34 years of Zanu (PF) plunder | The Zimbabwean by Vince Musewe

I was 17 years old in 1980 and was busy with my “O” levels. I remember vividly when the results of the elections were announced. I was in a maths class at a private school just outside Harare – where blacks were in the minority. Things came to a sudden halt in class when it was announced that Zanu (PF) led by President Robert Gabriel Mugabe, had won the elections with a landslide victory and would, for the first time, form a black majority government in Zimbabwe.

My classmates could not hide their disappointment and anger. How could a renowned terrorist become the new President? What had happened to their UANC led by a moderate Bishop Abel Muzorewa? They had become comfortable with him during the Zimbabwe-Rhodesia era and expected him to win? It was the worst of times.

Personally, I was elated but could not show it on my face. Finally, I thought, we were our own people. We would never again be discriminated against, never be called “Kaffir” again. I could not imagine how bright our future was going to be. Us educated black Zimbabweans had so many expectations and thought that the sky was now the limit. We now could be doctors, engineers, economists and could choose from an array of professions not available to us during colonial times. We could now earn as much as the whites did, live wherever we wished and be free in the country of our birth. Finally the whites would respect us.

On the eve of Independence Day we all went to Rufaro stadium to watch Robert Mugabe take the oath of office and see a new Zimbabwe flag rising up in the sky – as we expected our lives to.

We were not disappointed. I managed to go to university and study economics on a government grant. In fact by the time I got to University in 1982, blacks were in the majority – something unheard of pre 1980. Funny enough, all my white schoolmates had gone to university elsewhere, mainly to South Africa. Racists I thought, but it was their loss.

I remember Bob Marley singing; “every man got a right to decide his own destiny; and in this judgement there ain’t no partiality!” It was the best of times.

I think things went well for the first 10 years of independence. I think Mugabe did very well to change our social circumstances. He valued our education so much that budgeted social spending on public services increased significantly.

New schools, clinics and colleges emerged. All fully staffed with well-trained black professionals. Education was free at primary level, affordable at secondary level and subsidised at tertiary level. To this day, I am truly grateful for that.

Growth with Equity was the economic policy then. The army and the police were professional services. It was then an honourable profession.

Never saw it

What we never imagined was that 34 years later, Mugabe would still be in power. We never saw it coming, we were naive and not involved in politics at all, but busy with our careers and trusting that Mugabe would look after our future and that of our country. We gave him carte blanche to do as he pleased and now we must pay the price of that naivety.

Our first shock was Gukurahundi but this was framed to us in Harare as the necessary crushing of an Ndebele uprising; a threat to our peace and prosperity. We also heard about Edgar Tekere, the rebel, forming a new political party – the Zimbabwe Unity Movement. Sadly we never smelt the coffee and actually wondered what his problem was. In retrospect we should have realised our problem, but we didn’t. It is a sad story from then on and the rest is history.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. As I look back, I think we Zimbabweans are to blame. First, we did not involve ourselves in politics and second we assumed too much goodwill from our politicians and put them on a pedestal.

So embarrassed

On Independence day in 2014 I am so embarrassed of what my country has become and who we have become as a nation. Hopelessness, lack of pride, apathy and poverty are our lot.

However, we must take note that ours is a young nation – born of a struggle that still dominates the minds of those in power today. I understand where they are coming from but we cannot wait.

We must now take our country to the next level – that is the reconstruction of our socio-political narrative led by the younger generation.

This trajectory must be significantly different from the past and we must create it now. It must be based on a new philosophy of equity, liberty and justice. We dare not leave it to the politicians again, regardless of who they are. We cannot afford another dictatorship.

I therefore plead that we all look back and learn from our experience in the last 34 years. We must realise that the only people responsible for creating the circumstances we want is us, the ordinary people. Only we are the true captains of our destiny.

Vince Musewe is an economist and author based in Harare. You may contact him on vtmusewe@gmail.com


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    Jono Austin 9 years ago

    yawn-yah right Vince, a new trajectory. Good luck you’re going to need it.

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    Johann 9 years ago

    Vince. If you want to see the future look north to the Congo, Zimbabwe is too resource rich to be left alone by the mafiosi of this world, the politicians are easily bought. Look for instance how Mr Tsvangirai became so very comfortable with his lot in the GNU that he didn’t ensure that those agreements that were made weren’t adhered to, He is a greater dissapointment than the predictable president. I too was in school, albeit a government school, at independence but my eyes were open to the fact that it was “One man one vote one time”. Zimbabwe is potentially the best place on this planet but I can’t afford to risk my children’s future on potentially wasting their time as I did by trying to do my bit to develop both my career and Zimbabwe.

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    strangely enough, this situation was predicted in 1980 by all those ‘racists’ who chose to go elsewhere. Their loss?? I think not. You should be embarrassed.

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    Zimbabwe is the result of racist thinking and greed ,power hunger,also the fact of not being able to plan ,organise,depth of thought and lack of forsight.its called ignorance.

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    Dadirai 9 years ago

    We chanted ‘Long live Cde Mugabe’ & we didn’t quite understand what that meant. There are many in ZANU PF who still believe that Zim is one party state, sad.

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    John Thomas 9 years ago

    Time was I would have sympathized with the narrative in this article. In the early 90’s I even came round to thinking maybe Mugabe was not too bad for a short few years. It is clear now that he behaved himself as long as the Europeans were pumping billions into the country. The moment that stopped he went on a rampage that still continues. It is clear now he is still the man who thought he could march into the country at the head of an army and destroy everything before him. The human price of all his doings means nothing to him.

    It is buried now that it was not only whites who resisted ZANU in the war. Many well educated and thinking black people did too. Not for the love of minority rule, but because they knew what ZANU stood for better than any white person.

    The way things have turned out is not a surprise. It was predicted in very exact detail 40 and 50 years ago.

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    Chiwaridza 9 years ago

    Vince, you mentioned that your white classmates were disappointed and angry when Mugabe won the election in 1980. Can you not see why – the white people could see what Mugabe truly was back in 1980, you on the other hand were blinded by only seeing a liberated Zimbabwe regardless of the consequences. The majority of white Zimbabweans also wanted a free Zimbabwe believe it or not, but also wanted decent governance and the rule of law. Today i dont see it as white or black we are all Zimbabweans under the constitution regardless of colour, the white people are not the enemy – from independence in 1980 to now they have been law abiding, tax paying, loyal citizens of the country – committed to seeing a well run, lawful nation. 5000 commercial farmers fed the country and exported many agricultural commodities, employed millions of Zimbabweans, provided homes, clinics, schools and other social welfare benefits, through these 5000 agricultural entities they indirectly supported a well balanced manufacturing and light industrial sector in the countries major centres.. these were committed, very skilled and peace loving citizens.. they were illegaly removed from property that some had owned legally for many, many years.. who removed them and consequently sent this great nation to its knees – Robert Gabriel Mugabe your hero of 1980, but the very person that your white colleagues at school were dissapointed and angry with back then, instead of criticizing your white colleagues perhaps you shoud have listened a little better back then ??

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    Tiger Shona 9 years ago

    Neither the whites nor Zanu PF ruled the country perfectly, although this Mugabe has become an outright disaster.
    We need to take our country back, and put people in charge that understand busines, respect the rule of law,correct some of these ridiculus mistakes that Mugabe has made, and give us all respect.

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    You get the government you deserve. If you don’t like it, stand up and fight

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      @Nzou exactly that, talk , talk , talk!!!!!! and mugabe and zanupf know their own population.Don’t expect anything to change in the near future.

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    Godobori 9 years ago

    I tell you again here people. No matter what, ZANU PF cannot develop. They can never develop themselves to the level of modern homosapien and they can never deleop Zimbabwe or anything else for that matter.

    The are professional looters. And that is all they know. A president who ears USD4k per month was able recently to hold a birthday party that cost USD1m; a daughter’s wedding that cost USD5m. Has a USD5m mansion in a foreign country, plus another USD45m mansion in Zimbabwe. Add to that what has not been publicised or confirmed and you will understand that he sent our brothers and sisters to die during the war only for himself. My brother who was a guerilla is living in abject poverty back home and each time I remind him of his contribution, he simply cries.

    This regime…

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      Roving Ambassador 9 years ago

      I cannot say it any better, Godobori. Now that it’s every men for himself in ZANU,the plunder will intensify.
      Bob is senile and old, its open season. There are conflicting statements from the ZANU coterie. They are all clueless on how to deal with the national problem s.
      Its now a looting continue.
      Pasi neZanu.

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    I still believe we have a leadership crisis in this nation. Show me one man who stands out head and shoulders above the rest with a strong and definite plan and purpose to dislodge the evil that has entrenched itself and to lead a people in the way that would bring God glory and begin to restore this nation. after His own I pray always for this; that God Himself would raise up a man after His own heart to lead this nation. We must never forget the story of David and Goliath. The giant never stood a chance against the righteousness of God. Where is that man in Zimbabwe?

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    Mandy 9 years ago

    A second rate economist that is Vince for you. He sees the first decade of independence as rosy! Here are the statistics though Mr. Museve. It was during this period that 20 000 perished in matebeleland under gukurahundu. Students on British Scholarship were allowed to drop out and return home as the charitable organisations withdrew their support. Already in 2003 students on cuban scholarship were demonstrating against the government for for failing to honor its commitment to support them. The average economic growth rate was 2.8% while population growth was 3% and indeed by 1985 local industry could not absorb all the graduates from the one local university. Of course for people like Vince, born with silver spoons in their mouths, all was rosy. I supposed Vince was even part of that student anti imperialist demonstration in 1986 on the unfortunate death Samora Machel. Granted vana vembwa havasvinure musi umwechete. But tell us our where you are borrowing your tirade on values and principles.

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      Mandy, Vince is not perfect. Neither am I. But he has a real heart for his nation. The eighties were far from perfect and we were all fast asleep and did not see maybe. But for the indigenous people of this nation who had been denied so much it was a time to dream and celebrate. We were all asleep and did not see what was coming with the odd exception maybe. let us give each other a chance. Rebuke and debate yes! But let us Zimbabweans who are broken hearted over the state of this nation close ranks for goodness sake for once.

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        Buchman-Turner-Overdrive 9 years ago

        “we were all fast asleep and did not see maybe”

        This is simply not true NBS. The Mthwakazi people were NOT fast asleep; they voted against Mugabe. His rhetoric in mozambique was a warning enough that this man was no democrat an no Nation Builder.

        Why do some of you people like to use this “WE” so carelessly? Please talk about yourselves, stop including everyone in your misjudgements.

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    Mlimo 9 years ago

    Vince wakey wakey you only realised after 34 years what your school mates saw in 1980. Just shows what a retard you are. Maybe instead of studying you should have paid more attention to the news and opinions of your peers. Even if they were white they were right. And don’t tell me your parents voted for Muzorewa.

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    @Chiwaridza @Mandy It would be unfair for you to say Vince should have listened to his school mates. Prior to 1980 mind sets and thinking was different. Dealing with the human mind is never straight forward. Your day to day dealings with human beings should tell you that.Inside people are not always what they look like on the out side. Human beings are also known to do an about turn to go the unexpected route. After 1980 when Robert Mugabe was doing all he could to try and convince whites who were leaving in their droves who would have thought that he would a few years later drive them out and strip a lot of them of their citizenship.
    He even gave White Politicians cabinet posts. The truth of the mater is that mistakes were made all around. With all due respect to my white friends (on this forum) some of the whites during that time did not want to be ruled by a black person. They never hid that fact. Some left because they were afraid of retaliation. Some just went back home because they thought there would be a civil war. Nobody could predict this was going to happen. Some of the white people who remained during the 80’s made more money than they had made in Rhodesia. Suddenly openings were happening for those that would have been blocked by those that suddenly left. AND SO CASTLES MADE OF SAND, MELTED INTO THE SEA, EVENTUALLY.

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      You are right Doc do little. But now is time to close ranks. Every true Zimbabwean at heart whatever our colour. We cannot keep being ruled by the past. We need to look forward and somehow with God’s help ZPF must be held accountable and they must understand the devastation they have wrought. Only as a nation can we go forward. ZPF do not want to share anything. Where are those in ZPF who have a conscience?

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      Buchman-Turner-Overdrive 9 years ago

      Doctor Do Little

      “Nobody could predict this was going to happen”

      I am sorry, I dont agree with your statement as quoted. I first came across the so-called 1979 GRAND PLAN in 1980 when I was studying overseas – have you ever read it? You can google it if you want.

      How could you not predict possible future scenarios of Mugabe’s leadership with such hate-filled party documents all over the place?

      If you combine Robert Mugabe and his party ZANUPF’s rhetoric in Mozambique. Their use of one single language, Shona in all their meetings, structures, broadcasts in Mozambique and eventually the gukurahundi massacres – you cant tell me that you could not predict what would happen in future with all these telling signs.

      Here is a quote:

      “If the people say Smith and his quislings shall hang; then hang they will” – ROBERT MUGABE:

      Joshua Nkomo was also leading a liberation party, how come there are no such thuggish and blood curdling quotes that can be attributed to him during the struggle?

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    Rwendo 9 years ago

    Many, bitter, finger-pointing, holier than thou opinions on this site. Some point at another tribe. Others at another race. Very few express personal responsibility. Always someone else’s fault.

    In my entire life in this country, as black and white Zimbabweans we have never really embraced each other. I remember the jokes that supposedly racist South Africans were said to make about “Rhodies” that had crossed the Limpopo. And now Mugabe (and often – by implication – black people) are the deposit for all the vitriol. In our different ways, we all created Mugabe and ZANU PF. He was not imposed upon us by aliens. Instead of embracing change, in 1965 we set off on a path of confrontation, isolation and a war that still haunts us.

    Divided we have fallen.

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      You know Rwendo, in many ways you have hit the nail right on the head. in God’s eyes we are all responsible to one degree or another. And that is why God is speaking so strongly to me about repentance. For the church, for ZPF, for the people; for the whole nation. No repentance! No restoration! If ever there was a time to embrace one another it is now. In Christ colour, tribe and culture fade away and so it shows how little we know of the One we call Saviour. “Lord please change me.”

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    Its interest Vince to hear how things were going well for you in the early years of our independence.Whilst you were busy running without a shirt,us in Midlands and the Western parts of the country we were already being fried”perm days” and you were singing “Youth shamwari yeropa”.Our sin was rejecting a liberation movement that thrived on instilling fear on the masses,yet it was ideologically bankrupt. Remember Zapu had its fisrt indigenisation policy during the struggle-Nitram projects. Nkomo had said any ex-combatant laying guns should not go and be a cobbler at BATA shoe company but rather go straight into farming(not grabbed farm but bought farm,using one’s contributions). Unfortunately most of you guys never wanted to see beyond tribal reasoning hence you supported what was happening to us in Matlands and Midlands mainly.Let me be honest with you,to start crying now,34 years latter is nonsense especially coming from a schooled person like you,Note l say schooled and not learned because so many have gone to schools but learnt nothing. Where there is no vision people perish. We told you so unfortunately you guys lack the ability to listen and learn. Even today the solution doesn’t lie on removing Mugabe and replacing him with a more ideological bankrupt Tsvangirai,no,no. You need a visionary leader who doesn’t come supreme as a party president but rather as a country president. We need leaders who in the words of Nelson Mandela in Robben Island,1975 “A man who rises to the position of premier in any country must be a man of ability,forceful personality and moral uprightness in his public life”. It is unfortunately that you of all the people,you are busy trying to beg Zimbabweans to again swallow yet another poison(Tsvangirai),which they will regret after 34 years like you are now doing. What befalls Phiri will undoubtedly befall Banda my dear brother,for they both hail from Malawi.What was felt by the Zapu family back then,is now being and is going to be felt by all the Zimbabwean family,for both are Zimbabweans. This you should have known when you were busy running shirtless while innocent 20 000 were being butchered for seeing things differently. Shame on you my fellow brother,hawuna muono and you have always been so. How do you call the sad early years-glorious???When comrades were being killed with impunity-sin:having fought the war of liberation as ZIPRAs.From your articles Vince you have proven that you were and still you are out of touch,remember in one of your shallow articles where you quote only Sitholes,Masipula and Ndabaningi on the reason for Zanu splitting from Zapu?You failed to balance your articles by carrying out objective journalism. Yours is subjective journalism.For the record,Joshua Nkomo was never a Zanu president as you want readers to believe.Nkomo remained with Zapu.Your Tsvangirai has nothing to learn on the Nkomo scenerios,they are worlds apart,and that truth you know.Nkomo sought to create a united nation like his counterparts in ANC,regardless of our divesirties,in language,tribe etc. For your own information,Nitram projects were spread all over the country so that every tribe and language would benefit.So for you to compare Nkomo to this guy of yours is just trying to be funny Vince.No wonder SA riguta rorutiziro for the the people who messed up their own country,a paradise of a country for that matter.

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    Well, although I think it is sad that black Zimbabweans have lost their moral high ground and joined the white Zimbabweans in disgrace in their lack of regard for human dignity. It is probably ok that two of the different Races of Zimbabwe are finally equal even though it is for all the wrong reasons. Maybe now there is a chance to work together for the future of our Country and Kin. Vince, I empathize with your nativity and embarrassment but I am glad you have finally realized that the colour of your skin does not make the toilet smell any different in the morning.

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    @Guti it maybe argued that lack of regard for human dignity was tribal as well. That is Zimbabwe’s history. Which country in this world has a clean History. We try to move on and ease each others pains by not repeating the short-sightedness of those in this world that came before us.

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    Gomogranny 9 years ago

    I sat in a council meeting less than ten years ago when “EYES FOR ZIMBABWE” was running a programme of free cataract operations in our area. Our council refused them entry to our area because the transport for the surgeons was organised by Heather Bennett.
    The reason was stated in front of us all – “We would rather be blind under ZANU(PF) than be given sight by MDC”.

    So it is – a BLIND NATION stumbling into the abyss. Live with your choices. Stop complaining.

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    @ Doctor do little,its very very unfortunate if some people chose to think and believe that the early 80s brutality and pumelling would end with the Zapu family only. I can tell you that once a murderer always a murderer.When a snake is done with the eggs of a chicken,it goes for its own. The whites thought they were wise by aiding Mugabe to destroy Nkomo and his Nitram projects,just because Nkomo’s projects were going to prove that even a black person can be a success on the land.The resultant in 2000 was that they had built their house on sand,how foolish indeed. People must learn to accept the prevailing realities.It was just a matter of time that Mugabe would put all of us on equal footing,no more Shona superiority or Ndebele inferiority,we are now the same and our children should be taught as such. Mugabe has done very well to put a spirit level and leveled everything,all paupers.

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    My fellow Zimbabweans listen to me,Zimbabwe is a nation loved by God more than any other nation except maybe Israel.All these political, social and economic ills in this nation God is in control.The demise of all our problems is near and in these last days God has remembered Zimbabwe and He is going to rescue it from all of its problems.
    The problem that happened at independence is that our predecessors did not bring back the nation to God. Nyika yakasara iri kumidzimu nemasvikiro, zvikashumirwa for a long time and thus why maproblems edu asingaperi
    But now God has remembered Zimbabwe. He is raising a new generation of leaders who fear God to take power in Zimbabwe and watch out in 2018 WAT WILL HAPPEN

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    adalandoinda 9 years ago

    At independence,the disappearing white man’s call was “ZIMBABWE RUINS” watch ZIMBABWE go to ruins.Ha Ha Ha !!!!
    The implied philosophy being that black people cannot do anything right.If something is not managed by white people then it will not and cannot be right.
    ZIMBABWE is a young nation of 34 years and going through the growing pains.It is learning through experience and hopefully,through fortitude grow to be a man.
    VINCE I believe that the way forward is not to be embarrassed not to be a white man but acknowledge that ZIMBABWE wants to be part of the global village and as such play by their rules.
    Most global organisations are reforming and Zimbabwe needs to create its own identity for effective participation.
    Who will create the identity politically is not for one person but all ZIMBABWEANS even those who have been marginalised for whatever reason.

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      Jono Austin 9 years ago

      ‘It is learning through experience’ That is the most ridiculous statement. Why should you learn not to kill (Gukurahundi) Why should you learn not to be corrupt (every parastatal manager, every Minister)Why should you learn not to have private ownership of the press, Why should you learn not to brutalise the political opposition (zanu clubbing mdc)There is nothing to be learnt here or are you telling me that this is not blindingly obvious to the powers that be? Zimbabwe may be young but that does not excuse ZANU behaviour. Government is made of people who have a choice of behaviour.Yet again you excuse this behaviour ‘because we are young’ POPPYCOCK!

      • comment-avatar

        How about the experience of being cheated out of our rights, first by the whites and now, by zanu?
        Perhaps that’s what’s implied here.

        Not everyone here is a zanoid.
        The cries of anguish from many makes it patently obvious.

        Our misfortune has been to live in a country where the colonial master(Britain) let I.Smith get away with UDI.
        The rest, as they say, is history.

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          Jono Austin 9 years ago

          Our misfortune is for the majority, who it is patently obvious lacked critical thought, to blindly vote in a criminal gangster for many years. It was only the momentum of Rhodesia that kept Zimbabwe going for a couple of decades. 34 years to build on Rhodesia’s wonderful infrastructure. Instead-DESTRUCTION! It does not take a rocket scientist to build a country. It takes a complete imbecile to destroy it

          • comment-avatar

            “….It takes a complete imbecile to destroy it.”
            On that we are agreed.

            However, for Smith and Co. not to see that tinkering with the likes of Muzowera wasn’t going to cut it, took a degree of wishful thinking bordering on the criminally insane.

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    I do not like to say that Zimbabwe is still young because if we look at being young we still expect you to grow. Maybe make some mistakes on the way, but grow and learn from your mistakes. This Zimbabwe run by Zanu pf has shrunk and become a baby that is dependent on others. About the teething problems I don’t buy that either. The teeth have fallen off and are not growing back at all.

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    former farmer 9 years ago

    Vince we are of the same era and you are right yet again.

    I was at the meeting when Mugabe made his famous speech of turning guns into plough shears and asking the whites to stay and be apart of the new Zimbabwe. Like you say many of your school mates gapped it to SA or UK but I took Bob’s word and stayed only to be deprived later.

    Many compare Zimbabwe to Rhodesia but what we should be yearning for is the 1990’s ( when you graduated and had a choice of jobs) and when we were even better than Rhodesia and all was going so well. We were the envy of Africa and the world and an example of how transitions could be done, but alas history will tell a different version.

    keep the good article coming, I enjoy the read and comments

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      Feel for you “former farmer”.
      Mugabe and his zanu have duped everyone.

      Met a young white man back in the 90’s who had just come back from Zim on hols and was going back for his honeymoon because he had been blown by everything he had seen.
      That Zimbabwe, was better than rhodesia.

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    Too true Doc. It was running in the 80’s, crawling in the 90’s lying on it’s back in 2000 and now in 2014 it’s being fed with the eyes ready to close. Teething problems MY FOOT.

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    Johann 9 years ago

    Look back 34 years, there isn’t a road or infrastructure that is better condition now than it was in 1980. look to the future, Which of the current leaders could even restore the infrastructure back to 1980 in the next 34- No one, not even a white supremacist. In a few years from now all those earth walled reservoirs that were put in by those individual farmers that heeded Mugabe’s hollow promises to work together will start to break up and then, as with the ruins in Masvingo, we will begin to understand the saying “history repeats itself”

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    Hadebe’s statue “LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE” might look like a prophecy yet if this continues.

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    @Samambwa if this was a truth and reconciliation forum then the contributions would go a long way to healing. Most of what you say is true but unfortunately as humans people will have their own spin to it. I have thought hard and long if I should carry on even contributing to this forum. I am glad I chose to continue. We have come a long way in these few months. ARM CHAIR POLITICIANS as one once said on this forum. That we are not. We are just ordinary Zimbabweans who’s paths have crossed again on this forum. Some are back home. Some are far from home. I have seen or felt some of our colleagues anger and attitudes changed because we were embracing each other. It was like we were in a storm together, Black white and Brown. Every time somebody tripped someone was there to pick them up.The storms that we faired well against were the storm of Tribalism, Racism and regionalism. They kept on coming back and we kept on fighting. I have said this once and will say it again. We have no weapons but the pen (keyboard in this instance). Like the Israelites that Marched around a certain city until it fell, we march around a certain country. As sure as the SUN will come out so shall Zimbabwe be free. That what was done by those that are no longer with us (like the Joshua Nkomos of this world) will be taught as History in the classes of the future. The classes of the future must also be taught of what happened in the last 34 years. We all know that what goes into the Internet can never be removed. One day some of our great Grandchildren will go back into all these stories and will be able to get some inkling what we went through. Again I will quote Winston Churchill “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”

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    If Zim is going to pick itself up, then it needs more people like you, Doc.

  • comment-avatar

    Thanks for the compliment but I don’t see any difference between us. I hold you guys in the highest of regard and people like you will hold Zimbabwe together. We just need to here those in torment and hear what they have to say. What I can do is to quote from one of the most humane of human kind. Hopeful this can ease the pain in some. Nelson Mandela said ““Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies”

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    I am very saddened that an old bitter man has made beautiful people and country come to this.