A decade of seeding corruption and repression in Zimbabwe

via A decade of seeding corruption and repression in Zimbabwe  JANUARY 9, 2014 By Fungayi Mukosera NehandaRadio

To me, 2013 marked a milestone in sealing a decade and extras of nurturing corruption and repression by Zanu PF through their propaganda. Propaganda in our country’s politics has proven how easy behavioural manipulation can be especially if one is in a position of power.

Just like the world was convinced by Edward Bernays in 1928 that it is just as morally acceptable for a woman to smoke as a man is, Zimbabwe has been reshaped to think that all the problems that we have in the country today are caused by the West and their ‘regime change apparatus’ in Zimbabwe.

This propaganda and conspiracy gospel have paid off a very lucrative dividend for them because they have stood as a very strong corner to justify their means to retain their much needed totalitarian control.

The seed of corruption and repressive behaviours they planted along their way up however is germinating into a poison for them first then the rest of the world.

We are now into a period where they desperately need a cleansed image to the world but reports of their skeletons poking out of the closet will always cast a bad spell on them. The comrades will always hold the standard for patriotism and as such will be on a rampage from time to time invading other people’s homes and land whenever they feel that the standard has been ’compromised’.

The security sector and parastatals are just getting started in raising the country’s flag higher as the most corrupt nation in a morally advancing world.

In my view such traits have been pampered for a long time and reached permanent peaks which will require an equivalent amount of will and capacity to pull them down which is not reflectively being possessed by the government of the day.

It will continue to make no sense to brag to the world that we are the most educated country in Africa when we are the most corrupt at the same time. The solution however in Zimbabwe still lies in taking bold steps in reversing mentalities that have been hammered in people’s minds.

If it takes pacification in police and parastatals, so be it. A good example is Mexico where more than 3000 police officers faced the axe after failing Lie Detector and Psychological tests. If it takes all the land invaders and the corrupt Chinese mineral looters so be it.

Ghana and Gambia are a good example of how a government can stand with its people over the neo-colonial invasion by our so called friends from the East and comrades. Solutions are countless for our beloved country but may fall on deaf ears if the implementer is as corrupt as the suspect.



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    taurai mushonga 8 years ago

    welldone zanu pf for making Zimbabwe one of the largest producers of corruption.weldone mboko

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    Zeezee 8 years ago

    Corruption, theft and greed by government officials has become second nature in Zimbabwe, as those involved know that they will never have to be accountable! Where else in the world is theft & greed of a country’s resources so blatant?