Africa vs greed, poverty

via Africa vs greed, poverty – DailyNews Live by Bill Saidi  7 FEBRUARY 2014

It can no longer be argued that poverty in Africa is closely related to the greed of its leaders.

Most of the people in power would like to remain there for a long time.

At some point, they may have been driven by the altruistic desire to “do good for the people”.

Later, however, having tasted the nectar of power and how helpless the “people” were to throw them out of power (the soldiers would always make sure of that), they decided they could be in the saddle for ever.

The attraction included undreamed of wealth.

In Zimbabwe, there were recent examples of how people in top positions were being paid obscene salaries while poverty throughout the land rose to equally obscene levels.

Nearly 34 years into independence, the poverty in the land is as shocking as it was in 1980.

All public services have deteriorated to pathetic levels.

Hospitals, clinics, schools, universities, prisons, roads — you name them — are in a pathetic state.

The government pleads a lack of money to put things right.

But you hear of large-scale corruption in government, of people paying themselves lavish salaries, allowances and other perks.

Promises are made to probe all this theft of public money. But we are told nobody would be prosecuted until all the facts have been established.

Whoever asked for “instance justice”?

It seemed the authorities want to take their own sweet time before bringing anyone to book. Why? People ask. It could be the police. They know their hands are not clean.

A front-page picture of Cuthbert Dube raised interest nationwide.

He is a news maker of note. He is involved in football administration — some fans called for his ouster.
It was said he was being probed over his salary and perks.

Had he not messed up soccer too?

Others were also said to be the subjects of probes over the same irregularities. What was going on? People asked. Why were so many people stealing from the government?

And what was the government doing about all these shenanigans?

Others responded quietly: “The government is deep sh….”

Where was the evidence? people asked.

Is our government so rotten it can’t even probe itself?

Since the elections last July, we have seen the main opposition, the Movement for Democratic Change led by Morgan Tsvangirai, plunge into crisis — and then somewhat recover.

Zanu PF has been smug — this probably led to some members believing nobody would touch them if they stole something from the cookie jar.

Could this have resulted in the scandals which blew up one after the other?

Some conclude it’s an African disease.

The people in power may, at some point, have decided that, if they played their cards right, the majority of the people might allow them to keep power indefinitely.

This may have happened in a number of countries, but the price, in some instances, was higher than anyone expected.

The people rose in protest and a good number of them were killed in cold blood by the disgruntled soldiers.

The rest of the world was shocked, cutting off ties with the country, halting all aid and encouraging every other country to suspend trade with the country.

Chaos would follow. There would be hunger and disease — until the soldiers probably decided to take matters into their own hands, with unpredictable consequences.

Zimbabwe could not be headed that way, could it?

The people in power, cocky as hell because of their alleged thumping victory last July, must pause.

The people being ruled  can only take so much…no more.



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    MikeH 9 years ago

    “Nearly 34 years into independence, the poverty in the land is as shocking as it was in 1980”.

    I think that should read – Nearly 34 years into independence, the poverty in the land is far more shocking than it was in 1980.

  • comment-avatar
    John Thomas 9 years ago

    Yes Mike these people are still feasting off the Rhodesian ruins having built nothing themselves

  • comment-avatar

    It’s called the myth of infallibility of the bogus so called freedom fighters in pseudo liberation movements aka terrorist oppressors criminals

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    Ephrain Gumbo 9 years ago

    Sub Saharan Africa possesses the richest mineral assets and agricultural potential in this world. 50-60 years post independence the lives of the majority remains in the decline? Why? Not one single country is showing progress. Why? How much longer is it going to take us blacks to wake up to reality and remove the elements responsible for our current state? Are we so stupid that we cannot see and understand actual reality.

  • comment-avatar
    Nyoni 9 years ago

    Our problem my dear Zimbabweans is most of us and mainly those idiots in power lack COMMONSENSE AND MOST IMPORTANTLY PLAIN SIMPLE LOGIC.

  • comment-avatar

    Let’s see how many of them are held to account! That will be very telling! They have no morals or ethics. They will blame everyone for these huge salaries, even sanctions!

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    Joboringo 9 years ago

    Thanks for outlining real africa problem but the only solution is for UN to read these facts to dictatorship spounsors RUSSIA&CHINA since the west have observed this before sanctioning these gvt type.only eastern was in doubt but now have the truth after failling to invest only thiefing actions from united devoloped cntys is needed rather than words or self act wich results in some other gukurahundi.only un action as done in 1980

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    Maverickzw 9 years ago

    Corruption is not unique to Africa and Africans if recent articles about corruption in Australian unions is anything to go by. What is significantly different between corruption in Africa and Australia is that in Australia there is legal recourse and those found guilty of corrupt acts are subject to criminal proceedings, from what is generally a non partisan judiciary and police force. Additionally there is an independent press who are prepared to speak out and name corrupt officials. These two elements are to a large extent missing in Zimbabwe and therefore it is much easier to see this as a way to wealth and riches.
    The comparison with Australia in no way excuses the corruption and until we are all prepared to act honestly and with integrity beyond just giving lip service to these values then corruption will continue.
    In dealing with corruption it seems to me that those who are corrupt should be heavily penalised with the loss of all their wealth wherever it may be. This would need to be across the board and not just token examples.Idealistic I know but if dealing with a diseased limb it is sometime necessary to chop it off to stop the spreading of the disease then this is what needs to happen and until it does it will continue to spread throughout society as it has been doing for the past 30 years in Zimbabwe.

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    Fallenz 9 years ago

    “It can no longer be argued that poverty in Africa is closely related to the greed of its leaders.” Yes, it can… and it can be argued completely… unless the intent is speaking of the former white leaders. The corruption in the current leadership began from the beginning, and continues to grow. As long as there’s a morsel remaining, ZANUPF will continue it’s sickening feeding frenzy like a pack of mad dogs… and they wonder why there is no respect for them from other world leaders. They are an embarrassment for the honorable Zim people.

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    Tjingababili 9 years ago

    And the poor seem to enjoy their poverty! Otherwise they’d overthrow the greedy scoundrels!

  • comment-avatar
    Mlimo 9 years ago

    Mugabe has no interest in Zimbabwe it’s just a big source of funds to plunder. He only know terrorism, destruction, and how to lie to the masses. We believe him like a bunch of idiots. We should take him and put him on trial. He hasn’t got a clue -him and zanupf of how to manage a country.