African spies meet in Harare

via African spies meet in Harare – DailyNews Live by Fungi Kwaramba  5 NOVEMBER 2013

 Top African spies have descended on Zimbabwe  to plot a way forward in the wake of rising terrorism which they fear could lead to Western intervention in Africa.

Officially opening a  bureau meeting of the Committee of the Intelligence and Security Services of Africa (Cissa) in Harare yesterday, Didymus Mutasa, Zimbabwe’s minister of Presidential Affairs, blamed the West for rising conflict in Africa and said rising terrorism in Africa could see the West establish military bases on the continent. Describing as “heinous” recent terrorist attacks on the Westgate Mall in Kenya, Mutasa blamed the west for breeding extremists, who he alleged used Africa as a platform to launch attacks on the West and in the process destroy Africa’s infrastructure.

“The targeting of Western interests has become an issue of concern, as it projects African States as having weak institutions to fight terrorism,” Mutasa said in a keynote address to the meeting.

“It is, therefore our duty to enhance Africa’s security architecture to ensure that terrorists do not find easy targets on the continent.”

The advent of terrorism has, according to Mutasa, been abused by countries such as the US, which has a joint command base with a select African countries, code named United States Africa Command (AfriCom).

“Indications are that, these military deployments could pre-curse the establishment of permanent foreign military bases on the continent.

“Terrorists would then target Africa as a battleground where they can convincingly take on western interest,” Mutasa said.

Security was tight as top spies met behind closed doors, mapping the way forward.

Mutasa said the West’s cavalier attitude towards Africa and total disregard of African voices and opinions was reflected in the dismissal of the African Union and Sadc observer teams’ positive verdict on the Zimbabwe elections.

While the West has dismissed the country’s July 31 polls as fraudulent, a view shared by the MDC, the AU and Sadc have upheld the plebiscite which saw President Robert Mugabe winning.

Although the country’s dreaded spy service has remained largely an enigma — Happyton Bonyongwe, Zimbabwe’s director-general  of the Central Intelligence Organisation, was elevated to the position of chairperson of Cissa.

Cissa acts as an advisory body on intelligence, peace and security matters to the Africa Union Commission and specifically the Peace and Security Council of the continental body.

It was established in August 2004 in Abuja, Nigeria to close the existing void in the continental security architecture on intelligence matters.



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    William Doctor 9 years ago

    So if anyone wanted to know who the continents top spies were – they’d just watch arrivals at the airport. Morons.

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    One drone strike is all that’s needed. Destroy much vermin in a ” not so secret luxury ” gathering. Thanks whistleblowers

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      mucha 9 years ago

      Are you African? What would you benefit if fellow African dies? Don’t think using emotions, be sensible.

    • comment-avatar
      Chamutengure 9 years ago

      Very silly indeed

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    Tjingababili 9 years ago


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    Sekuru Mapenga 9 years ago

    It is unfortunate that Mutasa has chosen this occasion to sing Mugabe’s anti-west rhetoric. The issue of terrorism in Africa is real as the Nairobi Westgate mall attack shows. Please may the minister focus on the real and specific issues and stop playing politics.

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    Mendy 9 years ago

    Maybe the topics discussed behind closed doors was covert actions in Mozambique. If chaos starts again this could jeopardize Zimbabwe’s illegal diamond trade and hamper the flow of money into their bank accounts.

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    james 9 years ago

    It is disapointing that what they call terrorist are brothers and sister who could not given an opportunity . These people are genune give them chance and they will prove you wrong

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    Chivulamapoti 9 years ago

    CISSA are cissies, African spies my ass. Compared to MI5, KGB, CIA, NSA these monkeys are like hors d’oeuvres to these guys. Poeple need to get a grip on regime change. If the USA or UK wanted it, State House would fall in 38 minutes, 35 more to get Mugarbage and Dis-grace on a USAF flight to the Hague. Less than 23 minutes to blow up the CIO and King George V1 Barracks, and another 12 minutes to install President Tsvangarai and First Lady Elizabeth in State House, with a nice cold Daiquiri each! Total of 148 minutes and Zimbabwe would be ‘Liberated” once more! For the Zimbabwe People.
    Mopping up the ZANU-PF offices,Party members, generals in hiding, diamond dealers, ivory poachers, thieves like Cninamasa, Mnangagwa, Mujuru, Gono and frinds would be left to the diaspora and the dis-enfranchised Urban folk. Payback time!