Ailing Air Zimbabwe Fails To Settle $1 000 Debt

via RadioVop Zimbabwe – Ailing Air Zimbabwe Fails To Settle $1 000 Debt By Professor Matodzi 5 November 2013

A legal wrangle involving the country’s ailing state-run national airline, Air Zimbabwe has exposed the dire financial status engulfing the troubled carrier as it fails to settle a meager $1 000 debt owed to leading mobile telecoms provider, Econet Wireless (Econet).

Econet had to resort to taking legal action after Air Zimbabwe failed to pay $1 466 for mobile telecommunication services rendered by the country’s leading mobile telecoms provider from May 2012.

The airline, Econet charges failed to make payments for the services rendered in breach of the agreement entered under which Air Zimbabwe had committed to effect payment upon presentation of an invoice.

Econet recently obtained a court order against Air Zimbabwe authorising it to execute the struggling airline’s property so as to recover the debt owed including interest.

Air Zimbabwe’s failure to settle meager debts such as the one owed to Econet highlights the level of collapse in the management of the national flag carrier which has been struggling to pay its obligations amounting to $100 million owed to several creditors.

Recently, Air Zimbabwe, which suspended its acting chief executive officer Innocent Mavhunga, laid off 600 employees together with some senior managers, who were placed on forced leave after the airline embarked on a streamlining exercise.

Apart from accumulating gargantuan debts, the national airline has grappled with threats of seizure of its assets, wild cat strikes and an ageing aircraft fleet.



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    MikeH 10 years ago


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    Funny how most former employees drive second hand mercs imported from UK. It’s true. Collective conspiracy. Thanks whistleblowers

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    Air Zhimbabwe. Where are the Chinese flying coffins? Buy 2 and get a third for free – sounds like T-shirt specials in Mzansi shops. Cry the beloved country. That thing is too old and it was a real fraud to photo-shop his picture to half his age for the election posters. Some of the supporters could not believe it when real pictures and footages are aired on Zhet BC TV.

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    maisokwazo 10 years ago

    Mugabe’s Zimba at its best a tradition of uncaring. Want to enjoy Econet services for free! Why not NetOne services the super carrier. This is abject hostility.Econet supply services we will pay invoice comes cannot pay what arrogance.Thanks to the uncorruptible Masiyiwa! Thanks for exposing scum. Masiyiwa can do without $1000 from a bankrupted and corrupted airline he is a billionaire but what he loathes is corruption and liars that is why he will pursue a paltry $1000 to expose incompetence and corruption hallmark of Mugabe rule.

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    Jenandebvu 10 years ago

    There is more to this story than meet the eye. Perhaps it a management issue and not incapacity. Or there is another contractual issue. This heading is missleading and the story lacks reporter ethics. Do more investigation before yu said unreliable statements. I don’t support airzim nor Zanu but I want ethic in journalism

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    machakachaka 10 years ago

    Can anyone please advise Airzim to approach my grandma for a $1466 loan. She is quite generous and can be found at Mbare Musika stalls where she sells potatoes. Just look for Mbuya Mazungunye. Airzim management can drive one of their Mercs for the Mbare begging trip.

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    ZimJim 10 years ago

    The bad joke that is “Bob’s Zimbabwe” continues….