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Air Zim board fired – ZBC

via Air Zim board fired Tuesday, 11 February 2014 19:14 ZBC

Corruption-embattled national flag carrier’s board has been dissolved with immediate effect together with other four boards falling under the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development.

Air Zimbabwe, whose management is at the centre of a US$11 million insurance scam, continues to hog the limelight with the entity’s board having been dissolved with immediate effect.

Other parastatals whose boards have been dissolved include the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA), National Railways of Zimbabwe, Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe and the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ).

Transport and Infrastructure Development Minister, Dr Obert Mpofu said the dissolution of the boards of the parastatals is meant to pave way for the reconstitution of new boards with a fresh mandate as enshrined in the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZIM ASSET).

“Pursuant of the objectives and goals under the ZIM ASSET programme whose implementation is underpinned and guided by the results based management system, the ministry has taken a decision to reconstitute the following boards: ZINARA, Air Zimbabwe, NRZ, CAAZ and the TSCZ.

According to the ministry, the reconstituted boards will be mandated to ensuring that there is improved service delivery, maximisation of shareholder value and to spearhead the turnaround of the state-owned enterprises.

Market analysts contend that viability constraints and poor performance of some of state-owned enterprises has been due to the absence of strategic leadership and lack of sound corporate governance.


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    John Thomas 4 years

    I wonder if they will appoint any persons with actual capabilities. You know, like successful track records. Or will it be more blood suckers?

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    They have to recruit from the diaspora or expatriates from Britain. The locals will steal. It’s now a nation where most of the people are habitual criminals. Thank you Zpf..

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    Chaporonga 4 years

    This story could have been more interesting had the reporter given us names of Air Zimbabwe Board members. Inhema here?

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    All Parastatal boards arrested for corruption. Their assets and bank accounts have bee frozen. A special investigating committee has been set up out parties with no interest to investigate the allegation. Some Ministers have been asked to submit their resignations. George Charamba was the first to resign.” AND THEN I WOKE UP…

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    moyo 4 years

    Who is firing who. the ministers and the entire government should just take the Honorable thing and resign. Why just dissolve they must go to jail. They are now going to eat their loot. But will comeback in another form as recycled. Idzi ndo mbavha chaidzo. This is a useless government. Animal farm raBaba Chatunga. Kkkkkk

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    What a joke ,its like April the first fools’ day we used to do at a boarding school.Our government is not serious about stopping corruption and looting.

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    Senzachena 4 years

    Now we have new snouts in the trough. I wonder if there is any pig swill left for them to eat. I suspect the last lot has eaten the lot. Shame!

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    Mukanya 4 years

    Whats the difference between firing and dissolving?

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    Saddened 4 years

    Being dishonest, corrupt, incompetent etc actually qualifies one for higher office in ZPF. I agree with Chaporonga – let’s have the names of the previous board members so people will at least know ho they are.

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