Angry Tokwe-Mukosi villagers riot

via Angry Tokwe-Mukosi villagers riot 21/04/2014 NewZimbabwe

POLICE have been deployed to quell potential unrest among disgruntled former Tokwe-Mukosi villagers currently camped at Chingwizi transit camp in Mwenezi.

It has emerged that patience has finally run out on some beleaguered villagers who are reportedly destroying tents belonging to fellow villagers for betrayal after they agreed to be redeployed in new plots in Nuenetsi area without compensation.

The villagers, who have been living in insecure tent accommodation since their homes, crops and property were washed away by massive flooding in February this year, want government to compensate them for being made to leave their homes of decades.

The villagers are alive to the demanding costs of building new home in completely new territory with nothing to use for a start. reported last week that the villagers were demanding a total of nearly 10 millions dollars for all the affected 3 000 families.

The villagers told local government Ministers Ignatius Chombo and his delegation last week they will stay put at the camps where they were being given food handouts by NGOs.

This prompted Chombo to threaten to block the NGOs from donating the food.

Government is trying to avert a potential health disaster in the crowded area.

But some militant villagers have vowed to challenge government for its omissions.

Some of the villagers, although willing to move to new land, have opted to prolong their stay in the camp fearing attack from gangs agitated by their agreeing to leave without any compensation.

“While we might have no problem with going to the new plots to build our homes, we fear criminal gangs from this camp who are opposed to resettlement without compensation. The gangs are violent and attack at night,’’ one unidentified villager told the Herald.

Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti has confirmed the chaos at Chingwizi which has reportedly culminated into looting orgies.

Bhasikiti blamed the unrest on opponents of the programme to resettle the flood victims sponsoring rogue elements to disrupt peace at the holding camp.

“We have details of some individuals who are sponsoring some rogue elements to cause unrest at Chingwizi and its true police had to be called to disperse some of the families after they tried to loot food in an attempt to cause mayhem recently.”

President Mugabe’s regime two weeks ago barred former Prime Minister and opposition MDC—T leader from visiting the villagers fearing he would stir up simmering emotions among the villagers.



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    NGOs are feeding the displaced and Chombo is stopping them! Why is the revolutionary party not feeding the people? ??

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    Mapingu 9 years ago

    Imi makambo zvivona kupi kuti Government inongoita madiro nevanhu zvekusvika pakuvaputsira ndimba nguva nenguva pasina compensation.Its high time the Zimbabwean masses stand-up to this murderous government.

    Everyday and across the country the Mugabe government is busy evicting people from their homes rendering them homeless without any due regard to humanity let alone human rights. We also know that very recently, Grace Mugabe, using her side kicks, like the ace-licking Martin Dinha, rendered dozens of families homeless somewhere in Mazoe when they where chased by the police from their homes to pave way for Grace. Obviously the group is still suffering in the open similarly surving from NGO hand-outs. Sure, kusvika riini vana veZimbabwe?

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    Tokwe Mukosi i i i maiwe kani ndabuda musodzi ndorwadzwa moyo wangu,mahwani aye atanga vaye vano flasher flasher nhasi varipi???Mwari inzwai munyetero wedu babaa

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    Tokwe Mukosi i i i amaiwe kani ndabuda musodzi ndorwadzwa moyo wangu,mahwani aye atanga vaye vano flasher flasher nhasi varipi???Mwari inzwai munyetero wedu babaa

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    Tokwe Mukosi i i i amaiwe kani ndabuda musodzi ndorwadzwa moyo wangu,mahwani aye atanga vaye vano flasher flasher nhasi varipi???Mwari inzwai munyengetero wedu babaa

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    mujibha 9 years ago

    Revolution party, in terms of human rights I salute Smith than our devil black leader, gukurahundi mugabe, murambatsvina mugabe, disapearance of Rashiwe Guzha mugabe, right from his office and nothing has been said up to now abt her. Now we got magwizi and mazoe families suffering because of old dead walking man (mugabe). After 34 yrs of indipendence is still talking of his fist packed of 90 tones, to blast who? Fellow Zimbabweans. What an idiot? Pls opposition leaders source guns for young Zimbabweans who want to free Zimbabwe from this witch. Dabengwa, I think you know how pls lead us there we have had enough of this regime. I tell u now this time wont be just 31 guys it will be thousands and not just from matebeland. I just need a gun like now to blast this oldman.

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    maita 9 years ago

    Mugabe has not bothered to visit this disaster and he is the national president. Only Magaya from these rich picking churches has visited these disaster struck families yet the bible says look after your poor and this they should do from the offerings. What we know is they visit Premier Auto after their so-called big church events.
    And they overwhelmingly voted ZanuPF, we told them they are digging their own graves.

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    maita 9 years ago

    Chombo has a solution starve them and they will go empty handed. That is Zimbabwe for you.