Anxiety over new govt’s ability pushes people out

via Anxiety over new govt’s ability pushes people out by Kimion Tagwirei The Standard September 29, 2013

Most Zimbabweans got worried when Sadc and the African Union surprisingly concurred that our recent presidential elections were free and fair — as Zanu PF’s victory left many who expected MDC-T to win burning with unanswered questions on whether the much disputed elections were really free and fair.

Countless Zimbabweans are still worriedly oblivious of how Zanu PF won the elections, especially in well-known MDC strongholds. Places like Masvingo and many others shocked scores of Zimbabweans to the roots when Zanu PF reportedly won with a landslide.

Public talks in most towns during and after the elections raised suspicions of serious rigging, as numerous people say they did not vote for Zanu PF and they are still wondering who voted for the old Zanu PF party.

Progressive Zimbabweans are saying the future is uncertain, with Zanu PF in power. There is much talk that Zanu PF may repeat the same blunders that left the nation economically and politically haemorrhaging before the GNU. People are afraid that Zanu PF plans to re-introduce the once troublesome Zim dollar; and risk uncontrollable inflation. Zimbabweans are worried that Zanu PF can resume the chaotic land reform programme.

While Zimbabweans are currently trembling from the dilemma of what to do next, and trying to withstand fears left by the recent elections, the southern region smiles at the situation, saying all is well in Zimbabwe.

A few weeks ago, l saw an increased number of people crossing the Beitbridge border, sweltering to maintain decent living tested during the inclusive government.

The number of those crossing to look for greener pastures in nearby countries is increasing! Unwanted brain drain might rise again.

People are afraid that some more companies uncertain of their survival in Zimbabwe might close eventually. These are some of the alarming signs that show Zimbabweans and foreign investors have no confidence in the Zanu PF government.

Some Zimbabweans have been anxiously awaiting the cabinet appointments — wishing better brains would be appointed to lead pivotal ministries in government.

The appointments were deliberately delayed, but people thought reasonable care was being taken in considering who takes what in government. Unfortunately, our fears remained right — the most unwanted faces featured in the cabinet list.

The much raised question is what const-ructive and helpful work will the unwanted cabinet ministers do, when they have a history of failures and regrets as their experience? Will those failed men do anything new and good for Zimbabwe?

Threatened by all these unanswered questions, some of us have already left the beautiful Zimbabwe for nearby countries where there is hope and security.

Surprisingly, the nearby countries have made unexpected operations to force our brothers and sisters back home.

The closest neighbours, South Africa and Botswana, do not seem all friendly to Zimbabweans sweating to eke out a living there.

Saddening reports of deportations, segregation and demonisation of Zimbabweans out there speaks volumes about the case. Zimbabweans there are allegedly saying that southern nations are not welcoming Zimbabweans warmly, as fellow African brothers and sisters.

All our neighbours know that the exodus of Zimbabweans from their country of birth is caused by political and economic challenges they are facing. They know that some more challenges they are likely to face are a result of the July 31 and previous disastrous presidential elections.



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    thembani 10 years ago

    Too pessimistic, things will get better.The worst is over.I do not see things getting back to 1997 levels.Most people are coming back home.

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    maisokwazo 10 years ago

    How naïve! How dogmatic – pessimism – you say, yet people are already fighting for wild fruits with wild animals. Signs of empty food shelves are now abound.Those that came back hoping real change would occur are regretting and look at Chinamasa scrouging for recognition and IMF bailout – a far fetched and futile endeavor. No the world community is wiser than the Mugabe demagogues and will let you cook yourself with your own oil.Mugabe rants and rants in New York at the UN General Assembly no wonder no one listened and was walked out on. What a disgrace and how disgraceful to sleep all thru the conference only to wake up to rant like an old hog. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

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    How I wish, Most people coming home. If that were only the case then Zanu would never be in power. Mugabe and Zimbabwe cannot afford a mass return of its dispossessed citizens. The transfers would stop, the economy would flounder and a threat to Mugabe would appear forcing him back to the old violent ways.

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    Rwendo 10 years ago

    People in the SADC region are tired of our unending story, and our inability (for whatever reasons, be they justifiable or not) to take on our oppressors. Frankly if I was a non-Zimbabwean, I would be too.

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    munzwa 10 years ago

    pray tell what jobs are all these returning Zimbo taking up? Will they be creating jobs, staying in the informal sector or just coming for a quick buck?Did they all come back on the hope of a MDC win or not?

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    Macon Pane 10 years ago

    Thembani, on what basis do you say “things will get better”? History? Given a free hand, ZANUPF has proven what they will do. Not silly supposition or wild speculation, solid proof. Tell us how things are now suddenly different, and the gerrymandering of the party will not return. How is it ZANUPF has magically transformed itself to eliminate their insane looting and corruption? Based on factual history, your pronouncements don’t come with any credibility at all, and make you look quite the foolish one.

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    Thembani, do your self a favour by spending just 3hrs at B/border or Plumtree & take stock of Zimbabweans rushing out of the country. Where do you currently leave????? Wake up & smell the dust.

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    Democracy wisher 10 years ago

    Thembani you are the dumpest fool,which things are getting better???Zanu-PF failed fr the past three decades do you think they can make it now…They a total selfish,good fr nothing idiots….

    • comment-avatar
      Chitova weGona 10 years ago

      Hoping that Zanu pf will deliver waiting for the sun to rise from the west. That party has people who are not worth to be called human beings. They are the most selfish and arrogant creatures ever to walk on this planet.