Attendance at EU-Africa summit strong

via Attendance at EU-Africa summit strong – Africa April 2 2014 By Peta Thornycroft

At least 35 African heads of state and government are attending the EU-Africa summit which began in Brussels on Wednesday.

The partisan pro-Zanu-PF state media in Zimbabwe said yesterday that President Robert Mugabe, who snubbed the summit after his wife, Grace, was denied a visa, regarded the African leaders who are attending as “sell-outs”.

President Jacob Zuma pulled out of the summit on Sunday, complaining that the EU was treating African leaders as “subjects” by dictating who should attend the summit.

But Zimbabwe’s call for an African boycott seems to have failed. Reports from Brussels on the eve of the summit indicated that out of 54 African countries, 48 had confirmed participation in the 4th EU-Africa summit running today and tomorrow and 36 were represented at head of state and/or government level.

Mugabe, Zuma and Malawi leader Joyce Banda were confirmed as not attending the summit, EU ambassador to Zimbabwe Aldo Dell’Ariccia said yesterday.

Banda is believed to be staying home to fight a critical election.

“So far things are moving smoothly and there is an inter-ministerial meeting going on right now (yesterday),” Dell’Ariccia said. “As of today (Tuesday), 48 African countries and 28 EU members had confirmed their participation.”

At least 36 African countries are represented at head of state and government level and others at ministerial level.

On the EU side, 22 countries are represented at head of state and government level and others are represented by foreign ministers. There are 58 heads of state and government out of 80 countries represented.

Other countries that did not attend either because their leaders were not invited, or they dropped out later, are Gambia, Central African Republic, Guinea Bissau, Eritrea and Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.

Egypt was invited even though suspended from the AU because of a military coup.

Zimbabwe media noted that Morocco, which is not an AU member and which colonised the SADR and has close ties to the EU and US, is attending the meeting.

Morocco pulled out of the AU in 1984 because it had accepted the SADR’s membership.

Last December the EU sent an invitation to Zimbabwe, but not to Mugabe as he was on the EU’s list of Zimbabweans who may not travel to the EU.

After the EU list was dramatically altered, leaving only Mugabe and his wife under travel and financial restrictions, the EU waived its visa ban on Mugabe, and sent him an invitation.

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    I am not the one! 9 years ago

    only reason Zuma didnt go is he has so much sh1t on his plate in SA and with elections coming up he may think it is wise to stay put and issue a colonialist/anti-white&EU statement to kowtow to the illiterate. Or maybe he is doing the deed with another cabinet ministers daughter,,we all know state affairs take precedence.

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    gorongoza 9 years ago

    Zuma is in trouble with Thuli Madnsela on the Nkandlagate. He need to do something seein elections are by the corner. Something like fighting his corner. His non-travelling has nothing to do with Grace Mugabe. Its not as if anokwirawo Grace wacho ka. He has many wives himself and a big house built via stealing money from the public.

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    obert nhoko 9 years ago

    kuboycotta, EU, bcz of a woman, disregarding the weight of the nation of abt 15 million people, whose mandate he carries on his shoulders, and fighting personal wars with the West/worst, is truly a reflection of mental fatigue due to age that our dear mortal leader has succumbed to.

    Even Nhamoinesu’s death couldnt deter him to stop the struggle, the death of many of his close friends and the cruel years in Rhodesian prisons failed to tire his determination to see the country attain independence.
    Saka why nhasi?
    The nation must understand that it was cruel to give the mandate to rule the country at his age.

    We all share the blame.

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    Mixed Race 9 years ago

    Please writer give reasons for those West African countries which failed to attend if you are following world events to clear the suspicion you are trying to plant to illiterate people here.The true reasons are obvious,they have a deadly Ebola outbreak there so their presidents are working hard to stop the spread of it to save lives.
    CAR is in a chaotic stage at the moment with UN trying to stabilize it with French troops leading the peace making forces.Do not leave out vital information in your reports.

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    Obviously Banda can not go because she needs to receive part of her consignment that was on board Harare bound tankers en route to Malawi. Some of the rigging items are bound for Malawi, that is NIKUV style. People are still thinking they are still in Durban,yet they have already been off loaded at KG 6. Kangani muchizoudzwa zvinhu zvaitika kare.

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    zuma has no not expect anything normal from that idiot down south.

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    I’d like to have been a fly on the wall. Did anyone miss Bob? Methinks not!

  • comment-avatar

    Hahaha, i am happy that EU failed and AU won the race!!

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      You must mean the race that only exists inside your head. Wacky races right?

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    All Eyes On Me 9 years ago

    Are all these leaders who are attending with their wives?

    Zuma, like Banda are all afcing elections. Hence their not going. But they sent representatives. Its not about gukurahundi disGrace!!