AU credibility questioned after appointing Mugabe to top post

via AU credibility questioned after appointing Mugabe to top post | SW Radio Africa by Alex Bell on Friday, January 31, 2014

The credibility of the African Union (AU) is being questioned after Robert Mugabe was this week appointed to a top position, which puts him in line to take over the AU chairmanship next year.

Mugabe, who turns 90 years old next month, was elected First Vice-Chair of the influential AU executive council. The appointment makes him eligible for the chairmanship of the AU in 2015.

The ZANU PF leader also takes over the SADC chairmanship later this year, a role which will coincide with his potential appointment to the AU chair next year. If this happens, Africa’s key leadership institutions will effectively be controlled by Mugabe.

Arthur Gwagwa from the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum described the developments in Africa as “theatre of the absurd.” He told SW Radio Africa on Friday that the move is an indication of Africa’s “belligerent attitude towards the West.”

“Africa wants to confront western countries, and what better way than to put Mugabe in the leadership. This will give him a more powerful voice and pedestal to shout at the West,” Gwagwa said.

Mugabe’s appointment reportedly renders “futile” a decision by the European Union (EU) not to invite him to a summit of the two blocs set for Belgium in April. A similar summit between the US and Africa had also not included Mugabe on its invite list, a decision that now puts the US and the AU at loggerheads.

“The AU is more like a club for old boys, so one of the things we have observed is that the AU and SADC tend to put relationships before principles,” Gwagwa said.

The analyst stated that the development should provide the US and the EU with an opportunity to reflect on its relationships with Africa. Western nations are not only providing the bulk of financial aid to African states, but also financially supporting blocs like SADC and the AU.

“I think this presents an opportunity for Western countries to listen to what civil society has been saying, that the people (they) are dealing with are not who they say they are. Particularly now when the EU is softening its stance on Zimbabwe” Gwagwa said.

He continued: “This should remind Europe of our message that all is not well in Zimbabwe, that we need to adhere to democratic principles and human rights.”



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    Senzachena 9 years ago

    When is the West going to wake up, cut all aid immediately. When they cannot afford their Johnny Walker Blue label or their expensive whores at the so called AU conferences (I use the word “conference” lightly, old boys club “party” would be a better descrition), then the dogs will soon come to heel. Trash

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    Disappointing bunch! We know exactly how their minds work. All they care about is pulling a twos up to the West. Childish!!

  • comment-avatar
    Moses 9 years ago

    Its an irrelevance and a joke

  • comment-avatar
    Rocks tone 9 years ago

    I can tell u terrosim is going to emanates because of how AU &Sdc control this akward manner of African ploitics

  • comment-avatar
    Mthwakazi 9 years ago

    The Shona Gukurahindi is now at the helm of Satanic Africa!!!

    • comment-avatar
      Nesbit majoni 9 years ago

      You have a problem mr Mthwakazi. Why Shona. If you want to address the Mugabe issue just leave this unnecessary tribalistic connotation. Grow up sir

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    Mark Talbot 9 years ago

    I am a little on the fence for Canada continuing to support the AU or SADC or any of their member nations. Why would we continue to give money to people that continually flip us the bird? I suppose if we didn’t give enough donations so that some trickled down to the people, many more would starve. On the other hand, if these domestic African terrorists are propped up, isn’t it much worse for the African people? I suppose we should just step back and let China continue to colonize the rest of Africa. The old boys club seems eager to sell out to the east.

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    One Zimbabwe One Shonaland 9 years ago

    @ Mthwakazi…If its a Shona issue that has got you this paranoid you destained for doomsday because you definetly need professional help..all your post are nothing but evil rubbish targeted at Shona. It is not all shona’s who killed your kith and kins was just history repeating itself. As hard and stubborn facts can be get a life

    • comment-avatar
      Mthwakazi 9 years ago

      One Zimbabwe, look here. This is about Shona gukurahundi Mugabe; not just any Shona, so whats your problem? Why cant you simply mind your own business and leave us to deal with Shona gukurahundi Mugabe in our own way? Are you his spokesman?

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    chikhangalapfula moses shoko. 9 years ago

    good move, excellent.

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    Rwendo 9 years ago

    It never ceases to amaze me that a ruling clique that exhibits such extraordinary determination,
    endless scheming, and mind boggling chicanery to thwart its political opposition and promote its agenda is – on the other hand – so hopelessly inept at formulating even vaguely sensible economic policies. Truly, ZANU is spectacular exponent of how to kill a cat by sucking its brains out through its backside. How to stay in power, the ZANU way.

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    No wonder y Africa is a permanent resident of poverty, civil strife and all bad things. Cry my beloved continent cry

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    AU’s credibility has never been in question. They have no credibility. They protect each other because they think they are Kings and their subjects have to worship them. The poorest AU Country will host an event.Watch it on TV and you will see success (in the conference centre) They will never show the poverty. They will never show the rut that people are in. But the internet has changed things. What we need is another website running along side this one where people could post pictures of this suffering. If there is anyone out there that can help please set it up and I PROPOSE YOU CALL IT AFRICANPOST.COM. Watch this space…

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    Mr facts 9 years ago

    Mr Hutu there people suffering who are not in Africa…if guest come to your house would you not be at the best…think about your words…

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    Joboringo 9 years ago

    West better bar all donations and aids to africa & see how much aid we get from eastern suckers.munofa nenhamo

  • comment-avatar
    William Doctor 9 years ago

    ‘Africa wants to confront the west’ – OK – let it happen.