Auditor-General: President’s Office Abusing State Resources

via Auditor-General: President’s Office Abusing State Resources 05.11.2013 by Irwin  Chifera for VOA Zimbabwe 

A latest report by the Comptroller and Auditor-General, Mildred Chari, shows rampant abuse of state resources by the president’s office, government ministries, state enterprises and parastatals.

Parliament now says government spending needs to be controlled as the Zimbabwe economy remains subdued.

The report on the 2011 budget appropriations which was tabled in parliament Tuesday shows that several ministries failed to produce documents for auditing purposes such as invoices, receipts and goods received to support payments against the votes.

Some ministries failed to maintain proper asset records, circumvented tender procedures and others collected revenue which was not surrendered to treasury.

For example, the report shows that the President’s Office paid for assets valued at about 500 thousand dollars without attaching invoices to validate the payments.

The report said out of the 15 million dollars expenditure by the Prime Minister’s Office, the office could not provide 24 payment vouchers for auditing.

The Comptroller and Auditor–General said it was difficult to prove whether the expenditure was incurred for the intended purpose.

It says wasteful expenditure and fraudulent activities were rampant in most ministries and that there was poor management of domestic and foreign travel allowances.

The Comptroller and Auditor-General urged ministries and government departments to follow treasury regulations so as to foster accountability in the public sector.

Meanwhile, the Speaker of the National Assembly, Jacob Mudenda, today reinstated Bikita West lawmaker; Munyaradzi Kereke, after the Constitutional Court nullified his expulsion from the legislature early October.

Kereke was expelled from the House of Assembly after his Zanu-PF party informed Speaker Mudenda that he no longer represented the party’s interests.

But Kereke challenged his expulsion resulting in the Constitutional Court nullifying his expulsion.

Mudenda announced Kereke’s reinstatement when the National Assembly resumed sitting after a two-week break.

Mudenda also said Kereke would serve on the Finance and Economic Planning and Mines and Energy portfolio committees.

Kereke was suspended by Zanu-PF after defying a party directive to stand aside for its preferred candidate Elias Musakwa in the July 31st elections.

Speaker Mudenda also announced the selection of Jonathan Samkange as chairperson of the Parliamentary Legal Committee.

Other members if the committee are Jessie Majome and Tendai Biti from MDC-T and Christopher Kuruneri and Priscah Mupfumira from Zanu-PF.



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    Pliz Pliz. All these parliamentary committees toothless well meaning entities totally unable to stem the riotous thieving of taxpayers resources as if there’s no tomorrow. The auditor generals report is merely the tip of the iceberg of impunity looting plundering etc by well known zanu master criminals aided abetted by look east underworld mafia cabals

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    Fallenz 10 years ago

    As long as there’s a Rand to be had, ZANUPF will be fighting one another to get at it for their greedy pocket.

    The only encouragement is that when those millionaires and billionaires die, they’ll take not a single Quid with them. They’ll leave it all behind…

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    Nyaya senyaya nhau yekushaikwa kwe umbo-o haisi ye Zanu chete yanzi maMinistries ose. People ought to bahave and be discciplined period. Hakuna ropa rine ZITA rebato asi isu vanhu ndisu tinoita izvozvo. Ndineurombo nekuti hapana anoenda akaruma mari kudenga,ndezvepasi pano izvi,hu

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    Shebah 10 years ago

    So Tswangirai’s office could also not provide support documents/ receipts for 24 vouchers. How smart he is, trying to copy the President’s Office. But the President’s office sometimes have expenses which are not for public consumption. Its the rule all over the world, even CIA used billions to spy on individuals’ phones.

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      Fallenz 10 years ago

      Shebah, so you’re ok with PM or President or any bigwig writing themselves mega cheques to fill their bank account? You’re satisfied with any who have made themselves wealthy while 99.999% of the people do not have enough to eat? You have no problem with the theft and corruption? I have to wonder why.

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    Ok now that we have established that underhanded activities are taking place (yawn… even without an audit one can see that things are amiss) then what? The critical issue is will government stem these underhanded activities and bring people to accountability or as the usual- all noise no action.

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    Johno 10 years ago

    So what else is new?