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via BBA’s Wendall acquitted | The Herald October 30, 2013

Former Big Brother Africa winner Wendall Parson and his brother William, who were facing fraud charges involving US$20 000 in a car insurance scandal, were yesterday acquitted. Harare magistrate Mr Elijah Makomo cleared Wendall and William at the close of the State case.

Mr Makomo ruled that there was no evidence placed before the court to warrant the two to be placed on their defence.

“Oral evidence and two sets of cover notes were produced in court as evidence,” said Mr Makomo.

“The most contentious issue was whether the cover notes meant Wendall had insurance cover or insurance was effected once premiums had been paid.”

Mr Makomo said the director of Armour Khan Insurance Brokers (Pvt.) Mr Armour Khan told the court that Wendall’s February 20 cover notes were cancelled because no premiums were paid.

He said it emerged that AK insurance broker formally wrote to Wendall informing him that the cover notes were cancelled on July 8.

In this regard, Mr Makomo said, the arrangement of advancing insurance cover without payment shows how sloppy the business of AK insurance was being run.

“Therefore there is no misrepresentation that Wendall did and no evidence to show that they were not insured,” said Mr Makomo.

“There is no discretion to put the accused to defence case. I find them not guilty of fraud charges and acquitted.”

It was all joy for Wendall’s mother who took off her shoes, hugging and kissing her sons.

Wendall was jointly charged with his brother William and the two were facing charges of fraud involving more than US$20 000 in a car insurance scandal.

The Parson brothers’ were represented by their lawyer Mr Harrison Nkomo of Mtetwa and Nyambirai law firm. Charges against them arose on March 16 this year when Wendall’s brother William was involved in an accident while driving the former’s car, a Ford Ranger.

The accident was reported at Borrowdale Police Station in Harare and it was alleged that on the day Wendall’s vehicle was not insured.



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    Operation Vote Well 9 years ago

    AK doesn’t have internal controls in place, has no guidelines to follow when running this insurance business. I must insure with them. How can you sue Willian for your lack of competency. Shame! Its supposed to be AK47, doing it by gun and not by wits. U are overloading the courts with useless stories resulting in not having timely trials for the Komichis of this world, shame