Bill Watch 61/2013 of 18th December [Budget on Thursday Afternoon, 19th December]

BILL WATCH 61/2013

[18th December 2013]

The 2014 Budget will be Presented in Parliament on Thursday Afternoon


As notified in Bill Watch 60/2013 of 17th December, the 2013 National Budget Statement will be presented by the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Hon Patrick Chinamasa, on Thursday 19th December.

Proceedings in the chamber of the National Assembly will start with the customary opening Prayers at 2.15 pm, followed by any announcements to be made by the Speaker.  The Minister is expected to begin his speech shortly after these preliminaries.

Correction of Error in Bill Watch 60/2013

A subheading appearing about twelve lines into the first segment of Bill Watch 60/2013 incorrectly read “The agenda for 19th January” instead of The agenda for 19th December”.  Veritas apologises to readers for any confusion that may have been caused by this oversight, and confirms that the agenda items referred to under the subheading were all taken from the Senate and National Assembly Order Papers for tomorrow, 19th December.


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