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via ‘Biti attack inside job’ | The Herald February 27, 2014 by Hebert Zharare

The petrol-bombing of MDC-T secretary-general Mr Tendai Biti’s house in Umwinsdale, Harare, on Tuesday was “an inside job” as Zanu-PF is standing on “solid political ground” and cannot be engaged in such acts, top officials in the opposition said yesterday.
The officials, who cannot be named for fear of being attacked by party thugs, said Zanu-PF was quite disciplined compared to MDC-T and would never defy its leader President Mugabe’s call for non-violence.

This was the second such attack on Mr Biti’s property, and it came some two weeks after he and a youth leader, Mr Solomon Madzore, narrowly escaped a beating at the hands of an MDC-T mob at the party’s headquarters in Harare.

MDC-T deputy treasurer Mr Elton Mangoma and another youth leader, Mr Promise Mkwananzi, were not so lucky and were bashed while Mr Morgan Tsvangirai watched.

“This is an inside job. There are many reasons why some of us who have been in the MDC since its formation are saying this. We have four years to go before the next elections and Zanu-PF, given its recent victory, is not under pressure to create problems for us.

“The second issue is that President Mugabe has assumed second-in-command of the African Union (Deputy Chairperson) and would like to leave a good legacy when he retires. So there is no way his party can be involved in this.

“The events in MDC-T are so clear that Tsvangirai has lost support of nearly all structures and his supporters are now using violence to deal with his political rivals.

“What we know is Mangona is fronting Biti, whom we know wants to be president of the party. This attack was meant to instil fear in Biti and his people,” said the source.

Said another official: “We were shocked to hear (Mr Douglas) Mwonzora (party spokesperson) and (Mr Nelson) Chamisa (organising secretary) attacking Mangoma for reporting to the police. There are so many cases of people who reported their cases to the police before and the due process followed and these people never complained. Why are they attacking Mangoma for reporting his case to the police?”

Mr Mangoma’s lawyer Mr Jacob Mafume said his client had the right to report the attack to the police. He said MDC-T had failed to even appoint a team to investigate the matter.

“It goes without saying that thousands of MDC-T members interact with the police in fruitful interactions. MDC-T members go to the police when their property is stolen, when they are conned, when their daughters are abused, houses broken into and so on.

“Our very own (Mr) Geoff Nyarota caused (Mr) Pishai Muchauraya to be detained for days on end for believing that he had threatened him. It was his right to report and it is right he did report.

“When youths beat up a defenceless member of the standing committee, should we stand and watch.
“Our ever-perceptive security department cannot tell us who beat up a member of the standing committee in broad daylight but they know who meets Mr Mangoma at night. You do not need to be a discerning mind to know that something stinks and stinks to high heaven.

“I cannot therefore fault Mangoma for reporting this heinous deed to the police. A member of the standing committee is beaten what is the reaction from the powers that be? Silence. No crisis meeting, no suspension letters, not even the usual commission of inquiry. Nothing.”

Questions have been asked why the party did not make noise when Mr Arnold Tsunga and Mr Giles Mutsekwa’s feud over Dangamvura-Chikanga constituency spilled into the courts. Nothing was also said when Mr Matson Hlalo, a councillor, and MDC-T Bulawayo provincial organising secretary Albert Mhlanga went to court over political squabbles.

Mr Mwonzora yesterday dismissed the inside job claims in relation to the molotov cocktail attack on Mr Biti, challenging the members making the allegations to furnish the party with details.

Without substantiating his claim, he insisted that Zanu-PF was behind the attacks.
“If there is someone who comes to me with the information, I will be very glad for them to give us that information. The MDC was accused of killing (war veteran leader Cde ) Cain Nkala and no one was convicted, our officials were accused of bombing trains and police stations, but still no one has been convicted,” he said.

Mr Mwonzora denied ever attacking Mr Mangoma for reporting his assault case to the police.



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    CHINDUNDUMA 8 years ago

    The MDC lost the elections and one wonders what this hullabaloo is all about. Biti should simply join his handlers in Zanu Pf end of story. This hoodlum Biti should stop daydreaming that one day he will lead the MDC. He has completely lost the plot and his front Mangoma is just another complicity who is ignorant of the fact that a leader is elected by Congress. It is just like an idiot in Zanu writing a letter to Mugabe to step down , that is unheard of. However i do not condone violence But at the same time stage managed bombing do not make Biti a victim and i am not being ambivalent. Tendai this is poor judgement iwe Mutengesi

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    There is only one organization in Zimbabwe with an established track record in bombs. That would be the government of Zimbabwe. Whatever rubbish is spoken we all know this.

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    We cant name the people concerned in order to protect them from MDC thugs????? MDC is the violent unruly party???? Some one is telling large lies!!!

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    Roving Ambassador 8 years ago

    Zanu ne MDC aah no comment.

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    Kubota Binga 8 years ago

    Stop silly excuses, this shows MDC is rotten to the core just like the other parties!!!

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    Could as well be an inside job and this chicken is eating its own eggs(fools),or ZPF hand is in the mix taking advantage of a frayed MDC. Afterall they stand to benefit (in their sordid mind ) from the demise of MDC. ZPF probably thinking they will get 100% votes come 2018 if MDC dies.

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    There are many political viruses or diseases in the MDC-T. The deadliest one is that if you have other views other than just supporting Tswangirai you are a Zanupf supporter. All the other parties that are opposing Zanupf are infact Zanupf. The second one is a denial that their leadership is incompetent. It has failed to accurately react to political developments even if the situation favors them including the winning of a general election. They do not distinguish themselves as an opposition party and strive to achieve their intended objective. They celebrate prematurely and have made the leadership permanent as if they have formed a government already.

    • comment-avatar
      CHINDUNDUMA 8 years ago

      Buzur Wa KuMuzi you are just a confused Malawian idiot like Mugabe. Go back home.

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    Mdc doesnt do bombings,who bombed Maisiri in Headlands?the Police were given the names ,did they arrest the suspects ?a lo of people have died and the pepetrators are known Zanu Pf and then an atempted beating is Making Headlines and fake Bombings just to tarnish the image of Tsvangirai’s party. We dont need aprofessor President in Mdc because they are anti poor people just like this Mangoma and Biti they are not for the poor in Mdc they jus want to associate wth high class when they want smething on the ground they send people with money to buy structures.they dont know politics and smeone is saying Tsvangirai doesnt have support if they hve support where is it?why is it not defending them?so Zanu police is their support and newspapers, the game is won on the ground you can hve internet supporters bt u need grassroots.The truth they dont know is they didnt form that party Mdc -t, what they formed is Mdc so they must go and speak to Ncube.This Mdc-T is Tsvangirai’s, people are geting Confused and they want a Popular one,why cant they Call a Rally to show the People they have support? Guys u lost the plot.Even if Tsvangirai forms another Party Zim peoples Movement today he will go wth 99.9% of Mdc t supporters. Mangoma and Biti you Sold long time ago when u agreed to a GNU without a Constitution only to come and use Langester and the today u say you want to lead us to Where?you are nt leading Material.Zunde i challenge you to come home and face the Music nt just discrediting other opposition parties when you are in hiding.

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    bruce koffe 8 years ago

    Zanu PF is responsible. Zanu PF’s history of violence did not start now. Why did Mugabe needed body guards during the war of liberation, while in Mozambique among other war collaborators and other soldiers as he is one. By the way Mugabe is a senior war collaborator since he never fought any war, doubting if he can even pull a gun triggered. He is a senior mujibha who ascended to the top. Mnangagwa was the senior informer and body guard then and still is. During the war women and men accused of sellout whether true all false were killed. Go to the villages and ask when did magandanga started killing civilians in rural areas based on false or accusations,around 1976 when Mugabe took over. After the war, the 1980s violence at Entumbane and the full scale of Gukurawindi, numerous car bombs, what killed Ndangana, Chris, Cain Nkala, 2008 violence. Now the same thugs of ZANU PF have infiltrated to some extend into MDC, but are still ZANU PF in act and deed. As long as ZANU PF is under Mugabe, and security under Mnangagwa is in place violence will never end. History speaks for its self

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    jobolinko 8 years ago

    Was the first bombing couple years ago also an inside job , DONT BE SILLY.

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    Rwendo 8 years ago

    I would agree with JT but would only paraphrase:

    “There has been only one organization in Rhodesia and in Zimbabwe with an established track record in bombs.”

    And they seem addicted to the same dirty tricks: I remember them accidentally bombing themselves in 1980 when at that time they tried to blame ZANU, whilst working for another party.

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    adam jones 8 years ago


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    roving ambassador. 8 years ago

    Chindunduma , not a good way to put you points forward if any, please mind your language.

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    roving ambassador. 8 years ago

    Bazur wa Kumuzi, my apology.