Biti comes out in the open

via Biti comes out in the open – DailyNews Live by Helen Kadirire  27 APRIL 2014

After months of frenzied speculation and strenuous denials, MDC secretary-general Tendai Biti came out in the open yesterday on his long reported opposition to party president Morgan Tsvangirai.

Always believed to be the main player behind the so-called renewal team, Biti was part of the faction that moved yesterday to “suspend” Tsvangirai and other senior MDC leaders such as vice-president Thokozani Khupe, national chairman Lovemore Moyo, organising secretary Nelson Chamisa and spokesman Douglas Mwonzora after a meeting of the rebels.

Yesterday’s dramatic developments also played out as another damning dossier surfaced claiming that a group of Rhodies, comprising mainly disillusioned former commercial farmers, was heavily involved in the alleged multi-pronged plot to destroy Tsvangirai and effect illegal leadership change in the MDC.

The move not only heralds the official split of the feuding MDC factions but, it is also set to shake down the opposition party to its core, amid fears that the party may implode altogether as the combatants engage in a brutal political and legal war over who is in charge of both the party and its assets.

The rebels’ meeting was chaired by maverick party elder and legislator Samuel Sipepa Nkomo, who announced the suspensions, as well as the annulling of the suspensions of various party members, including the expelled deputy treasurer general Elton Mangoma.

The rebel’s guardian council also announced that another party elder, Sekai Holland, would now take charge of the affairs of the party and prepare it for an elective congress.

But it was Biti who hogged the limelight yesterday, and he was the one to announce that Tsvangirai would be charged with violation of the party’s constitution as well as bringing the party into disrepute.

“Dear leader Morgan Tsvangirai has failed as a leader, is now clearly unsuitable, has failed and we now do not recognise him as a member of either the national standing committee or any other organ of the party. We as the democratic group with the MDC have resolved to use our constitutional right and dis-associate ourselves from this group,” Biti told yesterday’s Press conference in Harare.

Biti was also mandated with writing to Parliament to notify the speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda, that “no parliamentarian or councillor would be fired unless there was in the constitution of the MDC a clause that called for recalls.

“The will of the povo (people) that voted in these officials shall remain supreme up to the end of their terms,” Biti said.

A fresh dossier obtained by the Daily News on Sunday says that former Rhodesians have mobilised “huge amounts of money” which is being channelled through clandestine structures to oust Tsvangirai and take over control of the party, in subversive initiatives that effectively compliment other anti-Tsvangirai “missions” allegedly involving Zanu PF, Central Intelligence Organisation operatives and some Western donors.

Quoting one of the former farmers who was involved in the missions until a fall-out among the plotters, who allegedly include senior MDC leaders (names provided), led to the farmer’s unceremonious departure, the report says the Rhodies were agitating for a violent uprising in Zimbabwe, which Tsvangirai was completely opposed to.

“However, after finding (that) Tsvangirai has remained adamant on the need to continue pursuing peaceful democratic means, the ex-Rhodesians started searching for an alternative (leadership).

“Information revealed by sources directly involved shows that a plan was mooted in 2010 to identify an avenue that would lead to effecting leadership change in the MDC, following agreement among the ex-Rhodesians group that by going into a coalition government with Zanu PF, the Tsvangirai leadership had buried any possibility of it leading a violent uprising.

“The conclusion was that Tsvangirai as an individual was the major stumbling block and  … (name supplied) was considered to be more radical as well as willing to pursue the agenda of confronting Zanu PF through violent means or a hard line stance,” the dossier says.

These schemes, the report adds, fitted wittingly and unwittingly into a long-term project by Zanu PF aimed at manipulating political processes in the country, as well as the ouster of Tsvangirai from the leadership of the MDC — as President Robert Mugabe’s party recognised that

Tsvangirai was a real political threat.

Speaking at the Harare press conference,  Biti said the purported suspensions of Tsvangirai, Khupe, Chamisa, Mwonzora, Morgen Komichi, Abednigo Bhebhe and Moyo had been effected because the MDC had abandoned its original values and principles of social democracy, justice, equality, liberty, transparency, non-violence, constitutionalism and servant leadership.

“We have come to the conclusion that the party has been hijacked by a dangerous fascist clique bent on destroying the same and totally working against the working people of Zimbabwe.

“We draw a line with our former colleagues in the use of parallel structures, including the use of vigilantes, kitchen cabinets and other informal means of transacting the business of the democratic party.

“No to the incorporation of Zanu PF traits that we ran away from. We pledge our commitment to a depersonalised struggle. The party has been personalised and privatised,” he said.

Sipepa Nkomo said: “We were saddened that the violence that we used to know from Zanu PF had creeped into our party when they began tormenting and torturing people by purging their chairperson and other officials in the provinces and the reason is that they were preparing for congress so that they can remove those they think will not vote for them because they love power so much”.

Speaking in Gutu yesterday ahead of Biti’s Harare Press conference,

Tsvangirai said: “We have those who are calling for me to step down.

“But why me and why are they putting a price to the struggle. The struggle is not all about money. I know that MDC is not all about

Tsvangirai but if you feel I must go do it through the proper procedures.”



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    This represents the saddest day in the fight for democracy in my country. We are at it again, fighting each other instead of fighting the real enemy Zanu pf. Imagine the amount of giggling and laughter in Jongwe House right now. That is why we need ZUNDE to help us out of this mess. Think!!.

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      Atleast this development will serve the country from the recolonization plot started in 1999. Zimbabwe is a country of mystic, you can not hob-nob with murderous of Nehanda and think you will get away.

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    Godfrey C 9 years ago

    This is actual a very welcome development in the struggle for freedom in Zimbabwe. Morgan has had his chance and had now become good news to Zanu pf. Maybe after this pressure can once again start to be exerted on Zanu.

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    thembani 9 years ago

    I am not a Rhodie and I want Tsvangirai out.Stop pretending that Rhodies are pushing Tsvangirai out.Renwal is the way forward .

    • comment-avatar
      Isaac Mtungwa 9 years ago

      U r happy when there is no formidable opposition in Zimbabwe, we don’t even know Mangoma and the child minded Biti who is going to vote them ?, be wise guys if Tsvangirai goes that’s the End of Zim politics

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    LucyTT 9 years ago

    Nhai vanhu we, ko mashaiwa a better way of forcing Tsvangirai out , I agree the man needs to go , he has overstayed his welcome so apply pressure internally , you have the support of some of the high ranking members of your party, talk him out and present a solid front to your supporters. this behavior is unacceptable , if you can go to war among yourselves to this extent , how do we expect you to rule us without lending us in a civil war??????????????
    Vanhu ve MDC I am not sure who gives you political advice but you clearly need to sack them that goes for both these rebels and Tsvangirai -what kind of political party is this yekuti hamufungi past today.

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    shumba liverpool 9 years ago

    Renewal must go all the way. Why the hesitation about a party with a different name, aftebyall a rose by any other name smells the same. Biti..Mangoma et alshow your guts..if congress for some reason or other has not been immediately possible, then call for grassroot consultation in the form of a rally in order to consolidate your authority. We hear that on Sunday a thousand strong supporters of the ‘expelled’ leadership convened at Harvest House to demonstrate loyalty to MT. Zimbabwe politics has not yet advanced beyond the numbers game in terms of determining a desired leader. In spite of the fact that popular political analysis, right or wrong may be baying for MT’s ouster, the Zimbabwean populace must not be taken for granted in terms of the leadership matrix.
    Lest we immaturely get excited that a small group of lawyers have produced a hat trick rabbit let us not forget that Zimbabweans have seen it all before and certainly are not a gullible lot. Therefore I can only urge the renewal team to show a bit of sinew and go all the way be it a rally or name change, to show real strength and support and most important dispell rumours of Zanupf infiltration. Biti must come clean about Gono advocacy so soon after a heavy election loss by the MDC.

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    The writer of this article is a racist .A white Zimbabwian who adopts a political stand that does not appeal to this writer is called a Rhodie.It gives this writer satisfaction to name call .Prehaps calling a white person a Rhodie is like calling them a White K……

  • comment-avatar
    Clive Kay 9 years ago

    Helen Kadirire, you are a racist and should be held accountable. We are living in a new Zimbabwe where racism applies to all people not just black people. I am a white African, more specifically a Zimbabwean, a born free with every right to choose my future and political leaders. Your sources are questionable at best and your article reads like you are in fact the one working with ZANU, CIO and the dictatorial group in MDC. Helen you should realise that people know the truth and see through your false propaganda. You should be ashamed for writing such a thoughtless and racist article.

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    How is that every time politically stupid blacks stumble there is a Rhodie in the cupboard? Come on, get over yourself and start thinking maturely.
    Moronic analysis. The MDC is ordained to fail anyway as the opportunity to work positively in the face of so much failure by the governing party has slipped past them once again.
    Rhodies also tried to unseat the RF. They failed. In the same way as others fail to topple ZANU-RF.

  • comment-avatar
    Loveness 9 years ago

    The more people demonise tsvangirai the more his popularity grows.people just love the guy i think its high time commentators start liking the guy because your actions are creating a cult hero.zimbabweans love an underdog thats who we are his popularity is multiplying at the moment.

    • comment-avatar

      If you are female, you can also show your love as others who were abused by this mad fool from Uhera.

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    roving ambassador. 9 years ago

    There is financial issues involved in this fight for control of the Mdc and unfortunately the perceived financiers will be under attack as well. Its the nature of the politics borrowed from Zanu.
    Its because we have self serving leadership.
    It shall come to pass.

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    When you see Rhodies being mentioned you know this is ZANU/CIO enterprise. Biti has been captured.

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    Kanganwiro 9 years ago

    One thing that amazes me in all this is the total disregard and contempt with which the people (povo) ,who happen to be the most important constituency, are treated in this matter. Has anyone bothered to establish how the ordinary man feels. All I hear is this talk that Tsvangirai has failed and he must go, but I will venture to say the hopes of the majority are still invested in him. One can not ignore the glaring fact that elections in Zimbabwe have always been rigged. I don’t believe that any other opposition leader would have achieved a better outcome, the fact is ,Tsvangirai is the closest the people have come to achieving change. Granted ,he has his flaws, but which leader doesn’t, I respect him.for resisting use of violence to achieve change, the masses are weary and do not want bloodshed. I believe that any change in leadership in the MDC should be carefully managed to ensure that the new leader is endorsed by the old to ensure the transfer of the people’s support from MT to the new leader.

    • comment-avatar

      Your hopes are better invested in Tsvangirai as a hang-man and not a leader of a pragmatic organization.

  • comment-avatar

    Rhodies or no Rhodies, Tsvangirai needs to go and allow fresh leadership. This is in the interests of all Zimbabweans. It is not about Rhodies or any other form of minority party black or white, it is about Zimbabwe being in desperate need of positive change.

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    The Oracle 9 years ago

    Once again, most of us will retreat into the closet of political apathy.Not out of cowardice, but for lack of leadership.
    If you look closely at this development, you’ll realise that not only is the split of MDC imminent bur a racial divide is beginning to emerge as well.Helen Kadirire’s sensational and clearly fabricated report has worsened the problem. She is desperately trying to protect Tsvangirai.One of the greatest achievements of MDC was to bring together different races and tribes, having them unite behind a common cause.That unity is now breaking apart. Mark my words, the whites will retreat and Matabeleland will soon turnits back on this madness. The problem with MDC started long back when they personalised the party by naming it after an individual (MDC-T). Now the individual believes that the party is his to own. Biti and company have decided to take this route because Tsvangirai is refusing to subject himself to the democratic test. If he does so, he will save the party from collapse. The point is, if the people want him, they will keep him. If they don’t, then he must leave. The cause that the MDC was formed to champion can not be owned by an individual. There is apparent immaturity in Tsvangirai and I am not only talking about his political acumen. Truth of the matter is, I don’t think right thinking people would want to place him in charge of Zimbabwe. God forbid.

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    Kunyarara Hakusikutaura 9 years ago

    We need give up our emotions- pause for a moment and meditate soberly about this disaster that has befallen on our hopes.

    Dear zimbabweans, bear in mind that it’s Tsvangirai and the Bitis that matters here,but it is you and me who are always at the receiving end. Since the colapse of our economy, Tsvangirai and Bitis never suffered as much as they were the beneficials of donor funds from symphathisers who saw them as instruments that could be used to bring change our country. It is this bloody money that is causing all this tumoil.
    NB Please I want a logical learned person from this forum who is impartial in his right senses to tell me a difference between Tsvangirai and Bitis and Mangoma who is most likely to be a better democrat because both these are not perfect. And perhaps give me an example of a leader who was removed by an open letter and how how you feel about a leader who can surrender the thrown because “I received a letter from an unhappy man? If such a leader was your leader would nog feel betrayed? In my case I would surely ask the dear leader why would regret my heart for supporting a spineless leader.Can you imagine Mugabe packing from state house because he received a letter from the opposition or Simba Makoni, how the Zanu supporters will be distraughted by this.

    If Mangoma and Biti are really democrats why not using the same congress where they elected Tsvangirai to remove him.Tsvangirai was not invited to become Mdc president by letter as much all of them were not installed by letters.

    • comment-avatar

      Agreed. T’s has responsibility to the followers to carry the torch till next congress, and side step everyone who wants to steal it. These people must be talking about how to help the government deliver on its responsibility – of serving the nation and making it prosperous, till next elections. They are lost and a huge liability. Glad they now have come open as they do not deserve a penny of party funds in any of their deviant activities.

    • comment-avatar
      Clive Kay 9 years ago

      Hi Kunyarara, emotions aside and taking the people into consideration and not MDC, Morgan or Tendai, the truth will come out in time and everyone will see how Morgan and his team has betrayed all Zimbabweans. Unfortunately in politics timing and positioning is everything. When evil is flourishing behind a facade of good and is doing all it can to prevent the truth being revealed, caution and consideration needs to be taken before making any revelations. I respect Morgan for the man he was and the stand he took. Unfortunately some people change when pressure and temptation is high. Morgan and his team have changed, they know it and know that the truth is unravelling fast and so they are terrified. They will lose the respect they have earned from the people and be forced to account for their actions and look at themselves in the mirror to see what they have become. That for anybody is very hard thing to do and suffer, as such they will do all they can to prevent it from happening. Don’t make any judgements on either person or team now. Watch and listen to them, judge their behaviours and the words they speak not their rhetoric, compare it with their past actions and new truths that will go public, then make your choice.

  • comment-avatar
    Mukanya 9 years ago

    Biti- where is Enock Chikweshe aka Munyaradzi Gwisai?

  • comment-avatar

    Who is really paying Mr. Biti? He now spends much time with Gono – has he changed camps? Is this the new game to split MDC again?

  • comment-avatar
    HIGHWAY 7 9 years ago


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    Save havaendi,vanorota havarambidzwi kurota.mutaure zvipi nezvipi zvakashata vachange varipo muchasvotwa.Handei kuvanhu mahumbwe apere.vanotyei kuti kuitwe maBy Elections kana vaine chaunga??we want bye elections now constitition yenyika ndizvo zvainotaura havasisiri Mdc.Tikapedza Council meeting tavakutonyorera Speaker veparamende topedza nezvimbwasungata.Gwisai paakaenda kwange kuine close yeRecall its up to the Party leadership.zvakangonaka kutivasarudzwe patsva kana vanhu vachivada nekuti vakasarudzwa nevanhu vanoda Tsvangirai vasingadi iye saka haafaniri kusewenzesa Tsvangirai thats why they want yo remain with Mdc name nekuti rakashandirwa kudhara naMT.Sory magents hande kuvanhu

  • comment-avatar
    Mduna 9 years ago

    Morgan two are enough. You now want the forth. What do you think you will achieve in the forth term which you failed to achieve the three terms. Time is up pass the button. We do not want a President for life.

    Just do an honorable thing and pass the button than destroying the party.

  • comment-avatar
    Msizeni Silwelani 9 years ago

    The mind boggles. The frequence of Welshman Ncube’s mention in in all this farce brings to the fore that had he been from the the royal tribe, Biti and his ilk would have joined him in the 2005 split.
    Political turncoats should be known and tamed as they are without mudding those whom we might need in future. In a fair election contest, those whom we dispise may command fair support from the electorate.

    The race card led to the formation of black liberation movement against white minority while the tribal card saw the birth of zanu. At the moment we are seeing the academia card and it is a matter of time we know which professor will lead the Biti/Mangoma group.

    Our politics are based on popularity than capability. Were it the other way round, some guys would be history. Same goes with business, the royal tribe sits in each and every board in all the parastatals.

    With an approximated 2million Zimbabweans in active politics, who at the moment is not politically tainted? Well, “some of us will remain with the people even if it appears foolish doing so”.

    Good luck Biti and others, the road to freedom has never been fair. Light shall dawn unto my fellow people.

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    Dzatsva 9 years ago

    In Zimbabwe there are a few Companies that have survived for so long withstanding all tha macro and micro variales that came their way,others have come and gone even very quickly.

    Think of Colcom,Dairboard,National Foods,Delta these brands have gone through trials and tribulations but those that managed them stood firm of course with their employees but largely due to their supporters(customers & consumers).

    Political parties are no different,with good leadership and good will and patients,brands greater or good as Pork Pie,Boerewores,Parlenta and Chimombe can also be made.

    In my opinion if the succesion issue can be handled openly in any party the brands may not be destroyed so esealy and in this case so embarrasing for those calling for change or is it renewal,which naturaly is normal.But this is not surprising because lawyers love to argue act so,provision that,legitimate that etc.

    What zimbabwe needs is a Markerting oriented TEAM,from whatever discipline.Please dont kill the markert(voters) they have never been allowed a free vote.Voter apathy is going to sit in us for an even much longer time if the MDC BRAND is killed and history will judge you and hope harshly.

    Its no secret Morgan needs to go,peacefully, respectfully and make it willingly too.And as long as that successor is not helped by Morgan to gain people’s hearts,that waekness may costdearly come rigging time,and they will do it unashamedly.

    Dialogue is the key,and unity of purpose is the foundation we all need,not just in MDC T,but across the devide.Find a neutral figure to field as a presidential candidate who is successful already,capeable of uniting all players and field your best brains for ministrial posts,embassy teams,judges you name it and see how it goes, you are all due for packages .Momborimavo tiibvise.

  • comment-avatar
    jobolinko 9 years ago

    Mr sipepa just as i respected him how could he be fooled by Biti to chair such a shameful meeting ,many pple raised the logic of Biti to represent Gono ,yes people have the right to choice in life and its their right but to me that was like mixing oil and water

  • comment-avatar
    jobolinko 9 years ago

    Highway 7 zimbabwe is one but people are devided

  • comment-avatar
    jobolinko 9 years ago

    Biti is an i…t they bombed his house twice and his finger points at Tsvangirai and to him its not zanu what a shame

  • comment-avatar
    moyokumusha 9 years ago

    I too am not a rhodie, I am Zimbabwean and I no longer support Morgan ” Shamura ” Tsvangirai as that is all he is. He has failed all Zimbabweans by giving the elections to Mugabe. Good luck Tendai, my support is with you.

  • comment-avatar

    Morgan haashamuri ,anoshamura akatoshamura kudhara saka vakaona meeting yawo isina kuitirwa paHarvest hse hindava kurasika ?? Unoita Coup urimugomo uchisiya munhu vacho airipamuzinda ,kunyange anzi atadza Save handingasapoti vanhu vanoita zvechihwande hwande SaBiti mangwana uchamuona achiti Sory kuna Save kakavanda achikumbira ruregerero.Siyanai naSave munofunga kuti mukamutuka ndizvo zvinosunungura nyika Haana kurambidza vanhu kuitawo zvavo iye haabvi nguva yake isati yakwana ie Tasununguka ,saka tichinawo SAVE zvokuda kuita mbiri nezita ravo ndizvo zvatinoramba,isu maComrades aTsvangirai tiriko kutamba nemadhaka pasinamvura,musatinyangadze Zvimbwasungata endai kuZanu makanyarara tosangana kuMaElections

  • comment-avatar
    Saddened 9 years ago

    Many of us had our hopes vested in Tsvangirai but he has proved that is not the calibre of leader to lead Zimbabwe. Not wanting to write an article I will cite two examples (1)His decision to go into the 2013 election without a voters roll showed his lack of political maturity. (2)Under his leadership we ended up with flawed constitution that was as a result of compromise between the parties not the will of the people.

    • comment-avatar

      Add to those two Saddened, going into the GNU in the first place.

      In a struggle, there will be strategies that lead to blind alleys.
      Its all part of the toughening up process.
      From here on, there should be no further engaging ZANU in any form.

      That leadership change is needed is now apparent.
      I would have said an orderly process was mandatory in order to distance ourselves from the shambles in the ZANU camp, for one and maintenance of a solid opposition, for another.

  • comment-avatar

    The developments are so crude.To be honest, how can someone like Biti who knows that he desnt have any support, not known by the electorate,then decides to be leader?People are not fools.You can make a coup , but you can not take the voters hearts.I more than 85% on line support Save, then its a shame to the purpotted change regime guys.I have seen Mafume, far from being a force in politics.Biti himself, can even be defeated by Chinotimba in presidential elections.I have gone on rallies with Biti, he can not even express himself in vernacular.The guys were bought, and in MDC we accepted democracy and freedom of association by allowing Biti to represent Gono.Now we see the colours are the same.I can see that Biti has a problem in thinking properly.Can he believe that MDC supporters will support him given his association with Gono? As for Mafume, he is a bitter loser who lost a safe seat in Harare .A non entity.We wait and see but that’s the end.People know what they want and definitely Biti is a confused sellout.

  • comment-avatar
    Druzhba 9 years ago

    Can’t understand what Biti is up to & won’t bother trying to do so.

    He appears to be a lost sheep.

  • comment-avatar
    Chisipite 9 years ago

    A true leader would recognise that he is not achieving much and move on of his own accord. Every single dictator starts off popular, but does not recognise the point at which they as an individual are no longer benefitting the people they purport to represent. For Morgan to carry on fighting for leadership of MDC is no worse than Mugabe fighting Morgan for presidency. Unfortunately African politics, okay most politics, attracts the wrong kind of people. We should be looking for someone who is selfless, but brave. Someone who does not stand out in the crowd but will be the first to help in a time of need. We don’t want a strong willed person, but we do want someone who will represent the will of the people strongly. Morgan started out right, but has become self-absorbed and the fact the he is fighting and garnering supporters is evidence the he is promoting himself above the cause.

    • comment-avatar
      Maringazuwa Katerere 9 years ago

      First, I am disappointed by the Zanu PF racists “Rhodie” label used by the author of this article. I am not white. I am black. Zimbabwe, as far as I know, is a multiracial society, where black, white, brown, pink-yellow, and whatever in between, live in harmony despite the racist rantings from Zanu PF.

      The bickering in the MDC is a serious setback for democracy in Zimbabwe, but probably it has come at the right time. Disagreements are part and parcel of every organization, and, if managed properly, can actually strengthen the system.

      Now more than ever, the MDC should call an extraordinary meeting, and debate this issue. The issue which should be discussed and concluded is; whether the majority of MDC representatives/delegates have confidence in the present leadership or not. If the answer is yes, then the dissenters (Biti and his group) should be peacefully allowed to leave the party and do whatever they want to do.

      I urge all genuine MDC supporters to desist from any form of verbal or physical violence because this will play into the hands of Zanu PF. Nonviolence, after all, is one of the founding principles of the MDC.

  • comment-avatar
    bam bam 9 years ago

    what! another rhodie plot but not just ordinary rhodies but white rhodie farmers at that! please give me a break there is probably about three white farmers left in zimbabwe struggling to make a dollar who havent the time to organise a plot. they are just trying to pay the school fees and find a good school governor thats about it.

  • comment-avatar
    Petal 9 years ago

    one should know why the writer of the article is calling people rhodies -one can tell by the surname these are the people who are blatant RACISTS and TRIBALISTS and unless they come out into the open about it nothing will move forward-PERIOD

  • comment-avatar
    mbombo 9 years ago

    he is becoming a dictator,step down save