British MP writes to #mugabe over Mliswa

via British MP writes to Mugabe over Mliswa ” Nehanda Radio Apr 07, 2014 By Lance Guma

British MP Lindsay Allan Roy has written a letter to President Robert Mugabe asking him to intervene in the dispute between Zanu PF MP Temba Mliswa and businessman Mr Paul Westwood who claims the Zanu PF provincial chairman illegally seized his successful car parts business, Noshio Motors. 

Two years ago Mr Westwood and his family fled Zimbabwe after Mliswa allegedly threatened them with violence, death and rape if they did not hand over the company. Westwood and his family who now live in the Scotland approached their local MP to intervene in the matter.

The letter to Mugabe by the MP asks the president to “investigate the circumstances of his (Westwood’s) business loss; and subsequently do all you can to find a fair and just solution to recompense him for his loss of, not only his home and business, but the life that he built up for himself and his family.”

“Temba Mliswa improperly used the indigenisation law, for his own personal gain as well as claim he had Permission from you Mr President. He hid behind Didymus Mutasa his uncle to escape proper accountability.

“I ask respectfully that you investigate this matter on behalf of Mr Westwood and his family who were loyal Permanent Residents of Zimbabwe, took a pride in their country but, regrettably, due to circumstances beyond their control were forced to leave,” the letter to Mugabe by Roy read.

In June 2011 Mliswa was acquitted on charges of trying to forcibly wrestle Noshio Investments. But in an exclusive interview with Nehanda Radio Westwood alleges that Mliswa bribed the presiding magistrate Never Katiyo who suddenly acquired a US$12 000 car while on a US$200 a month salary.

Westwood also alleges Presidential Affairs Minister Didymus Mutasa played a key role in the acquittal of Mliswa and his co-accused Hammarskjold Banda, Brendaly Banda, Alfred Mwatiwamba, George Marere and Martin Mutasa (Mutasa’s son).

Meanwhile Mliswa, who has family in the UK, defended his takeover claiming it was in line with the government’s indigenisation policy. He also denied making any threats to Westwood and instead blamed his arrest on police chief Augustine Chihuri who he claimed was corruptly benefitting from Westwood.

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    Zvichanaka 8 years ago

    Fair play and Goodluck Westwood.

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    Jenandebvu 8 years ago

    Only in Hague papa, for now its never

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    zimbabwean 8 years ago

    Mliswa is a crook who hides behind ZANU and indigenization to operate a mafia style self enrichment scheme. He is thinks he is untouchable. If Mugabe can not reign his dogs, lets hold hands as Zimbabweans and deal with scums like him. We are living in dire poverty, our parents and grandparents are suffering and dying of poverty and hunger in our eyes. On the other hand people like Mliswa are pocketing millions of dollars because Didymus Mutasa is his uncle. Shame on you Mliswa, Where are your morals and humanity?. Dont you see people suffering at Tokwe Mukosi?. Dont you see people dying of hunger in Guruve?. Have you seen how our parents and grandparents, the true champions of the liberation are suffering in Murewa?. God please help our beloved country and wipe out all the scum like Mliswa and his uncle Mutasa as you did in Sodom and Gomorah.

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      No they don’t see. Their sin has blinded them. Their sin has deafened them. They need our desperate prayers so that God in all His mercy will open his eyes to repent and change from his wicked ways before it is too late.

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    machakachaka 8 years ago

    I would have been a good letter had it been written by British MPs in the late 1890s to quiz the settler govt on how King Lobengula had lost his empire and how such empire could be restored to Zimbabweans.

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    zaranoor 8 years ago

    I think the next one to be questioned of stealing companies is Jane Mutasa. Bribing majestrates

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    Collin Mackenzie 8 years ago

    That Temba boy is real rubish and a bully period.

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    Ruramai 8 years ago

    In other countries an individual can approach their MP and present their problems. Here we see our MPs when they are campaigning to get us to vote for them then they vanish for 5 years till its time for another campaign trail.

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    chirasha 8 years ago

    not only the MP even the President of the country like in Botswana they have the President cell phone no

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    Then the Zimbabweans ask the British to return their properties, what is a car, British ruined souls of Zimbabweans as well as all Africans and now they say Mugabe should intervene, did Mugabe go their snowing land! No never!

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    Magic Johnson 8 years ago

    i hope billy rautenbach gets this fool struck by a PUMA!!! Mliswa is dirtier than a pig in S.h!t……