Chamisa hopeful MDC-T will ‘recapture power’ in next election

via Chamisa hopeful MDC-T will ‘recapture power’ in next election | SW Radio Africa  Tichaona Sibanda September 16, 2013

The MDC-T can recapture power in the next election, but only when every Zimbabwean is clear how the July 31st election was manipulated by ZANU PF.

This is according to the party’s national organising secretary Nelson Chamisa. The MDC-T MP for Kuwadzana said they hope to visit “every door” of regional SADC leaders and “whoever cares to listen or receive us,” in their quest to lay bare the facts on the electoral theft.

Speaking to SW Radio Africa on Monday, two days after their party’s 14th anniversary celebrations in Mutare, Chamisa said they will also roll out a program to visit each village, ward, district and province in Zimbabwe to prepare for 2018.

“We have people who still do not know what happened on July 31st. To that end, we will be taking our detailed dossier to the masses so that they see for themselves how their aspirations were betrayed by ZANU PF, using spooky faces,” Chamisa said.

The MP said party leader Morgan Tsvangirai has explained in detail how President Robert Mugabe retained power with the aid of the militarisation of the electoral body. He said that what is left is for the people to see the evidence first hand.

In his address to party supporters at Sakubva stadium in Mutare on Saturday, Tsvangirai explained why the party was forced to withdraw its electoral petition, which was intended to expose how the election was stolen. The party withdrew the petition last month, after attempts to secure evidence from the Electoral Commission were dismissed by the High Court.

“But I want to say here that we had to withdraw the Presidential election petition because we were denied election material and figures. They refused to allow us to bring witnesses to testify,” Tsvangirai said on Saturday.

He added: “We have teachers, school heads and other civil servants who wanted to testify on how they were asked to plead illiteracy. We wanted to bring in many witnesses and cross-examine Tobaiwa Mudede and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chief Rita Makarau, among others.”

The MDC-T leader continued: “We wanted Mudede to explain many things, included the millions of dollars he paid Nikuv without the knowledge of the Minister of Finance and what national services the company had offered the people of Zimbabwe.”

“We have sat as a national leadership and received reports from across the country on how these thieves did it and we have frightening information, most of it from some of the players involved in the electoral theft.”

Social and political commentator, Hopewell Gumbo said it is good that the MDC-T has decided to go back to its roots to re-engage with the masses on the way forward.

Gumbo noted that the party, after its electoral defeat, and the subsequent dismissal of the petition challenging the results, must remain united.



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    Anold Anderson 9 years ago

    Cry baby never stops crying so is Chamisa. Put your house in order first my brother then you can go and ask for support. Never depend on your neighbours in ruling your house they also have their own. You are proving to the world your stupidity. Put your house in order cry baby.

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    Tjingababili 9 years ago


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    Tjingababili 9 years ago


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    Wayne 9 years ago

    Sadly, MDC will always be out smarted and out maneuvered. If you want to be nice in Zimbabwe politics you will always be left behind. MDC needs the trade union Tsvangirai, not the softy softy leader it now has.

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    emman 9 years ago

    You are confused tsvangson,1st u said u had massive evidence of rigging against zec and the next thing u asking that same zec to furnish u with evidence so that u crucify it typical of a village boy.How can you go and report to police that someone has stolen your shoes and you tell the police that you have evidence that X stole from you and when that police asks you to furnish it with evidence that X stole from you.You ask that same police to compel X to produce the shoes you are alleging he stole from you.Even if X had stolen the shoes i dnt thnk he will produce it.That is exactly what the mdc did.
    We have massive evidence that zec stole the elections and the courts asks them give us the evidence and then mdc says you must tell zec to give us the evidence,Its child’s play mdc are a bunch of fools.

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    Katundu 9 years ago


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    Bambanani Sizwesakithi 9 years ago

    Poor Zimbabwe! This is not about Tsvangirai or Chamisa, it’s about us all as Zimbabweans. Some of us who fought in the war and removed the Smith regime, we know which Govt is the worst of them all if we compare the Rhodesian govt, Muzorewa’s Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, Zanu pf, and the just ended GNU.
    The writing is on the wall for all to see. Zanu has failed it’s own people. Zanu pf didn’t give me land, I FOUGHT FOR THE LAND!

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    soothsayer 9 years ago

    Chamisa,MDC-T has been infiltrated surreptitiously by zpf demagogues.All aunthentic MDC-T leaders must be aware of this.Remember zpf thugs are cunning and trickery.

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    Changamire Leo 9 years ago

    Imposition of candidates has costed the MDC-T.

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    Alois 9 years ago

    MDC is still a junior in politics.Yes we want change as we all no that ZANUPF has failed to deliver what we were expecting after independence but I am begining to think Tsvangirai is not the one who shall bring that change.We may visit all countries and villages trying to explain to them what happened but if we don’t look for solutions to avoid it then we will be wasting our time.You want to explain to us what happened so that we can do what,if you know that the majority voted for you and you failed to protect their vote when you were jumping from one woman to the other and Mugabe was in Israel organising how his party was going to win.Tsvangirai played his part and i thank him because he tried his level best but it now time for him to go.

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    Guvnor 9 years ago

    Develop the necessary determination and focus needed to win at the political game in Africa. No one from elsewhere is going to create a level playing field, one has to dig deep and find the willpower and resolve to overcome. If you don’t have it get out of the game.

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    zidzoro 9 years ago

    Keep dreaming son, zviroto zviroto hazvirambidzwe.

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    zvavharwa 9 years ago

    Mose wataura kwazvo,ko inelligence ye mdc yaivepi mugabe achi ronga kuba ma votes kusvika amabe??tsvangi vachiita zve vakadzi vamwe vachironga ku winner

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    Get over it Chamisa. Madhuku will be the new opposition

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    muchinja 8 years ago

    Chamisa u are right