‘Chaotic MDC a blessing to Zanu PF’

via ‘Chaotic MDC a blessing to Zanu PF’ – DailyNews Live by Thelma Chikwanha  28 APRIL 2014

Analysts have described the divisions in the MDC which saw rebels “suspending” party leader Morgan Tsvangirai and other members of the top hierarchy on Saturday as a game where there were no winners or losers.

Political analysts had earlier predicted the inevitable split of the 15-year-old movement which has so far presented President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF with the stiffest challenge since independence in 1980 — following the dissent among party members after it failed to win the July 31 harmonised elections last year.

The MDC, formed in 1999 by labour and civic groups to end Zanu PF rule, has been rocked by serious divisions for a while but infighting escalated when expelled deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma penned a strongly worded letter asking Tsvangirai to step down as party president.

In his letter, the former energy minister cited the MDC leader’s failure to bring about change after three elections. He also said Tsvangirai’s personal life and conduct had soiled the image of the party.

Mangoma later claimed to have been physically attacked at the party’s offices at Harvest House. He then accused Tsvangirai of setting thugs on him and the case is now before the courts.

Biti, who has always been rumoured to be spearheading a campaign to oust the former trade union boss also told delegates at a meeting convened by Sapes Trust recently that the MDC lost the election because Zanu PF had a superior message.

The party eventually suspended and expelled Mangoma for what they termed throwing the party into disrepute by speaking to the media over contents of his letter.

University of Zimbabwe political science lecturer Eldred Masunungure told the Daily News that the reversal of expulsions by the rebels was likely to be replicated by Tsvangirai who would in turn suspend those who attended the Saturday meeting.

“What we are seeing now are two structures that are co-existing but not happily,” Masunungure said adding that a split was inevitable.

He, however, said there was uncertainty on which faction would triumph.

“There are quantitative differences in this instance the Tsvangirai faction is stronger in this regard but weaker in strategic skills. Biti is a strategist but does not have the numbers,” Masunungure said.

He added: “In a party, you need both quality and quantity. Biti needs to mobilise the grassroots to make that faction a viable entity.”

Maxwell Saungweme said the current development marked the beginning of a long battle for leadership of the party and that there was likely to be more violence as they tried to push each other out.

He said there would be protracted legal battles as both sides question procedures and the legality around the suspensions and expulsions of their supporters.

“It’s a party in chaos. Both sides will accuse each other of being allies with Zanu PF as both claim to hold legitimate interests of the party. The real issue here is that the party is split. But due to issues to do with party’s resources and the party’s MPs in the rival sides, both will selfishly claim to be the bona fide group.

“Where do the people, come in all this? Both sides are not differing on material issues of proffering alterative policies to the failing Zanu PF government. They are differing for the sake of power.”

“No-one is really thinking of the many people who died for the MDC — their lives were lost in vain. A disorganised and chaotic MDC like this is a big blessing for Zanu PF,” said Saungweme.

Political science lecturer at Mulungisi University, Zambia, Shakespeare Hamauswa concurred with Saungweme, adding that the battle lines had been drawn from a complex legal perspective and Machiavellian political tactics.

Hamauswa said the biggest winner in the split would be Zanu PF which no doubt would use it to its own advantage.

“The de facto faction will take the lead but will need the backing of the courts. Zimbabwean courts I guess will uphold Tsvangirai’s suspension for the very obvious reasons. But Harvest House will likely be infested with anti-rebels,” he said.

But Masunungure said it was too early to determine which side had a competitive advantage over the other. He however, noted that Biti enjoyed the advantage of attracting funding which he said mattered in the next election.



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    Jono Austin 9 years ago

    ‘…the biggest winner in the split would be Zanu PF which no doubt would use it to its own advantage…’ And how exactly? What a ridiculous statement! What zanu haven’t realised is that they are not going anywhere without the MDC-they are in a big hole and unless they discover oil fields they are doomed. They need the MDC led by MT to obtain any credibility with the international community. They have to beg for a partnership. Elections are a waste of time because they cheat. So discount 2018 if you think things will change.

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    roving ambassador. 9 years ago

    ALL of a sudden this paper is pro Zanu. Moyo’s victory. BUT MEANINGLESS.

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    The biggest winner will be Zanu pf? We that have the limited resources to do what we do will do the same thing others have done. Underestimate the Masses. Ian Smith done that. Although he will always look better because no one starved. Mugabe is the biggest winner. His life is almost over and boy has he enjoyed. Zanu will pay the price for Mugabe’s enjoyment. The people will demand it. ALL THOSE THAT WANT THE ZANU MANTLE WILL PAY FOR HIS SINS. Not from me,because I don’t believe in violence. Read about Mussolini, Gadaffi and Hussien. That my friends is the power of the people.WHEN THEY ARE READY TO HARNESS IT.

    • comment-avatar

      Doc do little you are absolutely correct. They will reap what they have sown and the sins will be passed down. Trouble is, for many of them tote big bibles to church every Sunday, is that they do not realise that God will NOT be mocked. All sin will be judged. All sin!!! Repent!

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    There is only one way to rectify the problem in Zim, and please don’t tell me it’s through the ballot box because this is Africa and that system like most other democratic systems don’t work. You are dealing with Shona’s here who are a very untrustworthy lot and would prefer to either destroy a system and once done lie down and die…a useless bunch. Forced removal of these idiots in power is the ONLY way. A few people would be killed in the process but most Shona ‘s would abscond like they did during the war years, so it wouldn’t be that many. They’d turn on each other and shop the evil ones. It could all be orchestrated in such a simple easy manner.

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    Zanu-of might think it will win or has won,thanks for it’s assistance from Mr Tendai Biti and his gang.The 2018 elections will see many political parties contesting but not one will have an outright majority.There is going to be a fierce power struggle in Zanu-of,it may split into two or three parties,over the succession of President Mugabe.In this regard,I can even see very weak formation government.However,some small up coming small might rejected by the people,because they lack any leadership ideology,but just want to assume power.The Renewal Team will re-new itself until they are ten or more parties out of it.So I expect to see parties like MDC-Biti,Mangoma,Mudzuri,Madzore,Mkwananzi.Sipepa Nkomo the list is endless.Cry The Beloved Country.

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    Zanu has its own challenges bigger than you see. MDC T will come stronger and better without Biti and fellow morons

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      Inkomoiyahlaba 9 years ago

      Indeed Hlaba Lungene,you are quite right,yes ZANU-PF’s problem are much bigger than the MDC-T.ZANU-PF has been in power for a long time the battle within Zanu will be more fierce because it will be painful to loose power.A lot of these guys will have lost their source of income.They have had popularity as politicians.However,it is a known fact that there is no ruling party that can rule forever.The only party that has stayed in power for over sixty years is the Communusit Party Of China(CPC)

      Even though it has been in power for over six decades,that does not mean they will be in power forever,there has been renewal in that party leadership,procedural not like Tendai Biti’s coup.The point Iam raising here is that Zanu-Pf can not rule forever.When the wind of change comes to this country,it will be blown away,and people might not know that there was such a party except through reference to History books.We have seen some very important ruling parties such as UNIP of Zambia,Malawi Congress Party of Malawi.KANU of Kenya and a lot many more all disappearing from the political space they once occupied with a high esteem.

      The MDC-T needs to reorgaise it’s self after the destruction,by Mr Welshman Ncube in 2005,and now by Mr Tendai Biti.IT will survive all this strife.Zanu-Pf was a split from ZAPU.And currently the split in Zanu-Pf is emminent.

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    Ivor Payne 9 years ago

    Amazing how the Daily News is susceptible to ZANU PF propaganda. It is the Herald that claimed that Biti said the MDC lost the election because of ZANU PF’s superior campaign message. I was at the SAPES meeting. Biti never said this…he did say that ZANU PF might have had a message which resonated more with those in the rural areas…he did NOT say this is why the MDC lost the elections.

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    Ya laphela ithemba lethu madoda!
    of course the big winner is ZANU PF here. Thanks to the well-trained CIO. I really salute these guys ( but i hate them to the core)

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    This is the doing of the Lord God of heaven. God is not happy with zanu pf and mdc, if you look closely zanupf and mdc are the same, violence, fornication and adultery, homosexuality and all sort of immoral that God hates.
    So the cup of the wrath of God is now full and God is destroying them. these infighting in mdc will not end until the party is so weakened that even its diehard supporters will desert it.
    After this God will visit Zanu pf and and they will turn against each other until they are destroyed.
    What is the future of Zimbabwe in all this.There is a new generation that God is raising and has raised. its a God fearing generation and they are ready to be ushered into the politics of this nation to take over power and Zimbabwe will begin to grow and to be envied by many nations once again

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    jobolinko 9 years ago

    yes zanu is the benifitiary Biti and his gang dont see it that, all they want is to be the new leaders, what a joke, they are .people have died, people have lost homes ,people have lost limbs, people have fled the country in millions ,tsvangirai almost lost his life the same as chamisa they put their lives in line to free zimbabweans from dictatorship,Him Biti was arrested for announcing election results before the authorities did, today he is saying Tsvangirai has been loosing elections ,what an idiot.

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    Buchman-Turner-Overdrive 9 years ago

    Please stop the lies. The MDC-T as led by Tswangirayi was formed in 2005.

    The original MDC, formed in 1999 is currently being run by Prof Welshman Ncube. A party with a surname, called the MDC-T did not exist in 1999.

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    The dust will settle and in the end there will only be two protagonists,
    The MDC and a weakened ZANU.

    The MDC is the masses of the downtrodden represented by Morgan.
    Factions will come and go.