Chefs make a killing

via Chefs make a killing | The Financial Gazette Staff Reporter 19 Dec 2013

ZANU-PF chefs are making a killing from attending the party’s meetings with a report tabled at the just-ended conference in Chinhoyi showing that about US$700 000 was spent on meetings this year alone

ZANU-PF’s Politburo members are paid more than US$1 000 each for a single meeting.

The Politburo, the supreme decision-making organ of the party in between congresses, spent the most after its meetings chewed up a whopping US$224 384.

The Central Committee, the policy-making organ of the party, consumed US$207 278 through meetings. Expenditures for the Women’s League and Youth League meetings stood at US$22 234 and US$21 949 respectively.

Despite being constrained by limited financial inflows, the ZANU-PF Central Committee report said the party managed to finance its programmes and activities from donors and bankers who availed an overdraft facility and loans.

Donors chipped in with US$3 million, while US$1,19 million was received under the Political Parties Finance Act.

Membership fees and subscriptions generated nearly US$181 000, while US$32 000 was realised from the hire of its conference hall.

The party’s expenditure stood at US$9 million this year, while its income was pegged at US$4, 4 million.

“The trend of insignificant cash inflows continued due to a number of factors hinged generally on the overall poor performance of the economy. As a result, our traditional sources of revenue namely subscriptions, membership fees and donations are severely affected,” reads part of the Central Committee report.

ZANU-PF’s liabilities were put at US$5, 8 million. These included a bank loan, accruals from telephone usage and outstanding creditors incurred during the harmonised elections.

Bank and interest charges were put at US$701 721 and these were classified as normal bank administrative charges, interest on overdraft and overdraft establishment fees. Staff salaries were at US$2 488 962.

There was a slight rise on the salary bill due to an increase in transport and housing allowances effected in January. —Staff Reporter-



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    It seems like everyone in ZANU-PF sure is riding that gravy train!

    “We’re too busy collecting fees to actually do anything except discuss changing the name of Vic Falls. Screw the rest of the country!”

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    Unbelievable chicanery. Disgraceful that this terrorist criminal cabal is funded by the taxpayer to the tune of two million!!!

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    Parangeta 8 years ago

    The word is “chiefs”, not “chefs”.

    Chefs are cooks, although these ‘chefs’ are CROOKS!