China seeks agric cooperation with Zim

via China seeks agric cooperation with Zim – DailyNews Live  9 JANUARY 2014

A delegation of Chinese agriculture experts is in the country for a 15-day feasibility study on the future of agriculture cooperation between Beijing and Harare.

The team of professionals from the Chinese Agriculture ministry met Agriculture minister Joseph Made at his offices in Harare yesterday.

Briefing the media after the meeting, Yang Yi, the Chinese head of the 13-member delegation, said his team would  be building on the work undertaken by another team that visited the country two years ago and opened the first-ever training course on agricultural machinery and equipment in Zimbabwe.

“As a technical team we will do a detailed feasibility study in the totality of the agriculture sector,” he said.

“We have reached consensus with government on the need to cooperate in all areas such as livestock, cropping and technology.”

The Chinese government has since donated the Agricultural Technology Demonstration Centre at Gwebi College of Agriculture.

The purpose is to transfer Chinese technology in agriculture and agricultural machinery while training local farmers, demonstrating cultivation skill and carrying out agronomy trials.

Yang Yi said agriculture in Zimbabwe has great potential and that the two countries have very broad prospects for cooperation in this area.

“We also want to see strategic cooperation in issues to do with marketing and beneficiation of agricultural products because our government pays attention to cooperation with African countries for food security,” he said.

“Relying on the platform of agricultural technology demonstration centre, I hope the centre can do the best for Zimbabwe’s agriculture to make more contribution to the benefit of the people of Zimbabwe.”

Made said there was need to strengthen relations with the Asian country.

“I would not want to pre-empt the outcome of the strategic feasibility study but we have close cooperation in various spheres of the economy,” Made said.


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    Ruramai 8 years ago

    China doesn’t cooperate. It plunders. This is a government of idiots. 14 years ago this country’s agricultural knowledge was matched by only that of advanced we are seeking assistance from a country which used to be less advanced than us. Pathetic.

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    Grenn Morgan 8 years ago

    Why is it then that there are a number of ex Zimbabwe commercial farmers consulting in China and advising them on best farming practices?

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    Jane High 8 years ago

    I hope our Ministry is fully aware that Chinese farming methods have caused an area the size of Belgium to been declared TOXIC – unfit for growing any crops due to the levels of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers used. The water table and the soil above it have been poisoned by agricultural practices in China. So now they will come and advise us! This government had better be prepared to take responsibility for Zimbabwean soil is exposed to the CHINESE METHODS…..

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    Anold Anderson 8 years ago

    If you want people that continue to oppress you and your children continue to look down upon the Chinese as your words dipicts. I have never heard where the chinese are called idiots or a government led that is colonised by the Chinese. You better to be those who genuinely help you than those that are only to planter your country and colonising you and kill you as the West. Think twice about all the chimurenga wars that were fought in our mother land how many people have we lost and who killed them are the murderers, war mongers Chinese. Who are they ? So please close your mouth and mind tell your hand not to write rubbish. We know what stuff are you made of. Leave our government alone and Chinese go and those of the sick minded people in diaspora who forget their history and are easily diverted.

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      Anold you are a bit lost are you not.You love the Chinese thats your perogative. But don’t you dare talk about people you lost. Were you there at Sawmills in 1982 when a man (who’s son was my best friend) was ordered to dig a hole? Were you there when he was shot and his wife and kids were ordered to bury him in the hole he dug? Where you there when a man was shot through the tiolet door at Gwaai station on train 14 from Victoria falls? Where you there when a woman carrying a radio on her head and a man carring a suitcase wre shot at the level crossing at Gwayi store level crossing? Were you there when over 20 000 people were murdered in a matter of months in the Midlands and Matebele regions. And this one you can’t deny because your hero has admitted it and says it was a time of madness. I was there and this was not the West that done that. Maybe you were there if you part of 5th Brigade.

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    Can u just leave the Chinese alone. They are peaceful people ever found on this planet. What’s the noise about Chinese coming from you bloody racists!

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      You would not know a racist if you met one because thats you are. You with all your hatred. They done monkey chants when our sportsman were there or have you forgotten.