Chinese man caught smuggling ivory from Zimbabwe

via Chinese man caught smuggling ivory from Zimbabwe – Telegraph by Peta Thornycroft 25 Oct 2013

More than 200 pounds of raw ivory found in luggage of Chinese man at airport in Zimbabwe capital, weeks after elephants were poisoned with cyanide by poachers

A Chinese citizen was remanded in custody after being arrested at Harare International Airport when customs officials found 17 pieces of raw ivory in his luggage.

Chen Guoliang, 36, temporarily resident in Zimbabwe was accused in the Harare Magistrate’s Court on Thursday of contravening the Parks and Wildlife Act, after being found in illegal possession of 218lbs of fresh ivory packed in boxes and security wrapped in plastic and checked in as his luggage for his flight to China.

Harare magistrate Don Ndirowei heard that customs officers noticed unusual items when they scanned his luggage and he was arrested after admitting he had no permit to export the tusks.

His case was remanded until November 4.

Caroline Washaya-Moyo, public relations officer for Zimbabwe’s National Parks and Wildlife Authority said tests had not been concluded yet to see if the tusks came from any of hundreds of elephants poisoned with cyanide in the Hwange National Park.

“We will let you know when we find out, but we have several more people waiting to be processed through the courts on illegal ivory charges.” A rash of ivory crimes has been uncovered since the first carcasses of poisoned elephants were found in the southern part of the 5,500 sq mile park in western Zimbabwe.

Last week two Zimbabwe drivers, Langton Saka, 35 and James Byirenda 37, were arrested shortly after they crossed the South African border. Four tusks were found hidden inside the bus. They were found guilty and sentenced to four years in prison.

“The sentences are so light in South Africa,” Ms Washaya-Moyo said.

A further 12 people were arrested so far in connection with the dead elephants and four were swiftly processed through the courts and sentenced to 16 years in prison and heavily fined after being found guilty of poaching by poisoning elephants.



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    Tony Pajamas 10 years ago

    Nice bedfellows you’ve got mugs, they’re stealing you blind, first land, now tusks, what next …your house??

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    Tjingababili 10 years ago


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    Nyoni 10 years ago

    There are no friends in business . Especially when it comes with strings attached.

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    todii zvazvo 10 years ago

    ndiwo zve machina enyu aya, keep on looking east and u shall have no elephants in zim.

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    This can lead o a diplomatic row.The Chinese are going to say leave him to go free and if Zim doesnt comply, then measures will be taken , and serious ones.South Africa invited the Dalai Lama but due to the ongoing Tibet independence issue, China told South Africa to withdraw the invitation and it was difficult for SA officials to explain why they could not allow a visa to a Nobel Peace award winner like the Dalai Lama.If is to be applied, then let it be so

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    ZimJim 10 years ago

    I look forward to reading of Mugabe rebuking the Chinese ambassador over this… Wont hold my breath though 😉

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    Revenger-avenger 10 years ago

    Bassop yellow devils. Ur racist criminals at heart like your puppet common master thieves

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    Chivulamapoti 10 years ago

    It’s not only n’Dlovu that’s at risk, every Zimbabwean – black, white and brown are under SIN-o influence now! Good luck Mugarbage!

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    Jonny 10 years ago

    These yellow devils are worse than any other. They claim to help but have a hidden agenda to take all that they can, rape our land and then when there is nothing left they will pack up and leave. We don’t want majingjong anymore.

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    chif chits 10 years ago

    Ko muZhingas unobawo,kuzoti ngoda ndofunga vapedza