Chombo reinstates Mahachi

via Chombo reinstates Mahachi – DailyNews Live by Wendy Muperi  2 FEBRUARY 2014

There was tension yesterday as Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo reinstated suspended Harare town clerk Tendai Mahachi in the presence of Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni.

Mahachi was suspended on Thursday pending investigations into allegations of failing to discharge his duties and furnishing council with the salary schedule for Town House bosses.

The three-month suspension came after media reports that Mahachi, together with 18 managers, took home about $500 000 monthly.

Manyenyeni had said the suspension will be for a period of three months and was done in terms of Section 13 of the Urban Councils Act.

But Chombo told a press conference in Harare yesterday that Mahachi was bouncing back as he could not be used as a sacrificial lamb because of a schedule whose origins were unknown.

He claimed Manyenyeni had consented to Mahachi’s reinstatement, a statement immediately rebuffed by the mayor.

“The two gentlemen have shaken hands, I was the referee,” Chombo said, with Mahachi beaming.

“I expect they will from now on work together well for the city. From what I have heard from both parties, there was a lot of mistrust.”

But a visibly annoyed Manyenyeni interjected, saying, “On the suspension issue, I beg to differ. I said let us engage further. So, to say that I have said the suspension has been lifted, is untrue.”

Chombo retorted: “The permanent secretary is drafting a letter to that effect, which he is yet to receive…. If we really think the city is going over board, that is where we come in, like in this case.

“There are many unsaid things. Already, you can tell that there is something being concealed. So that is advice being availed to them in written form, which makes it official.”

Chombo, twice during the press conference, threw the ball to head of human capital, councillor Clement Chingombe, to defend the obscene salaries and disclose Mahachi’s salary.

“As of March, TC (town clerk) was earning $13 000,” Chingombe said.

“They (the managers) then went without benefits from March until October. The publicised figures are back pays, not salaries. We are currently yet to receive the December salary.”

According to media reports, Mahachi was said to earn $38 000 per month while top subordinates took home about $37 000 each.


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