Chombo reverses Mahachi suspension

via Chombo reverses Mahachi suspension  FEBRUARY 1, 2014 NehandaRadio

The predictable happened on Saturday when Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo reversed Thursday’s decision by Harare Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni to suspend Town Clerk Dr Tendai Mahachi. 

Manyenyeni suspended Mahachi on Thursday, for a period of three months, after the town clerk failed to provide the salary and benefits schedule of all Harare City Council senior employees, including his own.

It had been revealed in press reports that the salaries of Mahachi and 18 other senior managers totalled $500,000 a month. Just one director’s salary of $37,000 was enough to pay the wages of 227 low-earning council workers.

Its being reported Chombo summoned Mahachi, Manyenyeni, Wellington Chikombo (chairperson of the Human Resources committee), deputy mayor Thomas Muzuva and Human Capital director Cainos Chingombe to explain the problems in the city.

It was there that Chombo reversed the suspension and urged Mahachi and Manyenyeni to work in harmony for the good of the city.



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    There we have it. This is what we have been talking about. It is clear that none of these criminals will see the inside of a cell. The good thing is that this has exposed that the corruption is definitely at the highest level. Tendai Mahachi has obviously doing some favours for Chombo and will be protected just in case he reveals all. I just hope for his sake whilst driving along he doesn’t see a DOG…

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    hypocrite 9 years ago

    Its not only Chombo but the whole lot have an interest in keeping a lid on what has happened/is happening in all parastatals.

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    hypocrite you are 100 % correct but Chombo is the worst of the worst, he is a serial offender and no body can do anything about it yet. He is still young and will get his day in court.

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    nyati 9 years ago

    I was reading the story of the three MDC activists that were released on bail. My eyes were covered in tears and I this haze I saw Chombo’s face. He was crying and his body was in a heap of filth. Dead bodies surrounded him. I started celebrating and then a voice spoke to me;
    “My son your ways are not my ways, you tire too soon and you harken not to my ward. Pray for your leaders. When is the last time you knelt and asked God to grant wisdom to all zanu pf leadership?”
    1Timothy 2, flushed into my face.
    I repented.
    Let us pray for this man , it is your duty it is my duty. Judgement and vengeance are God’s. Romans 12:19-21.

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    Jenandebvu 9 years ago

    He can’t allow ann MDC mayor to victimise ZPF town clerks. What the jod description of the minister vs mayor?