Civil servants want October increase

via Civil servants want October increase | The Zimbabwean by Farai Mabeza 25.09.13

Civil servants say they are pushing for an October salary increment in response to government’s invitation to workers’ unions to come up with a position paper on salaries and conditions of service.

Apex Council Chairperson, David Dzatsunga told The Zimbabwean that the umbrella body for civil servants unions would make a case for immediate salary reviews.

“We have other concerns that can be addressed in the long term, but what is critical at the moment is the salary review. We don’t have much time. This should happen before year end as the President said,” he said.

Dzatsunga said that civil servants would be happy with an adjustment in October. “If it were to happen in November then it should be backdated to October,” he said.

The Apex Council is the body that brings together civil servants unions and the National Joint Negotiating Council which is made up of government and workers’ negotiators.

Dzatsunga, who is also the President of the College Lecturers Association of Zimbabwe, said civil servants want to make their representations to government by the end of this week.

In the long term, Dzatsunga said civil servants would make presentations on non-monetary incentives. “We will be looking at things such as housing and vehicle schemes. We will come up with a position paper together as civil servants unions,” he said.

Civil servants also want certain changes in working conditions. “We want standards of living improved. We also want government to do an analysis of needs according to each sector. The civil service is not a homogenous sector. For example lecturers have different expectations and challenges from their counterparts in other sectors of government,” he said.

Staff qualifications and experience must be considered each time a salary rise comes into effect, he added.

Civil servants’ unions recently met the Civil Service Commission chairman, Mariyawanda Nzuwah, and the commission’s secretary, Pretty Sunguro, and were tasked to come up with their proposals.

“We are upbeat about this engagement because it is a departure from what has been happening in the past,” Dzatsunga said.

The new constitution does not provide for the Apex Council and government workers have also been demanding clarity on how they would engage government in collective bargaining.

The state has since indicated that current Acts of Parliament and Statutory Instruments would continue working until amended.

Lowest paid workers in government are currently earning $297 against the Poverty Datum Line which is at over $600.



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    zimbo 11 years ago

    good luck,you going to need it.

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    Tjingababili 11 years ago


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    black dog 11 years ago

    we do not want talk, talk and talk.we want something solid.

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    abbie makiwa 11 years ago

    I hope Dzatsunga and his team is going to look at the global village which encompasses all civil servants and not lecturers only.On the non monetary incentives,yes its good idea as long as there is transparency in the whole exercise because as has been the norm,money gets finished before it is distributed to other civil servants and by the time it comes to other regions,it would have been reduced to as little as a dollar.As he has would be ideal for salary adjustments to be pegged on qualifications and experiences and this is done in October.

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    munzwa 11 years ago

    careful they do not pay you in zim$

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    chimedzanemburungwe 11 years ago

    What are the negotiations for when everybody is agreed and campaign promises said civil servants will get salaries. They should just increase the basic by a % and negotiate these other issues later.

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    maisokwazo 11 years ago

    NO! NO! Not from Mugabe!!! Civil servants FORGET IT! You can wane ,grin, wail,grimace, wallow, shred yourselves and shed tears of blood.To Mugabe you don’t exist you are not human beings so forget it.

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    Charles Chamunorwa 11 years ago

    If you expect the money to come from marange diamonds forget. Madiamonds avekupera, asara mashoma.

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      abbie makiwa 11 years ago

      Angakona kupera ivo vana Obert vaingomora savanhu vanomora nyuchi dzegonera.I foresee a situation when the zim dollar is coming at full speed.

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    Mickey 11 years ago

    Mugabe will never let his promises down this time,jus give him space and see your balance in October.

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    February increase was a complete mockery..God is in Him not in man..

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    Garikayi Jiyane 11 years ago

    Regai vadye Zimbabwe ndeyavo mungatemeswe musoro nema illuminati,they call themselves the enlightened and truly some of them its clear that they are jesuits ,they directly serve the old serpent (satan )and enter into covernance wirth him.They are truly black hearted and are trying by all means to suppress us peacefuly till the day they shall demand us the mark or name of the beast on our forehead or right hand .Ukazoona palace ichangopedzwa kuvakiswa na Mugabe it cost £150million .However lets us all rejoice in the Lord Jesus for in him we shall live .God bless you if you understood the secrety behind economy( those eager to know a lot ,I refer to the book of Daniel and revelations)

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    kulumani magiya 11 years ago

    Why talking about a Zim dollar on its way back?After all who introduced the U.S dollar?lets be positive about our selves.The Government you are blaming always has the most educated minds and can not just increase salaries without following proper channels.Let proper channels be followed and you will see a salary increase soon or later.GOD is for Zimbabwe and others.lets pray for ourselves,for our leaders and our enemies too.Zimbabwe is not too broke as you may think and we are rising to the occasion visibly loud and clear.

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    civil servant 10 years ago

    I wonder if the representatives will meet the gvnt in good faith if ,the selection process of those who are going to do it for the masses is that farce.confusion is the prime result so far,let us fold our hands and watch.there are those who are smart,they kno how to play their cards.even thee last one.let’s watch guys ,pray pray very hard we will get there.handt

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    kulumani magiya 10 years ago

    Zimbabwe has the most educated lot well above the whole of Africa with the so called little resources,with so called bad leaders.What is best,is it to increase a huge salary to civil servants or to share the national cake by educating the poor.The only tool to liberate our incomes in the near future is to be educated,to be able to compare facts,to understand the truth about your self and ourselves.A BETTER SALARY IS CERTAINLY COMING to the most educated.How much is paid to a university lecture?Educated minds will not starve but will shine always.