Clamp down on cheap imports – Chinamasa

via Multimedia: Clamp down on cheap imports – Chinamasa – NewsDay Zimbabwe by Tariasai Mandizha September 24, 2013

FINANCE minister Patrick Chinamasa yesterday said business should increase capacity utilisation and clamp down on cheap imports coming into the country.

Addressing captains of industry at the Zimra Taxpayers’ Appreciation Day commemorations in Harare, Chinamasa said the country had suffered and been reduced to a warehouse of “everything”, adding that this should stop.

“I advise captains of industry and commerce to increase industrial capacity utilisation to boost production,” Chinamasa said.

“I understand we have suffered, we have lost ground and we have been reduced to become a warehouse of everything from sweet potatoes, okra and tomatoes.”


He said Zimbabwe should clamp down on cheap imports that were currently coming into the country.
The minister said government was prioritising the revitalisation of all sectors of the economy to boost production and revive industries that have ceased operations.

“As you all appreciate, the illegal economic sanctions have severely constrained the manufacturing sector, especially in the textile and clothing sub-sectors,” Chinamasa said.

He said government was ready to support the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra)in its quest to improve infrastructure and facilities, especially at the border posts, in order to enhance convenience to the transacting public.

Zimbabwe Imports by Trade Partner, 2012

Zimbabwe Imports by Trade Partner, 2012

Chinamasa said government would unveil, next month, policies which support and broaden the industry.


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    Garire Nyamhute 9 years ago

    Controlling imports, in any country, is the job of central government, NOT industry. Impose hefty duties on Chinese and other exports. Launch a campaign to education Zimbabwebweans about the economic benefits of favouring locally made goods over foreign ones, and make an HONEST initiative to revive local industry.

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    Dzoromuvhu 9 years ago

    Cde Mini Sir, at the moment there is no alternative to imports! What products are being imported blanketss, clothes, cars, medication (ARVs) specifically. Start by farming Cotton kuGokwe, run Cotco properly, then restart contextile, ban Grace from Malaysia shopping and all of you. Go to the street find anyone putting “made in China” in jail. They are going to illegally smuggle these until God takes you and you manager. Do u remember how Zimbabweans illegally adopted use of multiple currency without you approval? Do you know that necissity and poor governance hardens loyal citizens’ hearts. Work on capacity man, the sustainable and affordable prices, otherwise chinese clothes, japanes cars, south africa lotions and perfumes are here to stay

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    Hah, where is he when the Chinese containers arrive and enter duty free. No checks on what is inside. This is Mugabe’s look East policy in motion. Nice talk to the people but behind doors he talk different to his partners, the Shippers and Importers.

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    As I understand Patrick, you come from Manicaland, where mangoes and guavas are in abundance.A simple task is to start a frut and juice manufacturing small company at Watsomba there.Thats true indiginisation and it will help us stop unnecessary fake drink importation from other nations.Those with Zimbabwe at heart , please try that.It is a market that hasn’t been tapped.To grow big, we have to start small.It is high time that the people are empowered through their own resources, not empowerment by taking shares from X and giving it to Y. India has a large market of goat meat since Hindus do not eat pork and beef.Why not explore such markets and then empower poor people in Matebeleland by exporting their big goats there?The majority of Zimbabweans are really hard workers but political policies are impoverishing the nation.There is milk shortages at Dairy Zim since the emerging of other dairy companies.Why cant you guys loan out milk cows to newly resettled farmers and educate them on milk production?By keeping a small herd, it becomes economically viable and the national dairy can easily go back to its original 20000 plus, bringing down prizes of milk products, butter, cheese and then you can start talking about rejuvenating Lever Brothers.Only if we have the future at HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    joseph 9 years ago

    We need people with brilliant ideas like tino for Misters Of Industry and Finance.