Cuthbert Dube off the hook

via Cuthbert Dube off the hook – NewsDay Zimbabwe January 31, 2014 by Paidamoyo Muzulu

Former ZBC chairman Cuthbert Dube will not be prosecuted for administrative bungling at the State broadcaster where he approved outrageous salaries and allowances for top management.

This was said on Wednesday by Information, Media and Broadcasting Services minister Jonathan Moyo who added that booting him out of the board was enough punishment.

Dube stands accused of negotiating and approving pay hikes of senior managers without the approval of the entire board.

Moyo said Dube, who unilaterally increased the salary and allowances of ZBC chief executive Happison Muchechetere to $40 000 a month, had done nothing illegal.

“Making a wrong decision or taking a wrong decision is not illegal — it gets you fired. We have already taken an administrative action by relieving him of his duties,” Moyo said.

The ministry has also sent Muchechetere on forced leave with full benefits.

Moyo also revealed that his ministry had taken remedial action by slashing top management’s salaries at ZBC to 2010 levels.

“In view of these anomalies, particularly the fact that the current salaries at ZBC were not approved by the board, it is necessary for ZBC to now revert with immediate effect to the salaries that were approved by the board in 2010.”

He said the quantum of the 2010 salaries was enough to meet the current cost of living.

Meanwhile, the minister said the forensic audit at the public broadcaster will not be completed within the next six months.

The ministry approached the Auditor and Comptroller-
General’s office to engage an independent forensic auditing firm by tender to scrutinise ZBC.

Moyo said the tendering process was nearly complete and a firm would be appointed soon to start work.

“After appointing an audit company we do not expect any preliminary findings within the next six months as the exercise should be very comprehensive,” he said.

The ministry’s next course of action will be guided by the auditors’ recommendations, Moyo said.

He said the forensic audit would determine what the national broadcaster had been prejudiced of as there was enough evidence already to show that some senior managers abused ZBC funds and assets in a manner that displayed gross negligence and criminal conduct.

Barely three months after he was relieved of his duties as ZBC board chairman, Dube was unceremoniously “retired” from PSMAS where he was chief executive officer after it was revealed that he awarded himself an exorbitant basic salary amounting to $230 000 at the health insurance provider. The salary made him arguably one of the highest paid executives in the country.



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    haha were people actually thinking this guy would be arrested? Its not as if you don’t know Zanu-PF, I mean after 33 years one should know that institutionalized corruption is the norm these days

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    Fallenz 9 years ago

    Same people who claim the harmonized polling wasn’t rigged… wha’dya expect. If anyone is hoping for ZANUPF to suddenly become virtuous, I’ve got a gold and diamond mine in Tsholotsholo for sale.

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    But this thieving by the executives must stopped or else this country is finished.Why can’t Zimbabwe follow the proper procedure of doing things.An old man like Mr Cuthbert and his entire executive are to siphon PSMAS $1.1 per month.Did Mr Dube and his executive ever thought that they will collapse the company.Justice must prevail,Mr Dube and his executive must be prosecuted.

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    To correct the above comment Mr Cuthbert Dube and his executive have been siphoning $1.1mln per month as salaries.

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    Chatunga 9 years ago

    Criminals under the guise of board members approving obsene salaries while the parent ministry is a passive spectator. Ministers were also dipping fingers in the cookie jar.

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    tafadzwa maguta 9 years ago

    zim fo us,shamhu made us believe recently that he didnt want to interfer with his previous ministry by commenting on charamba”s accussations that he had been made aware of the ongoings at zbc.the million dollar qn is,can he be trusted in his new ministry?is zim not doomed with these kind of ministers?.its now zim for zimbos and by zimbos,kkkk.cry my beloved country….

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    Some of us on this forum have said that Zanu is trying to legitimize its self by revealing these abnomolies. We were slightly correct. Some of us said they are afraid that if they sentence these corupt individuals they might expose those that have charged them. Again we were slightly correct. Why? Because we have seen this before. Remember Sandura? Who went to jail may I ask? This week again has been very emotional for me. I got involved in a dog fight between people that I think are on this forum to try to get us to go off our topics that we discuss thus making our points invalid. I apologize for that and that only (getting into thaat fight). Last night when I went to bed, whilst I was pondering on what happened I asked my self is it posible that you have been played? The answer was yes. I urge all of you beautiful Zimbabwean people. Do not be distracted. Stick together. A criminal is a criminal . It does not matter if he or she is Ndebele, Shona or white.

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    Welcome back Doctor……….I still await for Murimi. Maybe they are invading his farm.

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    Tjingababili 9 years ago


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    Cuthbert is not..I..repeat off the hook. He is actually on the hook. He would do well to look for somewhere safe for him… But then again would Zanu permit it?

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    Only Fools 9 years ago

    Doctor we have been played. Mugarbage and ZANU DO NOT CARE about the people, but themselves. They convinced the people the liberation war was about their freedom! The government will continue to throw the colonialist card as much as possible to keep this charade going.

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    For me, and I think a lot of you my friends, this has been a learning phase. There are some of us that care about this great country. We have stuck together and told it as it is. We have argued and agreed, and this weekend I can ask? WHERE ARE YOU REVENGER AVENGER?

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      @Only fools if you talk to most of the populace in Zimbabwe colonialism is no longer the subject. It is a Zanu subject. They will try to use colonialism to get people going. Guess what, the Zimbabwean people don’t care about that subject any more. It is part of our history. What we all want to hear my brother or sister is your voice. Keep on keeping on and please don’t do what I done. Don’t get distracted by the distractors. Keep safe….

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    gandanga 9 years ago

    What sanctions should we talk about! Zanu should shut up about sanctions! Who needs to impose sanctions with Cuthbert around!