Cuthbert Dube’s Re-election Sets LiveTalk, Social Media on Fire

via Cuthbert Dube’s Re-election Sets LiveTalk, Social Media on Fire by Marvellous Mhlanga-Nyahuye 31.03.2014 VOAZimbabwe

Zimbabweans are divided over Cuthbert Dube’s re-election as ZIFA President for the next four years following revelations this year that he was earning millions a year from the Premier Service Medical Aid Society at the expense of the majority Government employees who contribute to the health scheme.Some soccer fans, who have expressed their views on social media like Facebook and Twitter, are skeptical about the role Dube can play to lift the Zimbabwean game, which has continued to struggle under his leadership for the past four years.

Wellington Yakufiya wrote on VOA LiveTalk Facebook wall, “In Zimbabwe those who are corrupt are linked to Zanu PF gurus and they are thought to steal anything that makes them to stay in power. Nikuv helped this Cashbert (Cuthbert) to win this (top) ZIFA post.”

Tawanda Mashayamombe wrote on Dembare.Com Facebook page, “We supporters of the game must act fast otherwise dzimwe 4 years tichirwadziswa. We say ‘CUTHBERT DUBE OUT – WRONG ONE’. It begins with me and it begins with you.”

Karimbika Mhuru was not a happy man too. He wrote on the same page, “I will boycott all Warriors games. It’s better for me to buy bread and eggs than to watch any ZIFA sanctioned game.”

ZIFA is reportedly facing huge financial challenges that have contributed to the national team, the Warriors, fallling in FIFA world rankings following their failure to adequetly prepare for international fixtures.

Other fans on the social media sphere, on the other hand, are saying Dube’s continued tenure at ZIFA will give him an opportunity to put into action what he failed to implement in the last four years.

Mathew Shava wrote on another soccer Facebook page, “We fully support you Dube. These losers must wait for another 4 years.”

Newly elected ZIFA Vice President Omega Sibanda says he fully supports Dube’s re-election.

“The public should give Dube another chance as he has a vision of where to take the organisation in the next four years and with a vibrant board the the recently elected one we will be able to run the organisation like a brand and attract sponsorship,” said Sibanda.

Soccer analyst Muziwethu Hadebe says it is now up to Cuthbert Dube to silence his critics by running ZIFA professionally.

“It is too late to criticise how the elections were run because they were surpervised by FIFA and endorsed as free and fair so it’s time to move on and accept the results,” said Hadebe.

The initial vote for the presidency came out with all four candidates failing to reach the two thirds majority as Dube had 34, Juul 14, Leslie Gwindi 10 and Nigel Munyati 0.

Dube and Juul had to go for a run off which was to be decided by a majority vote and the incumbent chalked a landslide victory, polling 44 against Juul’s 14.

The new board comprises Cuthbert Dube, vice president Omega Sibanda, board members Fungai Chihuri, Tawengwa Hara, Bernard Gwaradza, John Phiri, Mirriam Sibanda representing women football and Twine Phiri as the PSL chairman.

There were more mixed views on VOA Zimbabwe Service’s LiveTalk Show. Follow this link for more details:


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    henry 8 years ago

    What is his salary in this position?

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    Jenandebvu 8 years ago

    I can’t afford sympathising with Zimbos anymore, they chooose thieves to leade them, so be it. Nyamutamba nepfumo anobaiwa ne pfumo. King Saul of ancient Israel bears the living testimony