Devolution insults Zimbabwe’s dignity – Tanonoka Joseph Whande

via Devolution insults Zimbabwe’s dignity by Tanonoka Joseph Whande | SW Radio Africa  April 7, 2014 

Dear me. Oh, dear, me!

Yes, throw the stones if you care. No sweat, but the fact is that wherever we go in this world, we leave a trail.

We leave DNA; we leave fingerprints and we leave our history; we leave a paper trail.

Hopefully, we do not leave our dignity because the lack of dignity is the absence of our reality…and reality is something we cannot do without.

The trail we leave is how crooks and murderers are contained.

We leave manifestos, statements and notes that we have to explain tomorrow.

I am not going to waste my time on Morgan Tsvangirai’s relevance to the liberation of Zimbabwe from Robert Mugabe.

I want to move on to his legacy. And here we talk about the so-called Zimbabwe constitution, a constitution that was rammed down our throats.

A constitution that, overall, is a ZANU-PF constitution but one for whose adoption the MDC vigorously campaigned for.

So many Zimbabweans warned the MDC about the flawed constitution and urged the party not to go ahead with it.

The MDC heard and saw its people being prevented from making contributions to the new constitution; they saw them being beaten up and some getting killed.

The MDC had more evidence of their supporters being abused than they had with rigged elections.

They, however, went out into the hinterland and campaigned for the acceptance and adoption of a constitution among the people, some of whom still swathed in bandages after assaults over the same constitution.

The MDC knew that the constitution was flawed.

It was a betrayal of the people because that constitution was not born out of the people.

But the MDC was too busy looking like government leaders; they were convinced within themselves that victory was theirs.

Today, as then, they are simpletons.

The big heads, led by Tsvangirai himself, believing that outside Harare, the party had its strongest base in Matabeleland, went on to concede many issues, stating that they “will” amend the constitution once in power.

What stupidity!

The MDC knew that the constitution was not a so-called “people-driven constitution” and yet they not only accepted it but actually campaigned for it.

The MDC knew very well that the contributions to the constitution were totally flawed. The party knew that its supporters were being chased away and brutalised.

The MDC knew that the people’s views were not being taken into consideration. There was violence.

The outcome of the contributions to the constitution was very well disputed and the MDC itself is primary witness in this regard.

During elections, Mr Tsvangirai made statements to people, in and outside Zimbabwe, assuring them of victory but a few hours later told them that the elections were a farce.

Now, Sipepa Nkomo has launched a case before the courts. Last time I heard, his party, the MDC, led by Morgan Tsvangirai, did not accept the legitimacy of the elections outcome. Now, sitting in Parliament, Spepa Nkomo wants to talk about aspects of the constitution, the very one that people did not like and the same one his party campaigned for acceptance.

Zimbabwe is a nation, and that has absolutely nothing to do with Mugabe.

This nation, this country of ours has seen a lot of abuse.

The heart of the matter is that the problem is with the government we have – not with the nation or the country.

This thing called devolution is a diversion and strips the nation of its dignity. It is nothing short of killing an unborn child to save the mother or, if you wish, killing a mother to save an unborn child.

But we want both alive and must never sacrifice one for the other. Anyone who makes a choice between the two is, in my opinion, killing both.

We should not use Mugabe’s barbaric mentality as an excuse to partition Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is more important than tribes within.

Zimbabwe means more to its subjects than this nonsensical devolution.

Zimbabwe is one country and should never be split up under the guise of this nonsensical MDC arrangement.

It surprises me that the same party that denounced the results of the elections now asks the same “illegal” government to respect a constitution that the MDC itself denounced but later campaigned for.

After we liberate our nation from Mugabe, we will see how to deal with our nation but it is never going to be the parcelling out of the country to one tribe or other.

I challenge the likes of Gorden Moyo and Sipepa Nkomo to stop this bull and playing to the gallery but to work for the liberation of the country.

We should never punish Zimbabwe for the transgressions of an idiot like Robert Mugabe. Zimbabwe is a nation; a very robust nation. Zimbabwe is not poor. Zimbabwe is fine…if we can only get rid of the bloodsuckers that are ZANU-PF.

Zimbabwe must heal its wounds.

It has survived wars.

Zimbabwe will survive those we see today, standing and gaining instead of our fathers, mothers and daughters who sacrificed for this country.

All those of our people did not die for Mugabe to be doing what he is doing.

But something tells me we are all wrong and Zimbabweans are right.

Do not let us use this devolution nonsense to entrench tribalism or open doors for secessionist rubbish.

We shall not punish or destroy our country as a response to the savage behaviour of an old, insensitive dictator.

Mugabe’s behaviour has insulted and caused much pain and suffering on people across our country.

We are not going to break up Zimbabwe to satisfy little tribes here and there. Devolution is not a solution and I will never accept a situation where Zimbabwe is torn apart to appease tribal intentions such as those allegedly espoused by Sipepa Nkomo.

Our national fight against Mugabe should never be taken as an excuse to campaign for dividing the country.

We will deal with devolution at a time when we are all free, from Beit Bridge, to Matabeleland all the way across to Kariba but only under circumstances that are of interest to Zimbabwe – not a tribe.

And I am talking about a time when we all can freely decide on such a subject to ensure we have our freedoms without dividing our nation. A time when we are not under pressure.

The MDC, weather it is Ncube or Tsvangirai, should worry about keeping the country together.

On this issue, screw both MDC formations! They want to appease supporters at the expense of the nation.

As for Mugabe, we all agree the fool he is. But let’s not punish the nation and the country because of this man.

I hope we are all trying to fight to dislodge Mugabe.

We must all strive to regain our country from Robert and Grace, not to parcel our nation into little Bantustans, unless, of course, if there is nostalgia of apartheid South Africa among some among us. In that case, Beit Bridge is open for those who want to cross.

The battle is to remove Mugabe not to create silly tribal nations in the country. At this stage, under our nation’s situation, devolution offers no dignity and, worse, has total absence of reality.

Mugabe and ZANU-PF out, then we will address such minor governmental issues.

Let us get to work for Zimbabwe.

I am Tanonoka Joseph Whande and that, my fellow Zimbabweans, is the way it is today, Monday, April 7th, 2014.



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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    Tanonoka Joseph Whande! I have always followed your thoughts very closely and always been good. Today you shocked me to say the least. I don’t understand how you decide to distort a genuine people’s cause and pick ZANU PF phrases and statements to discredit the people. Deep down your heart you know the power and essence of devolution of power in its true context not the as and when nonsense we have in Zimbabwe. I wait for you to give us your true opinion on this concept not this diluted assessment which leaves me wondering if you haven’t been sleeping with the enemy.

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    Clemency Sibanda 8 years ago

    Tanonoka,I respect your views but those are weird views.Do you really understand the concept of “devolution of power”? If I may enlighten you,”devolution of power” is a concept of governance and not partition of a state.Your concerns about this system of governance are totally unfounded.Clemency Sibanda

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    thembani 8 years ago

    Rubbish, you do not understand what you are talking about Whande.

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    Mseyamwa 8 years ago

    Sometimes reading these analyses sickens. Lots have been written about how in such amess the country is and how bad the politicians are but there is very little posted in terms of the way forward. Surely if one is capable of identifying a wrong way they must have the correct way in mind. Please post these way forwards that move the country into the future and not call for stoppage of all actions taking place at the moment. This writer calls for efforts to dislodge mugabe and ZANU from power now, which is favored by a lot of people, but he does not offer the way to do it. I’m sure most opposition politicians are now waiting for the 2018 elections to try that and they are still 4 years away. Writer, kindly tell on what sort of actions people may take now and who is best to organize them if not yourself because a call to action without a strategy is bound to fail and that’s how many have so far failed.

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    Murimi Wanhasi 8 years ago

    Tanonoka,u just had to throw punches @ Bob didnt u?
    That aside,Beitbridge border post truly is open,24 hrs a day,7days a week.

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      Ruramai 8 years ago

      Murimi, Bob throws harder punches at himself than anyone…imagine missing out on a summit that would have strengthened trade links because Grace wasnt given a visa! Such idiocy.

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        Oh please; Bob is a has been. There is past your sell by date and then there is past your sell by date. look around you. What do you see. A thriving happy country with a sated contented people???? Or what? “He has destroyed his nation and slain his people.” Isaiah

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        Murimi Wanhasi 8 years ago

        @Ruramai,can Bob ever do anything right in your eyes? If he went,u would hav criticised him for something,his delegation perhaps.Damned if he does,damned if he doesnt.
        Murimi aside,what is your take on the article?

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    Chaka 8 years ago

    Tanonoka better stop writing. U hv to be close to the situation. Absolute nonsense

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    I would prefer to see a single nation of SADC rather than devolution into smaller units. It is a fact that Mr Mugabe has tainted the very concept of Zimbabwe for many of our citizens.

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    Devolution is not about Mugabe or Zanupf only. It is about simply decentralizing power within Zimbabwe in a single united Zimbabwe under a president but who leaders with the participation of all his fellow countrymen and women. It liberates the leader from being a manager of everything and everyone hence getting exposed to abuse as this is evidenced by politics of patronage in every political set up in our country. Devolution will unite us as a nation as it will eliminate domination of some communities by others who are loyal to the party, tribe or relative of the leader. Whande is imagining the impossible.

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    Charles Chamunorwa 8 years ago

    Zimbabwe should be one nation. No devolution. Joseph you are right on this one.

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      All Eyes On Me 8 years ago

      So to you, Devoulution means many nations? What a gukurahundi ingorusmus; you deserve Mugabe, that is why you copy his tactics of distorting issues – go back to school before its too late!!

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    Dlamini 8 years ago

    Allow me to say that you fail to understand the issue of devolution. You are writing from a royal tribe point of view. Your opinion resonate with that of Mugabe. Devolution is administration simplified. However in Zimbabwe it has tribal connotations following mass murder of innocent civillians in the southern part of the country with Matebeleland suffering the most casualties. Hence your reference to partitioning Zimbabwe into small tribes. Devolution is an administrative concern, your opinion is fuelled by fear than fact.

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      All Eyes On Me 8 years ago

      Shona Gukurahundi tribalists will never understand DEVOLUTION because they dont want to understand it. They refuse to understand it. There are non so blind as those who refuse to see!!

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    apolitical 8 years ago

    In saying the cinstition is worse that the previous one all educated people agree with that.
    There was a hidden agenda by the legal fraternity, and they advised all – they must be honest because they are human rights lawyers chanted the political officals. Conned Again.
    At the time of the first attempt at a draft after it was adopted one of the delagates dealt with complaints after its adoption outside the hjall at thr Sheradon Hotel.
    John Deary said – “we had to do it that way we couldn’t afford objections, please don’t rock the boat. The whole objective wasto protect Justice Gubbay and McNally they are our friends. NEgotiations went up and down and we had to negotiate accelerating the land issue as a carrot but we achieved our objective – in terms of the draft they cant be fired or dismissed/ suspended, unfortunately Mugabe is in for another term in the draft and the commercial fsrmers had to lose, but some one has to lose in every negotiation. On thev bright side the commercial farmers can fund an opposition party and we can get Mugabe out.
    This constiyution pushed through by MDC protects the legal mafia which was thec objective – didn’t any dim local think how we can attempt a new constitution when we had a referendum where there was a NO vote to a new referendum – why did no lawyer ofr human rights lawyer object – they are all members of the law society to protect lawyers.
    Thre dim were conned once again, after the event they now start thinking, blaming politicians instead of the legal profession as was planned. Zimbabwean sheep at it again.
    Effctively the lawyers won the election again.
    The first legislation after independence was the legalm practitioners act which stated when you buy a houdse you put the funds in the layers trust account and all interest on your money belongs to the lawyer and the law society – todsy they lie and steal property and are given a 500$ fine, they organize the execution of the honest and if caught get 3 years suspension if they report a fellow member of the legal mafia they are suspended from practicing – evidence is with the ICC at the Hague and still we here the dim shouting politics and leaving the lawyers to steal and choose who they want in control. They run the country with a lawyer on every bank board – the former chief justice offered bribes of unlimited funds from any Zimbabwean bank and arranged it by telephone which other person may do this including the president. What dim idiots!

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    I think there is a lot to think about in this article. I personally do NOT want to see Zimbabwe split up but I do want to see power devolved so to speak. Never again must we allow a power hungry beast like ZPF and its leader to hold such evil sway over our nation. And a very solid point is that we do have to stand together. we seem incapable of that in Zimbabwe; a very damaging legacy from ZPF. And we are too blind to see. We always play right into the wrong hands. Wake up MDC and all opposition. You are not God either.

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      All Eyes On Me 8 years ago

      You personally do not want to see Zimbabwe split up; split up into what? who wants to split Zimbabwe?

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        I would not want to see Matebeleland as a different nation from the rest of Zimbabwe and t the same time I can understand much of the Ndebele’s angst. they have been treated shockingly by Bob and his crew. Genocide! And no-one wants to even apologise. But it would be good to devolve power from only one central power hungry beast. I would want to see healing between the tribes, clans and races which ZPF have gone out of their way to cause as much division and hate as possible. Have I made myself clearer? Power to administrate etc must be given to different provinces. central government here are one gigantic stuff up! Our nation is a mess! And for a so called Christian nation I would quote Acts 17:26, “And He has made from one nation every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth and He has determined their pre appointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings.” None of us are Zimbabwean by mistake: black, white, mixed race, Shona, Ndebele etc. And I reiterate that ZPF have done their darndest to divide and rule and they have succeeded. We need to put a stop to that. There are many in Matebeleland that would like to have a complete break from the rest of our nation. It would be tragic for that to happen but I can understand their sentiment.

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          All Eyes On Me 8 years ago

          The very idea that you mention that you wouldnt want to see “Mthwakazi/Matebeleland provinces as a different separate nation”, simply because you are reading about Devolution is problematic. This shows you dont know what it means.

          I asked you to google the South African governance system and read about it; see how it works so that we can be on the same page when we discuss this topic; why are you not doing so? What is difficult about googling?

          Besides, the constitution provides for devolution in the whole country, Zimbabwe – why are you picking on Matebeleland?

          You people should stop your sickening anti-Mthwakazi tribalism – we are tired of this nonsense. The obsession with Matebeleland is just too much in Zimbabwe; simply too much.

          How many provinces does that country have? Why is everyone always obsessed with Matebeleland?

          Again what you wrote in the following quitation is total rubbish – a lie:

          “There are many in Matebeleland that would like to have a complete break from the rest of our nation. It would be tragic for that to happen but I can understand their sentiment..”

          The voting patterns in Matebeleland totally contradict your claims; unless if you want to tell us MDC-T led by Tsvangirayi stands for the separation of Mthwakazi from the rest of the country.

          If these MANY people in Matebeleland whom you are talking about existed, surely Paul Siwela would be the most popular politician today in Matland, NOT Tsvangirayi. The MLF would have been the most popular party in Matebeleland today, but its not why?

          This is exactly why I say most of you people even fear your own shadows. You are full of imaginary enemies in your heads.

          You even go to the extent of creating false justifications so you can continue holding onto your illusions.

          All I can see here is nothing but deep seated Shona tribalism. Clearly, nothing that the people of Matebeleland do will ever stop this Shona tribalism against them.

          Even if they voted 200% for Shona leaders; against their own Ndebele speaking politicians, nothing will ever make you see them as equal honest citizens. You will always suspect them of evil intentions!!

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    Will the Doctor 8 years ago

    Zimbabwe supported Russia’s annexation of Crimea at the UN. It’s on record. Therefore, the people of Matabeleland have the right to a referendum – based on their decision to stay within – or break away from Zimbabwe.

    This issue will not go away.

    • comment-avatar
      All Eyes On Me 8 years ago

      Will Doctor
      Stop confusing devolution with secession – these are two different issues. You are now falling into the Shona gukurahundi tribalist trap!!

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    After 40 years of the Gaddafi dictatorship in Libya, there is also a demand for devolution there. The eastern areas centered on Benghazi want their own sovereign state separate from Tripoli in the west.

    Devolutionist sentiments arise as a result of decades of misrule by self serving dictatorships. The far flung regions of the nation feel side-lined and ignored, and over time, devolutionist sentiments take root and grow.

    If this nation splits into two parts, it will be Mr Mugabe’s legacy.

    • comment-avatar
      All Eyes On Me 8 years ago

      The Eastern areas centred on Benghazi want their own separate sovereign state – so to you this means they want Devolution?

      I am lost for words really.

      Who said Zimbabweans are the most educated nation in Africa? What a liar – they are the most ignorant and stupid people in Africa.

      No wonder they have suffered this much under Mugabe.

      A concept as simple as DEVOLUTION is just too difficult to understand for you Owen? My God, I am shocked; thats all I can say!!!

      • comment-avatar
        Nomalanga 8 years ago

        All eyes on me, your view is that Zimbabweans are the most stupid people on the planet and that explains why they have suffered so much under Mugabe. You are Zimbabwean and that makes you stupid.

        And of course if one has to follow your argument to it’s logical conclusion, you believe my grandmother who was made to drink cattle dip tank solution and watched while five brigade soldiers raped her daughter before shooting her suffered so much during the Mugabe inspired Gukurahundi because she was stupid.

        It is primitive to fail to put your arguments across without denigrate other people and inadvertently, yourself in the process. How pathetic.

        • comment-avatar
          All Eyes On Me 8 years ago

          This is not a popularity contest. Nobody denigrates the other for no reason. Think again!!

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      Yes! A complete divisionist and a sower of sorrow and intolerance! sadly!

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    All Eyes On Me 8 years ago

    Tanonoka Shona Gukurahundi Whande
    What utter rubbish. What a simple minded uneducated fool. Igorance is sometimes very dangerous. I thought you were educated, but what a disapointment.

    You reasoning over this Devolution issue is exactly the same with that of gukurahundi Mugabe and ZANU PF. The very Mugabe you claim to be fighting. Who is parcelling what here? What Bantustans are you talking about. You are full of tribalist gukurahundi imaginations.

    You talking about people uniting to remove Mugabe, uniting with who?You as a Shona, you are responsible for Mugabe being in power today.

    You are the very people who fought Joshua Nkomo hard in the 1980s, when he insisted on his right to participate in Zim’s politics – you wanted him out of the way; you wanted him banished, on some flimsy excuses of destabilising the country.

    We all knew you never wanted him for who he was; the community and region he hails from and the language he spoke. All this evidence is there on BBC Archives; You Tube etc

    Had all of you people not focused on tribe in your politics – Mugabe would have never grown so big headed. Its all your fault.

    Now you want to make it look like we are all responsible. Some of us will never, ever unite with those who are opposed to Devolution. Rather the devil we all now know, stays put.

    Why do you associate Devolution with tribes? Besides, Zim provinces are not necessary devided on tribes – you have numerous language groups in Matebeleland/Mthwakazi including the Shona – how is that a Bantustan? Masvingo is home to the Karanga, Ndebele and Shangani/Tsonga – how is that a Bantustan? Manicaland is home to the the Ndau, Manyika – are these people one tribe?

    You, like Mugabe, want to create imaginary enemies who are bent on dividing Zim.You dont believe we can all be Zimbabweans who wish and want the best for our country, but still remain who we are culturally and linguistically.

    If people wanted to seceed; split the country etc, then why are they not voting for Paul Siwela and many other such leaders who stand for secession? Why are they voting for Morgan Tsvangirayi, a Shona person for that matter?

    This dividing the country nonsense is a flimsy excuse by control freaks; people bent on dictating how other people should live their lives and those who can not tolerate diversity.

    Your idea of unity is the typical ZANU PF kind of unity, where everyone should be assimilated into the Shona identity, culture and language.

    Unity in diversity to you is anathema. To you it does not exist; its not possible – to you its an excuse for secession.

    When for administration purposes, a country is demarcated in one way or the other, how is that concerned with tribes or races?

    Are you saying India as the biggest democracy in the world, as it is divided into several States – those states are about tribes?

    The US is divided into States for administrative/governance purposes; are you saying those states are about tribes?

    You are a gukurahundi fool. South Africa, Nigeria are also divided into Provinces/States, those States are about tribes – and they have of necessity seceeded into several countries?

    My friend, a country is divided into States or provinces for effective governance purposes; devolving decision making powers from the centre to the far flung regions to fast trek decision making. It has nothing to do with tribes or races.

    Nigeria has been a federal State for years; which state of Nigeria has seceeded since federalism was instituted?

    US, Canada and India, which of their States have seceeded?

    South Africa has been a democracy for 20 years now, with a devolved system of government, which province has seceeded?

    You want to lie to Zimbabweans that the central problem of lack of development and people empowerment in outlying regions is Mugabe and ZANU PF – what makes you think any other party or leader would be any different?

    The reason why we have constitutions; checks and balances; Acts of Parliament; Pillars of democracy, such as the Public Protector/Ombudsman, the Courts etc is to put a check on human excesses. Once in power, any politician or leader can change, despite his original good intentions.

    This is why we need devolution as a governance system as part of the constitution. All Zim people should be empowered to make decisions that affected them at the local regional level.

    Besides, if people seek to seceed; since, unlike Mugabe and ZANU PF you claim to be a democrat, why not put those political views to the democratic test; the ballot box in a referendum as they have done and failed in Scotland?

    What type of a democrat are you who resorts to advising fellow citizens ” In that case, Beit Bridge is open for those who want to cross”?????????

    Why Beitbridge; is Beitbridge the ONLY border post Zim has with neighbouring countries. What an incorrigible, Shona gukurahundi tribalist – you are statanic, lucifer, a devil of a tribalist. Likewise go back to your Burundi ancestral homeland – bastaard. You have no right tell anyone to go anywhere – as a Shona you are an invader in Southern Africa.

    What exactly is the difference between you and Mugabe, if you believe that people who hold different political views from you on how they should be governed should either go cross the Beitbridge or be Gukurahundied??????

    • comment-avatar
      apolitical 8 years ago

      Fsctually, we no longer have a public protector /ombudsman.
      The MDC had it removed doesn’t fit in with communistic /union policy where you obey without complaint. Ask any MDC official he will say when we are in power we don’t need this office.
      Think the government would be better under MDC, think again, the only improvement would be that the media would be completely controlled and would not be permitted to print propaganda – simple communistic rules.

    • comment-avatar

      There is no need to get your knickers in a knot @all eyes on me! just explain your point of view without calling people names and telling them how stupid they are. We can learn from each other and we want to do that on this blog.

      • comment-avatar
        All Eyes On Me 8 years ago

        What do you expect when you find yourself such ignorant rubbish from someone you always thought was a well knowledgeable and educated someone, who has always appeared to know what he is talking about.

        The views he expressed in this article are no different from views of some one as low in reasoning levels as Jabulani Sibanda or many other so-called war veterans. I have never thought someone like Tanonoka could sink to these levels.

        I mean, for an educated person – all one needs to do is to google and do a study of various governance systems around the world and analyse the pros and cons thereof. Now to resort to tribally inflamatory language, without producing evidence is the height of stupidity in my view. For a man of his age – he should really be ashamed of himself.

        • comment-avatar
          Wilbert Mukori 8 years ago

          You have not said one thing Tanonoka said wrong! It is not enough to say he is wring without what exactly he said that is wrong and tell us what he should have said!

          • comment-avatar
            All Eyes On Me 8 years ago

            Wilbert Mukori
            Tanonoka Whande saying Devolution is about tribes or is tribal is grossly wrong and you know it.

            This is about economics, not tribes. There is no province of Zimbabwe that is home to just one single homegenous tribe – if you dont know that, then you must be from Mars!!

          • comment-avatar
            Wilbert Mukori 8 years ago

            No Tano did not say devolution is tribal. He said those pushing for it are pushing a tribal agenda which is a totally different matter.

            Other than add another layer of government and creating jobs for another expensive good-for-nothing buffoons there is no economic value to devolution. You have said a lot but none of it make any sense!

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    All Eyes On Me 8 years ago

    If people dont understand what DEVOLUTION is all about – what exactly is difficult about simply googling the South African system from the internet?

    • comment-avatar
      Wilbert Mukori 8 years ago

      You have done all the googling for the rest of us; now tell us what you found!

      • comment-avatar
        All Eyes On Me 8 years ago

        The advice to google is meant for those who dont understand the Devolved system of governance. I live in SA, I understand the system and I am involved in it.

        There are three tiers of governmenance in SA. This is why they have what they call inter-governmental forums. The Central/Nataional government is overall in charge of the country.

        The Provincial tier of government is delegated (devolved) ONLY the Social development ministries – in other words those ministries responsible for service delivery to the people i.e. Policing/Safety and Security; Local government; Housing; Agriculture; Public Works; Education; Sports and culture and Health. The local government, is the coal face of service delivery through District and local Municipalities.

        Provinces have different competitive advantages and the provincial governments have a duty to exploit these for the benefit of local communities.

        Each province draws up a Provincial growth and development plan that takes into account these competitive advantages.

        Local Authorities/Municipalities draw up the Integrated Development Plans (IDPs). All these plans talk to each other and eventually feed into the overall national development plans of the national government.

        Now tell me, what is wrong or tribal about this? How does this lead to the splitting of the country?

        • comment-avatar
          Wilbert Mukori 8 years ago

          What you have failed to accept is that central government in Zimbabwe is bloated already and then add on to this an equally bloated local government. Reduce the sizes of these and make them more efficient and accountable. One does not need to change the constitution much less create another layer of buffoons!

          Zimbabwe is no bigger than an average State in America and yet some people have visions of subdividing it into as many as 10 different States!

          We should be engaged in dismantling the Zanu PF dictatorship but have been side tracked into this devolution issue only because some individuals see the break up of the country into pieces as their only chance of getting back on the gravy train since they have nothing to sell to the people.

          I have told you before and will say it again; people should have rejected the Copac constitution but many were distracted by the devolution issue. Mugabe knew that by including it many of the simpletons will see nothing else. They would not even see that the constitution was too weak and feeble to be implemented in an meaningful way.

          Devolution is a nonsense, drop it. Lets talk about democratic change, good governance, schools, hospitals, etc. things that affect us all instead issues to gratify the greed for power of a few!

  • comment-avatar
    All Eyes On Me 8 years ago

    Shona Gukurahundi tribalists will never understand DEVOLUTION because they dont want to understand it. They refuse to understand it.

    There are non so blind as those who refuse to see!!

  • comment-avatar
    All Eyes On Me 8 years ago

    I find it difficult to understand Shona people.

    Many have sought and gained citizenship of South Africa where there is devolution, but many are opposed to devolution?

    Please explain!!

  • comment-avatar
    Matsimba 8 years ago

    Devolution is, in principle, a noble mechanism of empowering marginalized communities, ensuring that the national economic cake is shared equally and generally to guard against human iniquities of nepotism, tribalism, domination and wanton pillaging of the state for the benefit of the few. However, let it be known that without careful planning this thing can be manipulated by some amongst us wishing and willing to slowly but surely cause havoc. This country has suffered enough humiliation already and surely one cannot be forgiven to suggest the need to partition an already small country in the scheme of things.

    For far too long it was known that four countries: Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia & Botswana meet at Kazungula forming what is known in Geography and Political History as a quadripoint. We are told that “experts” from America have convinced African leaders to the fact that actually there no such a thing, but a border between Botswana and Zambia. I think that is dangerous and Zimbabwe & Namibia have been cut off, politically, economically and most importantly militarily- But it is Zimbabwe which will suffer the most. That swath of land should be utilized by all four countries not this nonsense we are hearing now. In the same vein we condemn devolution in the strongest sense, if it will result in the weakening of this country!

    • comment-avatar
      Wilbert Mukori 8 years ago

      Devolution does not mean doing away with central government; it will still be there. If there is corruption and pillaging – and I agree that it is there – devolution will do nothing to stop it!

      If you can not stop corruption in central government and local government – you have to admit that we have failed to stop it – what makes you think you will stop the region authority being corrupt?

      You take of national cake being shared – the government is BROKE there is no national cake to be share. When was the last time you went to Mpilo Hospital? If I had $50 million to spend for the people of Bulawayo and the surrounding area; I would spend it on restoring Mpilo Hospital to its former glory and not waste it of building posh offices and another fleet of new cars for the MDC idiots who had five years to implement the democratic reforms and failed to get even one reform implemented. If they had implemented the reforms Mugabe would not have rigged the elections and the country would not be in this mess.

      The new constitution also says education is a right; why has Nkomo not sued Mugabe over that? All he cares about is how to get back on the gravy train and he sees devolution as his only ticket! What has he and his MDC friends ever achieved in the five years in the GNU – nothing!

  • comment-avatar
    jobolinko 8 years ago

    No one before wanted devolution but one straight foward thing is zanu cares for mashonaland than anyother province in zimbabwe,yes its not the best thing as we witnessed during elections mr ncube did not win not even one seat ,but because of zanu pple would rather have devolution,so mr tanonoka i think you are an insult your opinion must be directed at zanu not pple who want devolution because they have no choice.

    • comment-avatar
      Wilbert Mukori 8 years ago

      You should open your eyes and your mind next time you go outside those areas in Zimbabwe you think have neglected by Mugabe because you will see the same potholed road overflowing with sewage as you have seen where you are now; hundreds of thousands of kiya kiya sellers milling up and down the roads as you will see in Bulawayo, Masvingo, Mutare, etc. So you this some regions have 85% unemployment rates whilst Mashonaland has 8% or something?

  • comment-avatar
    Murimi Wanhasi 8 years ago

    ALL EYES ON ME sounds suspiciously like Mthwakazi.
    I was laughing as I read your comments,not that they are devoid of intellect,but that you are setting yourself up as a b.p patient.Slow down,or u will die a bitter old man

    • comment-avatar
      All Eyes On Me 8 years ago

      People have to be told what they dont like to hear, as long as its the truth.

      We will not have people mobilising against Mugabe just because they are now victims themselves, yet they share a lot in common with this very Mugabe, in terms of values, beliefs and governance.

      If that is what you call bitterness so be it. This is exactly the reason why the struggle against Mugabe and ZANU PF has flounderd over the years.

      There are many Shona people who are against Mugabe for selfish reasons(not for the good of each and every Zimbabwean) – but they largely share a lot with him in the way they see Zim going forward.

      Such contradictions will always lead to the struggle being sabotaged along the way.

      • comment-avatar
        Nomalanga 8 years ago

        All eyes on me, there are many people of different tribes who share Mugabe’s views. Among the prominent Ndebales are Simon Khaya Moyo, the late John Landa Nkomo who didnt even want Gukurahundi discussed, Angeline Masuku, Cain Mathema, Obert Mpofu who calls himself Mugabe’s obedient son…the list is endless.

        So, any analysis which categorizes all Shonas as Mugabe’s supporters and lacking understanding of what devolution entails and all Ndebeles as the ones who understand the issue is laughable. You have managed to make this debate quite petty because of your blanket characterization of people along tribal lines.

      • comment-avatar
        Wilbert Mukori 8 years ago

        Do you know the truth? Why then are you saying a lot of nonsense instead of the truth?

        It is single track minded people like you who are holding the nation back. Mugabe knew that if he allowed devolution in the new constitution people like you would not see any of the serious shortcoming in that constitution and of course he was right. You failed to see that the constitution was to weak to deliver free and fair elections.

        In the end you got devolution but without free and fair elections what good has it been to you?

        The country is facing economic melt-down and you still wittering about devolution?

  • comment-avatar
    khumbulan mngun 8 years ago

    if one accept’s there is a wrong doing there but happens to say we can look at it later.understand that he is simply standing ashore or on the right side of the times how one views and prioritises issues on hand depends on where they stand.

  • comment-avatar
    All Eyes On Me 8 years ago

    Zimbabweans are in a mess because they dont trust each other, its that simple.

    1. ZANU PF will not allow a free media, Community Radio Stations etc because they believe it will be used for political propaganda that will uproot them from power. This despite the fact that all Zim’s immediate neighbours have a free media and numerous radio stations and the same free media has not suceeded in removing the liberation parties in these countries from power;

    2. ZANU PF and many like minded Shonas are opposed to Devolution because they believe it is equivalent to secession. It divides the country so they say, without providing the proof. This is despite the fact that there is no evidence of these claimed divisions in those countries like South Africa that have had this political adminstrative system in place for the past 20 years!!

    Zimbabweans prefer perceptions, rather than reality. They hate each other; they suspect each other of evil intentions. This is the crux of the country’s problems today!!

    • comment-avatar
      Wilbert Mukori 8 years ago

      If any country had a free media, free and fair elections and a regime as corrupt and incompetent as this Zanu PF dictatorship then they would have got rid of the regime a long time ago. You have been brainwashed by Zanu PF propaganda into believing its nonsense about holding elections as long as they do not result in regime change. Regime change is the very essence of free and fair elections; why are you bending over backwards to say that would not happen.

      Mugabe is not naïve to believe your nonsense that he should allow a free media, etc. because it will never result in regime change!

      Since the signing of the unity accords between Zanu PF and PF Zapu the Zanu PF government has had Shonas and Ndebeles so why are you talking of the regime as if it was composed of the Shonas only? There have been as many corrupt, stupid, you name Shonas and there are Ndebeles but to read you posts one would think one tribe can do nothing wrong whilst the other can do nothing right.

      • comment-avatar
        All Eyes On Me 8 years ago

        Wibert Mukori
        You never understood the gist of my argument – that is why you going wildly off tangent.

        In the two points above – point 1 and 2; I am giving examples of what is happening in Zim due to the LACK OF TRUST between Zims.

        ZANU PF does not want to allow free media because they are paranoid – they believe the free media will be used against them.

        Likewise, many Shona people, do not agree with a Devolved governance system because they are also paranoid about the splitting of the country – though they can not quote examples of where in the world this has happened.

        If you read the arguments by most anti-devolutionists – this is their main gripe. They dont mention any economic arguments and sadly, most of them dont even bother to understand the system.

        In other words, most of them are against it because Mugabe said so and the perception is that it is favoured by the people of Matebeleland, their perennial enemies.

        In Zim, its like, everything that Matebeleland/Mtwhakazi stands for has to be opposed – unless its driven by Shonas, then it can be trusted. This is exactly why they never support Matebeleland politicians.

        You can duck and dive as much as you like about this issue – the plain truth that you will never admit to is that MOST SHONAS ARE TRIBALISTS to the core.

        Since the so-called 1987 gukurahundi unity accord, many of you have found it so convenient to hide behind the few Matebeleland politicians in ZANU PF; as reasons to claim its NOT THE FAULT OF THE SHONAS.

        But look here Mr Wilbert Mukori, most of those people were bludgeoned into submission to join ZANU PF; all because you the Shona voters, voted and still vote on tribal lines and isolated PF ZAPU that could have been a strong counter force against ZANU PF’s authoritarianism.

        Besides, most Matebeleland politicans in that party have always been in cabinet via Mugabe’s benevolence, not through the electorate – hence their joining the Shona gravy train.

        If its not true that Shonas are HARD CORE TRIBALISTS – tell me why Biti, Chamisa, Mudzuri etc, and NOT Thokozani Khuphe are mentioned as possible replacements of Tsvangirayi, the MDC-T leader?

        Tell me why Mujuru and Mnangagwa, who was junior to John Nkomo have always been mentioned as possible leaders to take over from Mugabe?

        This is a fact, its all plainly there for everyone to see and facts are stubborn!!

  • comment-avatar
    Mduna 8 years ago


    • comment-avatar

      Its sad that we must throw stones at each other instead of listening to other points of view. Yes! there is an intense amount of hatred, bitterness and a total lack of trust. we need to get past this if we want to heal and mature. why do we allow the politics of Zimbabwe to poison our very hearts. lets get rid of it and go forward. Together! I any not agree with everything that is said but I will defend the right to say it.

  • comment-avatar
    All Eyes On Me 8 years ago

    Why is this Tanonoka not responding to comments on his own article? It is clear that he can not counter the arguments with facts here. He is afraid he will loose the argument.

    It is this stubborness about Zimbabweans that has destroyed the nation. You dont want to hear any other ideas other than yours.

    When confronted with facts, you merely duck and dive or disappear, without putting forward counter arguments. But still you refuse to change your views.

    Its typical Mugabe style of stubborness. Just saying NO for no reason; even if one is wrong and they know they are wrong.

    As he said to Welshman over the release of Mutambara from the deputy Prime Minister position, “Ngithe kangifuni!!!”.

    Thats it, no reason given!!

    • comment-avatar
      Tanonoka Joseph Whande 8 years ago

      All Eyes On Me, I have stated my point. This is a forum for debate, not law. It is not only my views and contributions that matter. You have every right and opportunity to espouse your views just like I do. So go for it, dear compatriot.

      • comment-avatar
        All Eyes On Me 8 years ago

        Tanonoka Whande
        If you are a democrat, your views should not be cast in stone – they should be subject to the test of debates in which you also counter with well reasoned and intelliget arguments, that the other side may not have been aware of.

        Democracy is about give and take – you should also hear what the other side has to say and in the process you reach consensus.

        You say you have stated your views, and thats it, end of the story.

        As I said, this is the approach of ZANU PF. They state their views, and will not listen to any other. It doesn’t matter – you can debate until you are blue in the face, they will not change even if in private they might agree you are correct.

        Clearly this is your approach – I dont really see why you keep writing article after article complaining about them, since you seem to share the very core of their mental/psychological architecture!!

    • comment-avatar
      Nomalanga 8 years ago

      All eyes on me, you have just said Whande is stupid, ignorant and uneducated yet you still want him to respond to your educated comments? That is very confusing.

      I personally support devolution but believe thatt we need to first get rid of this repressive regime and have in it’s place a leadership that will be sympathetic to this system. Trying to get the very perpetrator of Gukurahundi to implement devolution is to set ourselves for failure.

      • comment-avatar
        All Eyes On Me 8 years ago

        A response to an article is determined by the way the writer puts his views across.

        If you are going to tell people that they are tribalists and that they should cross the Beitbridge, instead of presenting coherent intelligent arguments in support of your views; then you should expect an equally arrogant response.

        We are all human beings and citizens of the same country – we need to respect each other. None of us should have the monopoly of ideas or political power at the expense of others – minorities or majorities, it doesnt matter!!

  • comment-avatar


    Cape Town – Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) secretary general Tendai Biti has warned the country could face a rebellion because of failure by ruling leaders to act on the worsening economic situation.

    According to the Daily News, Biti said the inability by the country’s leadership to come up with solutions to the country’s ill-performing economy could “give rise to rebellion, including even by the military”.

    Reports indicate Zimbabwe’s economy shrank 45% in the decade to 2009 due to plummeting farming output and hyperinflation. It bounced back for three years after Zimbabwe dropped its own currency and adopted the dollar, but it has since stagnated as companies have failed to find the cash to grow.

    Deep trench of stagnation

    Although President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu-PF party, which have ruled since independence from Britain in 1980, speak of plans for sovereign wealth funds and multi-billion-dollar platinum smelters, the realities are on a much smaller scale, a Reuters reportsaid recently.

    Mugabe, 90, is hard pressed to find a quick solution to the country’s worsening economic situation as companies continue to shut down citing viability problems while offloading thousands onto the country’s jobless market.

    Biti said the economy was in a “deep trench of stagnation and deflation”, a situation which he claimed could last for 30 years as there was absolutely no economic activity on the ground.

    He said although many countries such as Argentina had gone through similar episodes in their history, none of them were a fragile state as was the case in Zimbabwe, said the Daily News.
    – News24

  • comment-avatar
    John Thomas 8 years ago

    That Zimbabwe is a state at all is due to the private interests of Cecil John Rhodes. Zimbabwe is not a nation state evolved from history. It has very few natural borders. People who would not otherwise wish to be together are. With this in mind some flexibility is required if there is to be long term peace. Devolving power will help to make national politicians less powerful. This would be a very good thing. We have seen the damage that can be done when all power is at the centre. It is natural that people should control their local affairs. ZANU resists any devolution of power to local and provincial authorities because they are all about dictatorship.

    Criticism of the Shona majority should not automatically be rejected. We who are not Shona make up a large minority. Perhaps 40 % of the population. You have to deal with us. That said, some of these Ndebele guys are nuts. We can be thankful Nkomo was never president if this is anything to go by.

  • comment-avatar

    I think as Africans what has held us back is failure to respect each others culture. This attitude is there to see even when Africans are in a foreign country they still despise each others cultures. It is a mater of control over the destiny of others who have different cultures to those that seek to rule that have caused problems in places like Rwanda and in the whole Africa as a whole. The Nigerian situation comes to mind where the Christians and the Muslim on occasion go out a massacre each other. Look deeper and you will find it is tribal.

    Zimbabweans of late were coming to grips with this simply because they were suffering the same problems irrespective of tribe or race. There are people that do not want to see this because it does not suit their plans. During my days as a youngster it was unheard of for football players to ply their trade with the rivals from the two biggest teams who at the time operated on a tribal recruiting system. That has all changed because these kids are playing together and growing up together. The elders are still affected by the pains of previous confrontations that caused so much loss of life and hurt. Whilst this still happens you getting Politicians that are prepared to let a massive city die because they can not win any seats in these constituencies. I have to ask myself is it so wrong for these people to say “If you won’t help us up can you let us help ourselves and use our resources to revive our economy.” IT HAS TO BE RECOGNIZED THAT THIS PARTICULAR REGION IS STILL BARELY ALIVE BECAUSE OF THE DETERMINATION OF THE PEOPLE THAT POPULATE IT. What new developments have happened in this region that have benefited the people that populate it other than being plundered by unscrupulous Politicians and thieves that got their fortunes through dodgy deals. I am doctor do little and this is only my opinion..

  • comment-avatar
    George Mangava 8 years ago

    Devolution is based on the sane observation that it is wrong for higher authority to do for individuals and groups what they can do efficiently and effectively by their own initiative and hard work.this insures that decisions are made as close as possible to their point of implementation. Devolutions also ensures that what individuals or local communities cannot do for themselves must be done by higher authotity. eg defense, foreign policy….

  • comment-avatar

    Good point George. I don’t think it could have been said better.

  • comment-avatar

    APOLITICAL SAY “Fsctually, we no longer have a public protector /ombudsman.
    The MDC had it removed doesn’t fit in with communistic /union policy where you obey without complaint. Ask any MDC official he will say when we are in power we don’t need this office.
    Think the government would be better under MDC, think again, the only improvement would be that the media would be completely controlled and would not be permitted to print propaganda – simple communistic rules.”

    AXE SAY Bulls–t Apo.


  • comment-avatar
    Nomalanga 8 years ago

    WISH I WAS NOT BORN IN ZIMBABWE, what of Mugabe’s many Ndebele supporters, some of whom have become fabulously wealthy e.g. Obert Mpofu? The late John Landa Nkomo was so pro Mugabe that he didn’t want anyone to even mention Gukurahundi. Others are Cain Mathema who also would love to kill anyone who as much as utters the word Gukurahundi…add to that list Lookout Masuku’s widow. The list of Mugabe’s Ndebele supporters is inexhaustible. You need to be more analytical.

    It is laughable you wish you weren’t born Zimbabwean because that is one thing that will never change.

  • comment-avatar

    Funny he should say that. Zanu pf were actually the communistic party and were supported by Communist China. Apolitical is losing it.

  • comment-avatar
    Wilbert Mukori 8 years ago

    Throughout the debate on the new constitution no one has presented an coherent argument why to add yet another layer of government as if the nation did not have too much “government already.

    The nation is already burdened by a bloated central government – 120 MPs, Senators, deputy ministers, minister, provincial
    governors, two deputy PMs, a PM, two Vice Presidents and a President where Smith had managed with but a fraction of these -; a bloated civil service – a department of this, a department of that and a department of God knows what else, army of teachers (whom government is failing to pay their wages let alone buy everything the schools need), an army of CIOs and Police (whose main job has been to terrorize critics of Zanu PF), an army of Judges (yet cases drag on for 10 years or more), we have more soldiers than Smith had during the civil war, etc.

    We have numerous parastatals all run into the ground by political appointees. We have a bloated local government where growth points have been upgrade to town status so they can have executive mayors!

    All these government busy bodies want posh houses, posh cars, very generous salaries and allowances and all paid by taxpayers and ratepayers. The new devolved regional governments will want new offices, new cars, new everything!

    Instead of reducing the size of government and the tax and rates burden which have pushed millions of ordinary people into abject poverty these self-seeking individual calling for devolution want to grind the masses into the dust by creating yet another layer of utterly useless and very expensive bureaucracy and a army of buffoons to run it!

    I agree with you, Tano, devolution is nonsense!

  • comment-avatar

    @Wilbert Mukori I would agree with you if this Government was doing it’s job fairly. Truth of the Matter is that this region we speak of is getting totally ignored by this Government and we all know it. The people of this region thought they would be a difference if they voted for change. That never happened. That is why you have people looking for any other way. What has Zanu done for Bulawayo city since 1980 besides deindustrialize it. Surround it and beat up the people. And massacre 20000 human beings. This was once called the cleanest city in the world.. The gateway to Central Africa.. Now it is a semi ghost town littered with useless tuck shops and empty factories.

  • comment-avatar
    Saddened 8 years ago

    I believe devolution such practised in RSA or federal states as elsewhere works well as the citizens have a vested interest in the particular region they live in. This will be infinitely better than the current bloated representation we have where some regions are favoured over others because of centralised government. Lets consult the people & call for a referendum as is done worldwide rather than have systems imposed on us by a few.

  • comment-avatar
    Sydney 8 years ago

    Well, well, well,well after reading all your contributions on devolution.It seems there is a lot of fear here, fear of the unknown and pessimism.Those who are anti-devolution seem to think that this is another form of laying ground for the eventual partitioning of Zimbabwe.How many of you know that United Kingdom is a devolved state? Devolution does not necessarily mean government decisions being devolved to local counties, but it also means key government making structures being redistributed to other provinces /county. e.g.All government licensing head offices being relocated to Bulawayo, Harare remaining with a branch.All passport head offices being relocated to Gweru and then Harare, Bulawayo and other cities remaining with a branch.At a larger scale this may be extended to other key government decisions which are always sent to Harare for approval being approved at local levels.It is a mammoth task that needs training, capital and strategic planning.It can never be done overnight, but it can take years to be fully implemented.In a country such as Zimbabwe it can bring a lot of employment while creating social inequalities.Those provinces which are endowed with loads of natural resources and have easy access to outside markets would generally perform better than those that do not.Even though Zimbabweans do argue about this concept, it is inevitable that one day Zimbabwe will be a devolved state.It is not a matter of why and how, but it is a matter of when.

  • comment-avatar
    All Eyes On Me 8 years ago

    I am not sure whether you know the history of ZANU PF. Google the 1980 ZANU PF Cabinet – you will see that almost all those people you mentioned were not members of ZANU PF in the 1980s except for people like Enos Nkala and the late Mark Dube. Ever heard of the saying, “if you cant beat them, join them”?

    ZANU PF gave jobs to its members, even in the public service; and because almost all of its members were Shona – the whole public service; top government jobs, not to mention Cabinet Ministers and all – they all were Shona.

    Every diplomatic mission of Zim was headed by a Shona. If you visited any of these mission as a person from Mthwakazi, you really felt you did not belong. It was like you were a foreigner.

    In other words, it was the politics of the stomach eventually that partly drove those Matebeleland/Mthwakazi politicians to join ZANU PF.

    The present ZANU PF and all its evils is a consequence of the exhuberance; and tribalism of the Shona who voted overwhelmingly for ZANU PF in both 1980 and 1985. Least did they know that whilst ZANU PF exploited their tribal sensitivities in order to crush PF ZAPU and Joshua Nkomo and his Mthwakazi support base in preparation for the establishment of a one-party state; they had a long term strategy of using them as the majority voters, to help them entrench their power through militarising the state.

    Even Mnangagwa did eventually confess, that nobody can remove ZANU PF from power because everyone in the Zim’s state’s strategic positions is a war veteran – the Army, the police, the prison service, the intelligence services; the public service and so on and so forth!

    History was re-written to reflect Shona interests. Even today, young people are being taught false distorted history. A Mafikizolo to Zim politics like Mugabe is overstated; and made to dominate the country’s history yet we all know he was a nobody in African nationalism.

    Joshua Nkomo is regarded as an irrelevance; yet he was almost the centre of the nationalist movement. Not to mention people like Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole; James Chikerema and many others.

    ZANU PF was in 1980 essentially a Shona tribal party, promoting everything Shona, from Nehanda,Kaguvi, to Culture and language. No other communities’ heroes were mentioned – there was no Lobhengula or King Mzilikazi mentioned. There was no Ngungunyane of the Ndau people or any other heroes mentioned, nothing. Instead many of these traditional leaders were ridiculed and rubbished.

    The ZBC TV showed only Shona dramas those days, remember “Mukadota” and other drams. ZBC discussion forums on culture and others discussed Shona cultural issues only. ZBC then was essentially a Shona and English only languages station.

    The only time the Matebeleland equation came into play in the victory of ZANU PF at elections was in 1990 and thereafter, after they had beein gukurahundied and bitten to pulp into submission. They became ZANU PF largely through duress, not by choice.

    So people like you, who keep mentioning the Mthwakazi politicians who are in ZANU PF as examples of the non-tribal nature of ZANU PF are people who either have short memories or were born in 1990 or therafter.

    Forgetting history in any nation is the reason why future leaders keep repeating that same history. The mistakes made by our forefathers keep getting repeated because people dont want to hear about the past. In my book, that is NOT progress!!

  • comment-avatar
    All Eyes On Me 8 years ago

    Before people start advancing the DEVOLUTION IS EXPENSIVE argument -let me hasten to state clearly that, a Devolved system of government is not expensive as long as the National/Central government is trimmed down to reflect national economic priorities.

    Firstly, Zimbabwe does NOT need two Vice Presidents. The country needs only one Vice President. The size of its economy means it only needs less than twenty, at best fifteen Ministries/Cabinet Ministers.

    Even Deputy ministers are not that necessary. They should be appointed only in those ministries that carry a heavy work load in terms of service delivery – such ministries as Economic development; Finance; Housing; Mining; Trade and Industry.

    There is no need of a deputy minister at defence and we dont need a big army. The army should be trimmed down and if it were my choice, it should actually be abolished.

    We can consider increasing the police service, since it has a social services delivery mandate. The intelligence services should also be trimmed down, if not actually abolished.

    We should also stop creating enemies in our politics and foreign policy positions, because we are too small a country to make that much of a difference in global politics, especially given our dire economic situation and landlockedness – this will allow us to cut down on our budgets on security-related matters.

    Our main focus should be ONLY on economic development – hence the devolution idea. We should stop the arrogance and the noise making.

    You can make as much noise as you like, but one thing you must know is that as long as you are a beggar – you will never be respected!!

    Keep quite, like the Angolans, Batswana, Namibians and Mozambicans and concentrate on economic development – focus on the job at hand. That of developing your country.

    A thorough concerted focus on economic development priorities in Zim over a straight ten year period will turn around Zim’s fortunes. If we can register a straight 7% economic growth rate non-stop for ten or eleven years – you will see the world begin to sit up and take note.

    Remember Zim is the third producer of Platinum among the only three platinum producers in the world – SA, Russia and Zim. Already there is talk of forming a Platinum cartel to manage prices along the lines of OPEC in the oil industry!

    Nigeria stopped the noise and the bragging about oil in the early nineties and introduced federalism and democratic governance and institutions.

    Today, their GDP has overtaken that of SA after the recent rebased calculations; the first since 1990 and they are now sitting at USD510 billion; against SA’s USD346 billion (R5.1 trillion vs R3.5 trillion).

    The question all of you should be asking is; where is Zimbabwe today with all its tribalism; imagined non-existent enemies; the “we-are-the-most-educated” mantras etc, etc?


  • comment-avatar
    wankie 8 years ago

    “zimbabwe is more important than the tribes within it.”….ha ha ha whatever this guys is smoking must have come from charamba.