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Since the liberation struggle days, Zimbabweans have found it difficult to unite against a common purpose. The Frontline States and the then Organization of African Unity did their utmost to try to get Zimbabweans to establish a common front against the colonialists. But nothing ever worked or lasted because, sooner or later, the political parties involved would split around personalities. To this day we still suffer from the same problem; we are unable to unite.

I have been in contact with a myriad of Zimbabwean organizations around the world. Some have political objectives and others humanitarian. The common factor is that all want to see the emergence of a democratic and modern state, underpinned by freedom. That is what every Zimbabwean wants, whether they are abroad or at home.

What surprises me is that some of these organizations are not talking to each other and yet they want the same results. I suspect it’s the age-old Zimbabwean problem where everyone thinks they know better and are unwilling to submit themselves to others.

That will remain our major problem; we are too proud and always want to be in the limelight. Unfortunately this is not only a waste of energy and resources, it also strengthens the enemy.

There are two fundamental issues preventing us moving forward. These are the fact that almost 3 million Zimbabweans in the diaspora cannot vote and the control by Zanu (PF) of state resources and its tendency to manipulate the voting process and the results using state institutions.

For me these two issues are what we must focus on and ensure that they never happen again. I can’t wait till 2018 and then only go through a sham vote again. I am sure most of us feel the same.

Between now and then, these are the only two things that really matter because without them being in place, no amount of advocacy will change anything. Zimbabweans in the Diaspora must therefore focus now on ensuring that a constitutional case is brought, whereby they must challenge their exclusion from voting. They must also put adequate pressure out there so that the voting systems and technology used in the future is never again controlled by Zanu (PF).

A third and very important issue is that of investments. Other African countries are receiving significant investments from their folk in the Diaspora. They are building and equipping hospitals and schools, establishing new technology business parks and investing in infrastructure development and housing back home. In the case of Zimbabwe, most funds remitted home are for consumption.

Zimbabweans in the Diaspora ought to seriously look at themselves and consider whether they are really committed to a developed future Zimbabwe. If that is the case, don’t expect Zanu (PF) to develop this country, they have dismally failed even in cases where they had adequate resources. The vision and passion are just not there.

In my opinion our country is in the wrong hands. We must fight on the political and economic fronts by investing directly into our communities. On the political front we can also start now but we need to realize that it will take a while to change mindsets.

If we are all united we are bound to achieve better results in a shorter period than if we remain separate – as is the case now. We have some awesome people out there who can accelerate development at home. The only problem is that there is no united platform that they can use. More important, there is the issue of attitude amongst Zimbabweans that prevents us from collaborating.

We must stop pointing fingers at the MDC and participate to see the changes we want. We need to see the MDC brand being revived with new, fresh ideas and we must purge this mentality of entitlement to position. Simply because you may be a founder of an organization does not mean you have the best ideas in achieving its objectives. This applies to other organizations out there too. It’s a matter of self-esteem I guess.

Let us for once focus on what we want to achieve: Zanu (PF) must never have the monopoly of political power again in Zimbabwe. Surely that is a good enough cause for us to unite and work towards together?

Vince Musewe is an economist based in Harare. You may contact him on vtmusewe@gmail.com



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    Canuck 8 years ago

    Vince, you’re nuts.
    NO-ONE is going to lft a finger, ZPF or MDC, until you can guarantee safety of invested capital…….
    and whether foreigners OR diaspora, same rules apply…….why would/should anyone in the diaspora who have been forced to leave their country to do better for themselves and their families take the kind of risk that investing in Zim today entails ???

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    nesbert majoni 8 years ago

    Your vision Vince is the wish of any sober minded Zimbabwean but our problem is Zanu PF. This animal called Zanu PF has taken over our country to an extend where we can hardly manage to bring it back. We thought we had turned a corner for good on the formation of the GNU but if you look on the life span of that administration you can tell how Zanu pf through spanners in every step to render that GNU was a failure simply because MDC was of that. We Zimbabweans we are now politically mature and we know what we want but our enermy is Zanu PF. They have wielded so much power in KEY areas of our country and they are difficult to get rid of. However the day will come when our wishes will be granted and with things on the ground the day is not very far.

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    Vince, divided we have already fallen and there is a purge going on in the MDC-T. Anyone who is perceived to be anti Tsvangirai is being purged. The yes men couldn’t be doing a better job as Zanu sits back in laughter. You watch as the most effective cadres are dropped to enable Tsvangirai to survive.

    You are right on one thing Vince.

    We must start afresh to see the changes we want. We need to see
    fresh ideas and we must purge this zanoid mentality of entitlement to position. Simply because you may be a founder of an organization does not mean you have the best ideas in achieving its objectives. The recent electoral disaster where zanu-pf duped Tsvangirai must never be allowed to happen again.

    Zimbabwe is now on road to collapse as zanu begin their campaign to loot small going concerns across the country. This so called “indigenisation” of small business will cement in poverty for the masses and eternal power for zanu-pf.

    All this with the coalescence of MDC-T during the GNU.


    Zimbabwe needs change like never before. We need new young leaders with fresh ideas who want prosperity, not a Chinese colony.

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    Vince is 100% correct. We are so busy feeding our selfish personal agendas and tearing each other to pieces that under those conditions Zimbabwe stands no chance. How have we become such an ungodly nation and yet declaring ourselves Christian??? Let each one of us ask ourselves what part have we and are we playing in the destruction of our nation. Ask the Spirit of God to search out your heart and He will. And as for Vince: he speaks a whole lot of sense. I am praying for you and men like you, Vince. Zimbabwe is in such a destruction mode we just want to tear down and criticize anything good that comes in our country. We need a miracle. God help Zimbabwe.

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    Ivor Payne 8 years ago

    A case WAS brought before the constitution court for Diasporeans to vote just before the election. It was dismissed by Chidyausiku et al..”with reasons to follow”. They have not.

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    george shava 8 years ago