Doctors’ fee hike sparks outrage in Zimbabwe

via Doctors’ fee hike sparks outrage – DailyNews Live 27 MAY 2014

Government has hiked consultation fees for doctors  by close to 100 percent.

In a notice published in the Government Gazette last Friday, Health and Child Care minister David Parirenyatwa said the hike must be implemented immediately.

Zimbabweans are now required to pay $35 to consult a general practitioner from $20 and follow-up consultations will now attract $30 from the previous $15.

Doctors consultation fees went up to $60 for weekend visits and $70 for night visits.

Amid the hike, our reporter Wendy Muperi took to the streets of Harare to gauge public opinion on the latest hike.

Godfrey Matava (50)

“Izvi zvinotongoreva kuparara kwedu. We have already been struggling to pay. Increasing fees in this scenario means we no longer have a guarantee to life.”

Chirapa Godfrey (51)

Even though some are on medical aid, they are asked to pay when they go to service providers because Premier Service Medical Aid Society is not honouring its dues.  I am a civil servant  and the development means we will fall ill, stay at home, if I am to die, I die.

Instead of us moving forward, we are going backwards. We are going back to the 2008 era of hopelessness. I do not know if that is what they want but that is where we are going.”

James Moyana (37)

“The life I am already living is tough. I do not have any way of manoeuvring.  The little that I get is already covering the little I own in life. Now zvatova tricky, kana ndangorwara ndichatongoramba ndiri mumba kusvika zvazongonzi vashayira mumba. Where do I go when I know I do not have money?”

Margaret Mukazi (60)

“I will be sick and you know it normally happens when one does not have money, then I am now required to pay double what I used to pay, that is not good. Life is already difficult, we expect policy makers to find ways of making it bearable. It is not everyone who has money, we do not have money. Even when you are working, the money is normally a pittance.”

Tawanda Jakata (32)

“A medical fee hike equally affects us with medical aid because I have other members of my family who are not on my medical cover. We have to contribute for their treatment as a family. It becomes more financially draining. In general, a rise in any price is never welcome. It does not matter whether it is bread or a sweets, it triggers inflation.”

Kandikore Junior (41)

This is very bad. It is totally unacceptable to increase charges when no one has received any increment. More people are going to die because they will not be able pay that much. We know our hospitals and doctors have been short changing clients with shoddy services. What has changed to warrant this rise? This is the US dollar, not the Zimdollar.”

Silas Jena (44)

“There is no order in Zimbabwe. Anyone can just wake up  and start selling a sweet for $25 and if it is bought then that is it; they continue making a living from it.

This is one situation that leaves us with no option but to sacrifice because I cannot watch my child die.”



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    So much for health for all by the year 2000. IT IS NOW 2014.

  • comment-avatar
    Petal 8 years ago

    Many do not have acess to the basics like AFFORDABLE health care

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    This will not effect the goons who don’t get medical treatment here nor least of all the head goon who commanders a plane to go to Singapore.

  • comment-avatar
    Petal 8 years ago

    The Minister of , Health and Child Care minister should change his title to the Minister who cares for Bufoons going to Singapore squandering all the money –

    The minister is not doing anything at all to even curb the infant mortality rate. he has been minister in this sector now for many years after Timothy Stamps

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    Doris 8 years ago

    So, people who are on medical aid will now find a doctor or a clinic that doesn’t require cash up front. Thus the family general practitioner won’t be able to afford the carry on due to a decline in patients. There will then be a shortage of G.P.s and once again the people will suffer. Already I know 3 doctors who are leaving for greener pastures. Enough already.

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    mutakura 8 years ago

    Increase the fees with immediate according to parirenyatwa. What a heartless and insensitive man! He is a doctor and most of his friends are doctors and they are the ones to benefit of course. What is annoying is the fact that he is the one superitending the demise of premier medical aid through corruption. He has not lifted a finger to have the big thief and looter, cashbert dube, arrested. Doctors are not paid by premier for services rendered because funds have been looted and parirenyatwa has an easy way out- charge the poor patient. Does parirenyatwa have a conscience? Why is he protecting this shameless and mercenary Cashbert and his gangsters? Is he there to protect the interests of criminals or those of the country?

  • comment-avatar
    John Thomas 8 years ago

    The revolutionary party is certainly giving its supporters what they deserve.

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    Educated Idiot 8 years ago

    Being sick is now a luxury that most of can ill afford!

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    Yes, but what this reporter has not said, is how maternity fees, theatre fees etc have been reduced by several hundred percent. Good for the people, bad for those private practice institutions and hospitals who have to pay their own way and receive absolutely no government support. So what happens?, the quality private health care will fall and professional health workers will leave Zimbabwe.
    Once again a demonstration of a completely clueless and evil Government.

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    PASMAS is being looted by Cashbert. Teachers are suppose to lose 3 months salary. Where are we leading to? Which sector can give a salary increase of that much? Zimbabweans we cornered by heartless people.

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    One says go forth and multiply, the other says its gonna cost you loads!

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    It would be interesting to hear what those in the Medical profession say about these hikes in fees.

    Given that many are going for months without pay, these “caring gentlemen and ladies” should tell us what their profession thinks of this action.

    As an aside, the country has gone to the dogs anyway and complaing about things only falls on deaf ears.
    Whats needed is change and that can only bebrought about by the Zimbo himself.
    So, Zimbos stop squabbling, get off your backsides and do something about ZANU.