Don’t cheer MDC-T woe yet, Bob warned

via Don’t cheer MDC-T woe yet, Bob warned 01/05/2014 NewZimbabwe

ZIMBABWEANS are worried about the apparent implosion of the opposition MDC-T party because it had become an important social and political institution in the country, political commentator Ibbo Mandaza said Wednesday.

Mandaza warned that the country was in danger of civil unrest during a Harare Crisis Coalition panel discussion on internal party democracy and power struggles in political society.

“Zimbabweans are worried about the implications of this implosion and we hope (Morgan) Tsvangirai and his colleagues will resolve their differences sooner rather than later for the good of this country,” he said.

“The MDC-T’s split is not something that Zanu PF should be happy with because it leaves anger and discontent in our society- unguided that (anger) is dangerous even for President Robert Mugabe’s government.”

The Southern Africa Political and Economic Series (SAPES) head said Zimbabwe lacked genuine political parties and characterised opposition groups in the country’s as just movements.

“What we have at the moment are movements that are very unstable with a King at the top,” he said.

“Unfortunately we had hoped that the MDC-T would be better, conduct their politics better but they have learnt from the masters in Zanu PF and it is disheartening to hear youngsters like Nelson Chamisa speaking as if they are in the 60s.

“The implosion of the MDC-T is no laughing matter; it is a tragic situation for our country.

“The semblance of stability in Zanu PF is because they have state power and resources at their disposal. Take that away from them and that movement will implode.”

The discussion was also attended by the MDC-T’s Obert Gutu, from the Tsvangirai faction, as well as the renewal team’s Jacob Mafume and Zanu PF’s Psychology Maziwisa.

Mafume argued that political parties were public bodies because they received funding from the government.

“The problem is that we have people claiming ownership of political organisation because they were favoured with leadership of the same. It is wrong and should never be allowed,” he said.

“These are public institutions that should be open to scrutiny but people are told that the issue of leadership should be hash-hash and an internal matter when people are using public funds.

“They want to be fathers to all of us and husbands to all the women in the party.”

Mandaza said he had joined Zanu at its formation in 1963 because it had shown that it would not follow the hero-worshiping style in Zapu under Joshua Nkomo.

“Nkomo was King at Zapu and Zanu was against that, the hero-worshiping we see in Zanu PF today is a new thing that came in the 1980s,” said Mandaza.

“Tsvangirai has copied that and it is unfortunate. Nobody can challenge him lest they are called a Zanu PF apologist or sell-out the very language synonymous with Zanu PF.”

Former deputy Justice Minister Gutu came under the cosh for his WikiLeaks comments regarding Tsvangirai and his new found loyalty.

“You were quoted in Wikileaks as saying Tsvangirai is a weak leader and inside you that is what you believe. What has changed?” came a question from the audience.

Gutu retorted: “I will not dignify rumour with an answer. We are a small parties and still learning democracy. We are learning and yet to be a fully-fledged political party.

“I see nothing wrong with people bootlicking and saying leaders are ordained by God, because essentially we are a faith-based country.”

Mandaza said it is time for Zimbabwe’s younger generation of leaders to take charge and lead the country.

Tsvangirai’s MDC-T is facing another split following disagreements over leadership change.

The former trade unionist has led the MDC since formation 15 years ago.



  • comment-avatar
    Mukanya 9 years ago

    Ibbo Mandaza ihwenya kwese

  • comment-avatar
    Gondobwe 9 years ago

    I agree with you Mukanya! Ibbo Mandaza is just an opportunist not grounded in principles or values. Who doesn’t know that Zanu-PF rigged elections because they control the machinery to do so? What did they want Tsvangirai to do? Wage a war? We all know Zanu-PF is doomed. Look at the imploding economy. I am certain one month they will fail to pay government employees.

  • comment-avatar
    roving ambassador. 9 years ago

    Introspect gentlemen. What Mandaza has said is the way things are at the moment. Ignore his words at your peril.
    Obert’s statement does not help Tvsangirai’s cause in any way. The politics of blasphemy.
    Aka sarudzwa namwari, God help us. You want us to listen to that rubbish . I wonder what the other idiot Mazivisa had to say. He can only qualify to address the village idiots.

  • comment-avatar
    lenon 9 years ago

    Kkkkkkkkkk ma 1 this is nonsense. They can’t see what zanu pf did & do to mdc

  • comment-avatar
    Loveness 9 years ago

    Thats democracy.if we want to worship our hero morgan thats our democratic right, just because people hero worshiped mugabe and were short changed does not mean we can not hero worship our own tsvangirai.the whole world they are doing it.if morgan short changes us its a risk we are willing to take.dont ever think we will stop supporting him because of what you are saying it actualy makes us more resolute.we are not you want us to hero worship you ibbo and mafume….for what?????kikikikiki….mandela was hero worshiped, he married and devorced but didnt dissapoint the people south africans risked and are ok now.just because you have been abused by your first husbund tht does not mean you can never marry again.

  • comment-avatar
    just saying 9 years ago

    Please Loveness do not put Tsvangirai in the same category as Mandela who was hailed throughout the world as an icon. Despite this he was humble enough to admit his own weaknesses & above all he knew when to stand down. True leaders put their country first not themselves.

  • comment-avatar

    dont bring tht foolish hero worshiping thng,u sellouts the truth of e matter is wat we saw in 2008,we nid to study the landscape,if Tsvangirai is removed we will have a 1000 opportunists like biti,grabbing the moment,as much as u may call him weak it is nt the ryt tym for removing him,in 2008,welsnman got ambitious and left wth a number of veterans bt tsvangirai went on to win tht election,as well biti and mangoma can leave,and watch if mdc t crumbles,why cant they jus form their own party?

  • comment-avatar
    Gondobwe 9 years ago

    @just saying: When did Mandela become the President of the ANC and in which year did he become S.A. president?
    Food for thought.

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    truth 9 years ago

    interesting it is. everything was wrong from beginning. this is a problem that is difficult to control. from 1980,whoever was there my first question is how were the things that time. WHY were they right if they were. Quietness persisted until 2000. what went wrong was power hungry not problem solving. Corruption erupted at its highest point but question is what was done to stop it u will see nothing was done.secondly the participation in DRC wars and payment of 50 000 while there was no source of income to finance these expenses led to what we are today. financially we were not stable. the decision was very good but approach was bad. criteria of choosing who and not again led to corruption. there are millions of war vets and mujibhas and chimbwidos who did not receive this money but its water under the bridge. The leaders bythen failed, now that the youth are learned what exactly do u want the youth to do. Zimbabwe is a failed state. it happens slowly but warnings were given.

    1. engage with the foreign community because we are a landlocked country we need to export and import
    2. allow investor free polices
    3. authorities must be free form political parties they should run interdependently and completely abide by the Constitution of this land.
    4. Appoint leaders who are learned to run positions not according to liberation credentials it does not serve us. put job advert in national papers and appoint right candidates to serve the nation.above all we are Zimbabweans
    5.leaders appointed must be mult-skilled and must know that they are only serving no more than two terms to allow new blood and new ideas.

    together as united Zimbabweans we can make things happen for this country.

  • comment-avatar

    First Mutambara then Biti, Better now than just before elections. Both bought out by the highest bidder!!!