Ex-minister demands apology from Herald over false ZESA claims

via Ex-minister demands apology from Herald over false ZESA claims | SW Radio Africa  by Nomalanga Moyo  October 28, 2013 

Former energy minister and MDC-T official Elton Mangoma has demanded a retraction and an apology from the state-run Herald after the newspaper accused him of plotting to ‘kill’ the country’s sole power utility firm.

Last week on Thursday and Friday respectively, the Herald ran two stories headlined “Plot to kill ZESA flops” and “No plans to unbundle ZESA: Mavhaire”.

The two Herald reports come amid revelations that Clerk of Parliament, Austin Zvoma, is demanding that the Electricity Amendment Act 2013, which was passed just before the unity government expired, be withdrawn.

The paper reports that Zvoma is basing his argument for the withdrawal of the Act on grounds that the presidential assent for the Bill “was granted after the mandatory 21 days had lapsed, making the resultant Act a legal nullity.”

The Act provided for the unbundling of ZESA into smaller entities, a move which, it was hoped, would turn around the fortunes of the loss-making parastatal.

But the Herald sensationally claims that: “The planned unbundling and privatisation – which was reportedly being orchestrated by some officials at the Energy and Power Development Ministry in cahoots with former minister Mr Elton Mangoma – would have effectively put the critical power sector into the hands of unknown Western investors picked at Mr Mangoma’s discretion.”

These allegations have incensed the former minister who, through his legal team Mupanga Bhatasara Attorneys, has written a letter demanding the Herald to retract the “false” and “malicious” allegations.

The letter, excerpts of which are quoted on the MDC-T website, says “although in principle he (Mangoma) was not against freedom of expression and fair comment, the Herald articles typified, and “take the cup of gutter journalism’.”

Mangoma’s lawyers further stated: “These comments seem designed to damage the reputation of our client in the public eye and create public opprobrium towards said client.

“The comments contained in the said article by an unnamed and cowardly faceless reporter were recklessly predicated on sensationalism with a complete disregard to the truth.

“The story gives an impression of a clumsy hatchet job on the character of an outstanding public servant who is on record for having solved the perennial fuel crisis and had gone on to work tirelessly day and night (emphasis deliberate) to lessen the electricity shortages,” the lawyers said in the letter.

Mangoma’s lawyers threatened to take the Herald to court if the defamatory articles are not removed, in their entirety, from the paper’s website.

The lawyers also demanded an apology, “published in each of the platforms which have given or could give reason for our complaint”.

However, the two stories were still accessible on the Herald newspaper’s website by late Monday afternoon.



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    Tjingababili 9 years ago


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      It is time to support Zimbabwe for your childrens sake and stop protecting looters.
      Harare power station
      all turbines bar one 30 MW generator are running giving a current 50MW
      It was proposed by MDC thieves to put a further 2 x 30 MW into the station.
      current price of 2x 30 MW gen sets on internet is 5 million each
      With kickbacks 85 million by Nambian company, we don’t have to pay just supply power to them so Zimbabwe wont benefit for years until, MDC thieves get rich.
      idiotic journalists who cant even use a computer to investigaste will support the deal as the ex minister deserves an apology for the theftd of his gang.
      A c0onsultant who investigated.
      actual price of GEC top of the range 30 mw gen set is 4,250000
      who gets the rest of the 85 million
      Why does the west sponsor this level of corruption why don’t they pay journalists to uncover this level of corruption instead of paying journalists to demand apologies for those criminals with their hands dirty.
      Are there no honest people out there, with pride?

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    We were told ten years ago that yellow devils had rescued zesa zisco etc. A zanu criminal cabinet cabal of first graders

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    Harper 9 years ago

    Editor Tommy Sithole started the rot. False reporting in the Herald attracts the apt expression Tommy Rot”.

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    Jenandebvu 9 years ago

    John, what do you want to say? Communication much achieve its purpose, meaning and convey a message. You failed to. Pliz paraphraise you statement, we really want you to express your view!