‘Exports only way to Zim dollar return’

via ‘Exports only way to Zim dollar return’ – NewsDay Zimbabwe March 14, 2014 by Veneranda Langa

FOREIGN Affairs deputy minister Christopher Mutsvangwa yesterday said exports were the only way that could lead to a comeback of the Zimbabwean dollar.

Addressing MPs at a workshop on ZimAsset in Harare, Mutsvangwa said Zimbabweans were educated, but it was time to translate ideologies into inventions and products for the export market.

“Exports are very important for the competitiveness of the country and if Zimbabwe wants its currency to have a comeback and become strong, we must export,” Mutsvangwa said.

“The only way is to manufacture and have Made in Zimbabwe products — and that is not difficult to achieve as we have an educated resource base, but the challenge is to produce goods for exports.”

Mutsvangwa said there were three to four world-class mineral resources in the Great Dyke, adding that if the Chinese or Indians could use their natural resources for the benefit of their own countries, Zimbabweans were able to do it.

“I have misgivings about the University of Zimbabwe business school in that it has not produced a businessman of note like the Harvard University in America which produced Bill Gates. Maybe there is need to re-look at their syllabus,” he said.

“All over the world there is a huge market for lithium which is a resource found in Zimbabwe and Bolivia and Zimbabwe should be major suppliers of batteries in the world.
“We need to harness resources because all new cars in the world will be using lithium for their batteries.”

Mutsvangwa said contracts negotiation was very poor, adding that Zimbabwe must demand those companies coming to invest should first build power stations before they start mining.

“As Parliament we should know these are the things that make a country competitive. We should be able to realise our potential. We are like someone who has inherited a sack of gold, but does not open it,” he said.

Secretary for Mines and Mining Development Francis Gudyanga said Zimbabwe produced 40 900 tonnes of lithium in 2013, realising $559 million.

He said tantalite was also extracted in most rural areas like Bikita, Kamativi, Mberengwa, Mutoko, Odzi, Karoi and Bindura by women and it was used for cellular phones, laptops, iPods and army artillery and had a value of $100 per kilogramme.


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    Roving Eagle 8 years ago

    Who is asking for return of the zim dollar? Is mutsvangwa hinting at govt plans to reintroduce the useless currency?

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    ntaba 8 years ago

    It would be beautiful for Mugabe and his followers to have their hands back on the printing press with Gideon as the operator and they can put an oil cooler on the machine to make it work faster than last time. The last printing press extravaganza was a glorious time for the operators in Zanu and they probably need a second chance to make some more money. I think Obert Mpofu would be a very worthy candidate for some freshly printed Zim dollars – literally hot off the press. Robert Mugabe might a couple more weddings to fork out for and a house in Hong Kong so he might need a bit on the side. Gono will need a bit to prop up his poultry business – now with a less pressure of running the reserve bank (cannot say where to) he can be titled The Pheasant Plucker from Donnington. All Zanu Pheasant Pluckers need to be paid and a printing press is the most obvious way to help Zanu out of the current cash flow crisis. There are many Zanu Pheasant Pluckers worthy of assistance – a new ZTV Programme will follow. It will star Ruben Barwe – “Tata Ma printing Press, Tata Ma millions.” This will be the second chance – tata ma chance.

    • comment-avatar
      Fallenz 8 years ago

      Yeah, exactly. Only way to manipulate the currency is to print your own… and everyone remembers Gono’s running the presses until his paper supply got cut off. Small wonder he didn’t rule that news print cut to specific size would suffice as Zim dollars… quadrillion agro-cheques.

      Hey, speaking of poultry, have the Crestbreeders workers been paid, yet? Silly people keep on working with only payday promises.

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    To imagine that UZ could ever be Harvard! This guys lack of grasp would be laughable except that he is a minister, so his lack of exposure is worrisome.

    ZANU can try and print money any time they like. It will not stick. This is not an option they have.

    • comment-avatar
      munzwa 8 years ago

      Uz don’t train students to swim upstream you fool.Getting your sticky zanu fingers out of the mineral till would be a good start..

  • comment-avatar
    Roving Eagle 8 years ago

    Very silly and ignorant to compare Harvard to UZ and worse the idiot thinks the difference drives from syllabi?

  • comment-avatar
    Doris 8 years ago

    Oh good – lets start with exporting all our beautifully grown horticulture produce. I mean, the roses, oranges, lemons, vegetables. So easy having taken over a farm with all the infrastructure in place. Er, sorry, the infrastructure has been dismantled and sold.

  • comment-avatar
    Roving Ambassador 8 years ago

    The idiot, he says the investor must bring his own electricity, must bring his own safe water, must bring his own road, must have his own direct flight from where ever he comes from. Total failure of zanu to provide services. Then you expect to manufacture anything.
    You are surviving on importing food but you already thinking export.
    Who really attends these briefings I would walk out . lots of hot air. Don’t give these idiots platform to spew rubbish.
    Boycott this meetings.

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    Mavhu Mavhu 8 years ago

    Christopher Mutsvangwa, your talk is empty and illogical. You are also looking for a scapegoat for the present economic mess caused by Zanu’s ridiculous economic policies. Now u are implying that we are in this mess because UZ is producing the wrong business graduates! But see how your party treats people like Masiiwa of Econet. Mutsvangwa, your party is the real problem. Change your ridiculous policies, including expecting a investor to first build a power station and pay a bribe.

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    Zimbabweans were educated! That is a big “were”. If they really were educated Mugabe would not have been voted into power. Perhaps the educated ones have left for fairer pastures where they seem to be thriving rather well. Zimbabweans should get smart and rid themselves of Mugabe and Zanu.

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    The is no end to stupidity when it comes to Zanoids! Harvard has history. Zanoids have destroyed any credibility of UZ. So go and have another drink you might actually sober up doing so you bloody stupid fool

  • comment-avatar
    Charles Chamunorwa 8 years ago

    Can the UZ Business School attract the same lecturer with Havard School of Business. How much will that lecturer get at the UZ compared to Havard. How many potholes will that lecture drive through on his way to UZ compared to the equivalent road to Havard University. Of the two universities where is the same lecturer likely to drink sewage water and experiance perenial power cuts while lecturing. Mutsvangwa, given the above you should not expect the same from the two institutions. You don’t deserve whatever you are doing in government. You are useless there.

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    Johann 8 years ago

    “Zimgone” another province of China. China has dictated what happens there ever since they rented the so called “Freedom fighters” their weapons in the 1970’s bush war. It’s pay back time for them now and they will take the minerals and resources at only the price that is required to maintain the current oppressive leadership in power doing all the dirty work of eliminating any dissent. China are much cleverer than the white colonialists who ended up with blood on their hands after all one can’t call a black guy who kills or oppresses another black guy to a racist.

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    Saddened 8 years ago

    Nothing to worry about here as regards the return of the Zim dollar if we only need to still produce our own Bill Gates & then export sufficient to generate the billions we need to rehabilitate our manufacturing sector. Where learned Minister will we get money in the first instance? Thanks for the laugh, you would make a good clown!