Factionalism Worsens as Zanu-PF Holds Provincial Elections

via Factionalism Worsens as Zanu-PF Holds Provincial Elections 01.11.2013 by Blessing  Zulu for VOA Zimbabwe 

Jostling for President Robert Mugabe’s position has deepened factionalism in Zanu-PF resulting in the party failing to organize crucial provincial elections.

Vice President Joyce Mujuru and Justice Minister Emerson Mnangagwa are said to be fueling the friction as the fight to succeed Mr. Mugabe, now 89, gathers momentum. The two have consistently denied that they have ambitions to succeed the president.

Divisions have forced the party to postpone elections in eight provinces and in midlands and Manicaland provinces where elections were held. Chaos has become the order of the day.

In the Midlands province, Mnangagwa’s ally, Monica Mutsvangwa, withdrew from the race against John Mvundura of the Mujuru faction alleging vote rigging. Also in the Midlands province, Mujuru ally Jason Machaya is clashing with Larry Mavima backed by Mnangagwa amid allegations of rigging.

Party insiders say elections have been postponed because of allegations of vote buying, rigging and intimidation of voters.

The provincial elections are crucial in choosing members of the presidium at the elective Zanu-PF congress in December next year.

Zanu-PF spokesman Rugare Gumbo said they are expecting some results Friday but admitted things are not smooth.

Political analyst and International Crisis Group Senior Researcher, Trevor Maisiri said Zanu-PF must address the succession dispute.



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    What an ongoing bore. Dog eats dog. All criminals and child rapists

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    Tjingababili 9 years ago


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    Dayford 9 years ago

    There is a pecking order in a family of baboons where the eldest rules the roost and the younger males slowly fight off the (Horomba), the leader. It often gets very messy and these younger males often have horrible scars as a result. However one day they will succeed and the Great Leader runs off with its tail between its legs and no females to intertain.

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    Zvinonyadzisa mufunge Ndoochii ichochi nhai Zimbabwe Saka Tsvangirayi waizoita sei kana muchidai.Mai Mujuru If and i mean it if you are not going to take over ths Country ewduwe nyika yaparara Sorry to say ths Munangagwa you r ruthless look at wat you did ku Midlands.Maiwe tapera murume ane hutsinye uyu

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    BossMyass 9 years ago

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