Fall-out triggers purge in ZRP

via Fall-out triggers purge in ZRP Zimbabwe Independent by Owen Gagare/Brian Chitemba October 18, 2013 

SOME of the senior police officers retiring at the end of the year had reportedly fallen out of favour with Commissioner-General of Police Augustine Chihuri for various reasons including allegedly passing information to countries and organisations deemed unfriendly to Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe Independent can reveal.

Others were deemed to have been in support of security sector reforms which were being advocated for by the MDC formations as one of the pre-conditions for harmonised elections held on July 31, which were strenuously resisted by Zanu PF and security chiefs.

Sources in the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) said among the senior officers being retired were those who had developed links with perceived “hostile” countries following their deployment on United Nations peacekeeping missions.

The ZRP regularly sends officers on United Nations peacekeeping duties abroad.

“Of course, all the officers had reached retirement age, but some of them were suspected of leaking confidential information, especially during the elections period and thus had fallen out of favour with the boss (Chihuri),” said a senior officer. “Some of those implicated were suspected of involvement in corrupt dealings and were asked to resign.”

Chihuri on Tuesday said at least 19 commissioned officers would be leaving the force this year after reaching retirement age. These comprised eight senior assistant commissioners and 11 assistant commissioners.

He said in drawing up the list for retirement, he was assisted by his four deputies, Deputy Commissioners-General Godwin Matanga, Andrew Matibiri, Josephine Shambare and Levi Sibanda.

Chihuri and his deputies meet as the central planning committee.

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba, however, said there was nothing amiss with the retirements when asked about allegations that some of the officers were in contact with elements perceived to be hostile to the country.

“There is nothing amiss about the retirement of police officers as this is provided for under the Police Act. All these officers have attained 50 years of age or more.

But Charamba on Wednesday confirmed the corruption cases and revealed internal disciplinary measures had been taken against an undisclosed number of other officers.



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    maisokwazo 10 years ago

    How about Augustine Chihuri himself aint he over 50 years of age and should have retired been and retired for corruption murder poaching rape and fraud. How about Godwin Matanga aint he over 50 corrupt fraudulent murderer and thief. how about Matibiri aint he 50 years old violent, cruel, murderous and incompetent only he is related to Mugabe. How about the whore Josephine and the sellout Sibanda. THEY ARE ALL SAINTS, HUH THE UNTOUCHABLES, THE GREAT, THE COMPETENT, THE STRAIGHTFOWARD HUH SHAME and the good thing is those who are being retired have a mind and hope they have the interest of the country a heart unless they were also corrupt but I think they now know there is a world out there greater than themselves rapidly evoluting