First Lady Grace Mugabe evicts 50 families

via First Lady Grace Mugabe evicts 50 families NewsDay by John Nyashanu October 18, 2013

GUSHUNGO Holdings, a business concern owned by the First Family has reportedly kicked out 11 small-scale miners occupying 22 hectares of land along Mazowe River to pave way for the expansion of the family business.

It is understood that the small-scale miners and 50 families at the site, were given six days to vacate the area which was immediately declared a high security area because of its proximity to First Lady Grace Mugabe’s private school, orphanage home and her dairy company in Mazowe.

President Robert Mugabe’s family has vast interests in Mazowe, which include an orphanage, a state-of-the-art learning institution, Amai Grace Mugabe Junior School all run by First Lady Grace Mugabe and a dairy company, Alpha and Omega.

In an interview with NewsDay yesterday, one of the evicted miners said they were summoned by management at Gushungo Holdings two weeks ago and given six days to remove their belongings.

“The management told us they were under instructions from the First Family whom they said wanted us out as it was a security area. Before, we were summoned, Gushungo Holdings’ head of security, whom we only know as Mpambi, visited our claims and demanded samples of our ore. He came in the company of foreigners whom we suspect to be Russians,” the source said speaking on condition of anonymity.

The source added that on Thursday last week, bulldozers accompanied by anti-riot police descended on the area and razed down all structures from the mining sites dotted along Mazowe Valley.

“There were about 50 families at the site and all of them are out as we speak. What concerns us most is that we were not given any letters of eviction to indicate that the operation was above board. Furthermore, we were told in no uncertain terms that we would not be compensated for any developments at the site,” another source added.

Gushungo Holdings general manager Stanley Nhari could neither deny nor confirm that the company had evicted the miners and their families from their mining sites.

But, he said: “I have held so many meetings with many groups and I do not remember the one you are referring to. However, it has to be noted that this is a high security zone and panners indulging in illegal activities are all over along the Mazowe River.”

Nhari, who demanded to know NewsDay sources to ascertain whether he had held meetings with them or not, added: “As far as I am concerned Gushungo Holdings has not taken over any mine in this area. We do not believe in operating that way.”

The miners, who claimed they made an average of about $3 000 a month through the mining ventures, said they did not know how they would make ends meet following the evictions.

Contacted for comment, principal director in the Office of the President Lawrence Kamwi refused to comment and referred questions to Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba.

“You know George Charamba don’t you? Please speak to him over such issues,” he said before switching off his phone.

Charamba could, however, not be reached as his mobile phones went unanswered.



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    ZimJim 11 years ago


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    Lindy Forster 11 years ago

    Last Lady Disgrace is evil,corrupt and sadly illiterate as are her two sons..Perhaps Bona is an exception to the rule but doubt any of them possess even a minuscule semblance of decency or integrity.A thorough BAD lot.

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    Zvapasipano 11 years ago

    Hi hohoho. The last kicks of a dying horse —torai nyika ndeyenyu.ndimi moga makairwira uye makaisikirwa naMwari

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    Diego Zhaba 11 years ago

    Expanding the Empire with no regard to livelihoods of others. The multiple farm owning first family cannot co-exist, neither are they a compatible lot to those in the same vicinity.

    They overwhelmingly voted to be booted out and their livelihood decimated, and such is the irony that comes with giving it all to ZANU PF. The fascinating argument for such is that the area is “high security zone”. What security and for who? Surely the untouchable first family’s arrogance goes beyond description, and all land around Mazowe area will soon be theirs alone.

    There is much more happening than media is sharing with us country wide. Grace-lands expansion – more to come.

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    easily fooled 11 years ago

    Managing director, first mother, mother of virgin Bona……now takes over Mazowe citrus, mines as well as the river. I think Chiyadzwa is a high security area too…..give mbada 3 days notice

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    she is evil to the marrow.

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    Zimguard80 11 years ago

    Zimbabweans are such a docile lot, never been to exist under the sun, moon, stars etc!!! Where on earth would you find such stupidity, the whole nation being raped by a gang of thugs they can overrun and claim real freedom! Zimbabwe Wake Up! Hamusati makwata henyu!

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    chimutengwende 11 years ago

    Docility in the case of Zimbabweans is costing them big tyme. The rest of the world is moving forward is takayeva. Hanzi aah zvichanaka kkkkkkk

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    Nyoni 11 years ago

    Docility has nothing to do with the problems of Zimbabwe. The people are educated enough to realise the stupidity of war. All we need is a ströng leader prepared to lead by example and rid us of evil.

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    Nsika 11 years ago

    What is the point of going to war when God the father of everything is there? Is God not the one who gives us our livelihoods on a daily basis in a country with 90% unemployment? People let us not be incited to war let us cry unto our Lord on a daily basis and he will hear us and heal our land and only God can remove the corruption, the greed, the heartlessness and the pride of our leaders, Amen

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    chamatumba 11 years ago

    Its true Zimbos are a docile lot. Now you are saying God does not support war for the right cause. How do you read the bible? Isn’t He God of war. How did Israel occupy Cannan? Jesus told his disciples to sell their garments and buy swords

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    Nsika 11 years ago

    The Israelites went to war upon the instruction of God, there is no Israel who just stood up, sold their garments, bought swords and started fighting with their own wisdom. He God of war is the one that fought the war for Israel and they conquered because He led them.

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    Torai hupfumi 11 years ago

    Where were their ballot boxes. They are now paying. (paying times).

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    Revenger-avenger 11 years ago

    Nhari for the snakepit