Bribery ensures survival

via “Bribery ensures a company’s survival” – Kubatana Zimbabwe. 20 June 2014 by Amanda Atwood


The recently launched National Bribe Payers Index Report from Transparency International Zimbabwe makes for worrying reading.

Amongst other things, it says:

“Corruption in general and bribery in particular is perceived as an important feature in doing business. This perception seemed more common among the small the medium business players who are forced to bribe immigration officials, revenue collection officials and bureaucrats. Bribery is therefore perceived as a business transaction which ensures a company’s survival.”

This is consistent with stories I’ve been hearing from a number of small business operators in a variety of sectors. Increasingly, they’re wondering what the point is of trying to maintain their principles or business ethics, particularly if it means their company ends up closing down because they cannot continue if they don’t pay bribes.

It also reminds me of Kenyan anti-corruption campaigner John Githongo’s recent talk in Zimbabwe. Amongst other things, he spoke about “survival bribery” – The kind of corruption people engage in just to get by in a corrupt society.