MDC-T Manicaland executive dissolved?

via MDC-T Manicaland executive dissolved – The Standard.  15 June 2014  by Obey Manayiti

There was drama at the MDC-T provincial offices in Mutare yesterday when loyalists of party leader, Morgan Tsvangirai staged a coup and ousted provincial executive members they suspected to be working against the former premier.

The Tsvangirai loyalists accused the provincial executive of working for a new faction called “Third Force,” which they allege was both anti-Tsvangirai and anti-Tendai Biti, the leader of the rival MDC-T Renewal Team.

Problems in the province mounted on Friday when the provincial youth executive resigned en-masse from Tsvangirai’s camp to join the Biti faction.

Several party district officials had gathered at the provincial offices to wrestle the MDC-T provincial offices from the Biti faction which claims to be the owners of the building.

But the officials ended up ousting the entire provincial executive, including acting chairman Shuah Mudiwa, organising secretary and Musikavanhu MP Prosper Mutseyami and provincial women’s boss Keresenzia Chabuka.

The only executive member spared the chop was provincial secretary Misheck Kagurabadza.

The coup by the party districts installed 11 officials as the interim provincial management committee.

Addressing the supporters after the coup, Kagurabadza said he would tomorrow brief Tsvangirai and the national organising committee on the new developments in Manicaland.

“We accept the decision which you have made today as the districts. I am going to Harare on Monday to meet president Tsvangirai and the organising committee to appraise them of the developments,” he said.

Kagurabadza also described the “Third Force” group within the MDC-T as destructive.

MDC-T national executive member, Giles Mutsekwa said the decision taken by the districts was proper.

“We will take the report to the national office, that Manicaland has decided to work with only those supporting Tsvangirai. There was no leader here except Kagurabadza. I will task him again to regularise today’s event,” he said.

“We want to take over this province from Zanu-PF and we cannot do that with the calibre of people that we have [ousted],” he said.

Those co-opted in the management committee include Mutasa Central MP Trevor Saruwaka and former MPs Webber Chinyadza, David Chimhini, Willard Chimbetete and Naison Nemadziwa.

Others are Mutare mayor Tatenda Nhamarare, Stella Muzhingi, Sangani Mutabanhema, Pamela Mutari, Ngaite Zimunya and Irimai Mukwishu.

Contacted for comment yesterday, Chabuka dismissed the coup as null and void saying only Tsvangirai would determine who should lead Manicaland.

She added that she would continue with her duties as the provincial women’s chair with Mudiwa as provincial chair.


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    David Mutambirwa 6 years ago

    One wonders do these people have the country at heart or they are driven by personal gains at the expense of development.

  • comment-avatar
    moyokumusha 6 years ago

    The MDC is dead and needs to be buried now.

    Anyone being serious about an opposition must drop the MDC from their name and start a new fresh party with fresh idea’s.

    This MDC saga and Tsvangirai’s inability to see he has failed is making the people tired and weary and any future opposition is going to have a hard time convincing us.

    Morgan has destroyed the MDC and done more good for ZPF than any other person and should just go and join them and be open about his support for them. Had her been true to his supporters and done the job properly, Zimbabwe could have been a much better and more prosperous place now.

    He ran the show like a typical ZPF trade unionist, became too cosy with them and too big for his shoes. Now we have his cronies trying to enforce his leadership just like his thugs were employed to beat up those calling for change. Shame on them all as they are no better than the CIO or ZPF youths.

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    Tsvangirai is not the problem,The problem is you and me.when the elections are stollen, why dont you and me protest ? When he called for Final push did you go out? NO. People are being distracted by disgruntled people on Petty issues,Removing Tsvangirai is nt the answer to the people of Zim’s problems,

    • comment-avatar
      Tsuro Magen'a 6 years ago

      I agree…and wait for those who say are better leaders to start putting their hats in the ring and win against Mugabe and Zanu. At the moment chimbosiyanai naSave.

      But What surprise me with these new aspiring leaders who claim to be democratic…and Tsvangson is undemocratic, is their appetite for power also Surely a proper democratic way of dealing with non performing leader is to pass a vote of no confidence in him. Failure to do so than wait for the congress and get rid of him.

      I agree Morgan is not the best of leaders…but he seems to be better and more charasmatic than all the so called democratic, the Ncubes, Bitis and Makonis.

      We the intellects we often think we can do better than those who didn’t have the priviledge of going to the University. Time after time often non academics have started successful businesses and have run and improved the well being of their countries, Reagan, Lulu, etc.

      Common Zimbabwe lets focus fighting the regime that has caused , .our people to be scattered all over the world, there after that we can split into as many parties as we want.

    • comment-avatar
      Chitova weGona 6 years ago

      Thank you Zindoga for your candid talk. Zimbabweans have a disease of blaming the courageous while they stand aloof. Its true Tsvangirai alone cannot solve our problems,we need collective effort. When he calls us to stand up lets answer and act.

  • comment-avatar
    roving ambassador. 6 years ago

    Never settle for the mediocre knowingly.

  • comment-avatar
    Davy Mufirakureva 6 years ago

    Good decision. Flash rottern eggs out before they spoil good ones. Let them form their party than to hide within.

  • comment-avatar
    munzwa 6 years ago

    So it really is a private party!!!

  • comment-avatar
    jobolinko 6 years ago

    ongafuniyo kaayekhele