‘Thought leaders’ meet on economy

via ‘Thought leaders’ meet over economy | SW Radio Africa. 17 June 2014 by Nomalanga Moyo

Thought leaders met in Harare on Tuesday to discuss the economic crisis currently gripping the country.

Civil society group Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition organised the meeting which was attended by academics, students, politicians, economists, diplomats and civil society activists among others.

Discussions focused on the economy post-2013 elections, and on the targeted sanctions and Zimbabwe’s re-engagement with the international community

Crisis in Zim Coalition director Joy Mabenge said it was important for them to debate “these issues to enable us as civil society to formulate and adopt a position that will inform our future responses” on the economy, restrictive measures and re-engagement.

“Our responsibility as the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition has always been to create platforms for dialogue and to bring together stakeholders to debate critical matters. This helps us to adopt informed positions on these issues.”

According to Mabenge, participants at the meeting all agreed that the economy is in “freefall and that the ordinary person in the country is struggling to survive”.

“It is clear to everyone that the economy is the new sight of struggle and as civil society we want to be in a position to offer alternative policy options to take the country forward,” Mabenge added.

The ruling ZANU PF party blames the restrictive measures imposed by the West on the Mugabe regime for its failure to provide jobs for Zimbabweans or to access capital to kick-start the economy. Only Mugabe and his wife remain targeted under the EU restrictive measures.

Speaking at the meeting the EU Ambassador to Zimbabwe Aldo Dell’ Ariccia however said the obstacle to borrowing for Zimbabwe is its debt to international lenders, and not targeted sanctions.

The diplomat also dismissed Zimbabwe’s claims that the restrictive measures were illegal, saying these were based on the Cotonou agreement which Zimbabwe signed with the EU.

He said only the President and his wife Grace remain on the targeted measures list because only he can effect the reforms needed in Zimbabwe.

Academic and head of policy think-tank the Zimbabwe Institute James Muzondidya said that, “it is hardly possible to revive the economy if the restrictive measures are maintained”.

Economist Godfrey Kanyenze blamed the government for getting its “priorities wrong” and then blaming it all on (targeted) sanctions.”

While the civil society groups met, Mugabe was in Bolivia where he told the world that “the sanctions imposed by the West – by his reckoning the sole cause of the country’s economic problems – had been defeated,” according to an online news agency.

Confidence in the economy continues to fade amid reports that the country has registered deflation for the fourth month in a row with retailers recording reduced sales as people spend less and less.




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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    Thought leaders? Ok all right. What next? Leaping lizards, flying pigs?

  • comment-avatar
    Petal 8 years ago

    Nomalanga Moyo are the buffoons children also on the targeted list is it possible to ascrtain this?

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    The only “sanctions” are travel restrictions so Bob and grace can’t visit and spend their ill gotten gains at places like Harrods. Who or what will this illegal regime blame next for their flagrant incompetence which is the real reason why the economy is ruined. They also overlook the fact that Rhodesia had very real and punitive sanctions, yet prospered

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    publicprotector 8 years ago

    What absolute idiots, their experts don’t include one businessman, of course I didn’t think, to a journalist they don’t count, they don’t understand how to make money only students out of work have the expertise.

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    Mlimo 8 years ago

    Give a baboon a calculator and zanupf calls him an accountant, give a baboon a stethoscope and call him a doctor, give a monkey a car and call him a racing driver , give another baboon a laptop and call him a journalist give zanupf a country and call him a baboon.

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    zanupf fear me 8 years ago

    Humbug. Yet another useless yawn. The armchair academics and pseuds can spout endlessly till the cows come home . It is only grandstanding. Did the Vince muse we tell you its a total waste time and money to talk about resurrecting zim economy whist the zanoids are still permitted to destroy it. Get uprising priorities correct

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    Shamhu YeNhanzva 8 years ago

    What thought leaders? One does not have to be a genius to figure out what’s causing these problems. Our “leaders” destroyed commercial farming, made Zimbabwe a less attractive tourist destination, came up with a terrible indegenization program that makes it unappealing for foreign investment, etc.

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    tell me one good thought since 1980

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    Mlimo 8 years ago

    hey supermondo – there is one good thought – hell when is mugarbage going to die hell he’s hung on long enough.

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    The answer is patently clear to our economy. No repentance! No restoration. RGM must step down! n interim government must be had for a short period of time. And then Zimbabwe
    s first totally free and fresh elections must be held.

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    munzwa 8 years ago

    I’m with you on this one NBS..

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    Mandevu 8 years ago

    Come on everyone, lets take a positive stance. Firstly well done the coalition for getting together – in itself that is a brave move. What about ZPF? – forget them, they are now irrelevant

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    It seems everyone is dithering if not approaching from an indirect point cautiously towards our political&economical predicament.We need to approach such gatherings if their not to be futile(etiological)The root cause of all these cumulative problems-1,2,3,4 that we face everyday is in the hands of the state and their attitudes towards governance issues.Unfortunately,trying to work with them is utopia,they are unstable and detested in the business world.Whilst,trying to bypass them is unfeasible,they are the bullfrog in the pool.We need to prioritise calling for Zanu’s change of attitude first if we are to succeed in moving forward.Failure on this,their departure from the levers of power,as the imminent resort,before we choreograph plans to all hobbles we face.After all they are the liability to our dormance.How do we talk change then before them as causal effects by virtue.Um being principled here guys!!

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    Monkeys can fool anione