Transform Zim President abducted

CONTACT: Sungai Mazando, Communications Secretary or or +263 773 425 250


Transform Zimbabwe President Jacob Chengedzeni Satiya Ngarivhume has been detained by state security agents at Chimanimani police station, after he was abducted from his hotel room around 8.30am on charges that are still not clear. Mr Ngarivhume denies any wrong-doing and expressed his disappointment that police continue to abuse their powers and harass those working peacefully towards national renewal and recovery based on tolerance, human rights, democracy, and the rule of law. He has challenged the police to conduct themselves in a non-partisan and professional manner, and live up to their Constitutional duty to protect all citizens irrespective of their gender, ethnic origin, or political affiliation.

Earlier in the day at around 4am, party members travelling with the President, were also harassed by Zanu PF militia lead by Chimanimani district chairperson Bhuku Antony Machingauta, who declared that “Chimanimani is a no go area for any other party but the ruling Zanu Pf”.

The abductions come in the wake of successful meetings in Chimanimani and Rusitu a day before, where the TZ message was overwhelmingly received and Chimanimani community was eager to participate in transforming the nation. Transform Zimbabwe have recently been touring the Manicaland province and meeting the people to promote the message of national transformation. The groundswell of support for the new party is fast gathering momentum and the party has grown to over 100 000 since launching in December 2013.


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    Roving Ambassador 9 years ago

    ZANU shooting its self in the foot again. For as long as they don’t kill you, this is good exposure for you cause.
    Wishing you best of luck.
    We need more genuine players. We are tired of thieves, womaniser s, murders and barbarians.

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    dennis chikuve 9 years ago

    The more the merrier:) Let’s get rid of the rot that is Zanu PF and reclaim our great nation. Al the best TZ!

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    Transform Zimbabwe has the right agenda.
    Let this be good publicity for the cause of transformation.

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    noone can stop the unstoppable.TZ is the only way to go

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    Parangeta 9 years ago

    “Transform Zimbabwe”, you have my Vote!

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    But what crime did Transform Zimbabwe committ.Well done TZ you are actually increasing the Democratic space.There will be a wide choice for voters in the next election of 2014.

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    The election I mentioned above is in 2018.

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    Bambazonke 9 years ago

    Good luck you guys are doing a very good job , should of happened years ago then we wouldn’t be in this mess

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    Heighho 9 years ago

    TZ is ruffling feathers in a quiet and resolute way which suggests that the present incumbents are afraid of it. Journalists cover this story; lawyers help TZ to hold on to the tiger’s tail.

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    Mandevu 9 years ago

    Citizens/civil society need to get involved in this unfolding process.

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    felix kumira 9 years ago

    it is a pit that in this world the Zanu PF region is still abducting people . shame that they are failing to read they own handwriting . refusing to accept that they have failed.

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    munzwa 9 years ago

    keep up the good work TZ, how wide are you consulting..

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    maita 9 years ago

    Where are these guys I want the membership card.MDC is dead and buried, silently we will take Zimbabwe by storm.

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    For those who want more information about this great work that God is doing in Zimbabwe let me give you the information
    Transform Zimbabwe party spokesperson,Mr Sungai Mazando 0773 425 250
    We have coordinators in every province who are also members of the TZ national steering committee
    Harare 0771232126/0778723481
    Bulawayo 0772760400/0772220039
    Midlands 0774213801/0713747080
    Manicaland 0777710406/0771569874
    Masvingo 0771569870/0779784715
    Mash central 0774109636
    Mat South 0772424856/0713274354
    Mat North 0772668140/0713868965
    Mash East 0734161774/0773363613
    Mash west 0772700041/0773226494
    We beleive that what we are doing is a call from God to deliver this nation out of the mess and so far we are seeing the grace of God in every place that we go
    We have surpassed our targets by far so far this year, we had targeted to grow our membership to 100 000 by end of 2014 but by now our database has over 120000 members