Tsvangirai: GNU is now history

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Tsvangirai: GNU is now history. 17 June 2014 by John Mukumbo

The embattled MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, has become a daydreamer by claiming that he holds solutions to the economic situation in the country. Tsvangirai, who has failed to solve his personal problems and that of his once popular party, would have us believe that the economic problems which the country is experiencing can only be solved by his intervention and the formation of another government of national unity (GNU). He claims that without his involvement into the ZANU PF led government; the economy will remain in doldrums.

The MDC-T leader chose to tell those who still hold hope in him that he holds keys to the economic revival of the country but failed to tell the same why he is unable to solve the problems which the MDC-T is currently facing. He failed to explain to the nation why he has failed to acknowledge that there is a crisis in the MDC-T, which needs urgent attention as the party is facing imminent political oblivision. Tsvangirai also failed to explain to the public why he is unable to embrace leadership renewal that has now left the MDC-T on the precipice of extinction. He further failed to explain to the people why he is against leadership renewal in his party yet the majority in MDC-T is calling for it?

Tsvangirai keeps on saying that he holds keys to the economic revival of the country and that another GNU is needed yet he failed to make the economy grow when he was the Prime Minister of this country during the Government of National Unit (GNU). During that time when he was in the GNU, Tsvangirai travelled extensively outside the country with his various girlfriends. He enjoyed a lot of his stay in the GNU as he was pictured in various beaches across the globe with a host of girl friends as he abused tax payers` money when back home civil servants were crying to get their salaries adjusted.

The problem with Tsvangirai is that his political personality is now waning fast and he wants to remain relevant in front of his supporters by claiming that he holds keys to the economic survival of this country. Tsvangirai is now suffering from monetary problems and knows that once he is in government, he would solve his monetary problems like what he was doing during the inclusive government era. People should not be fooled into taking his words seriously as Tsvangirai has not been saying the truth all along. He is good at dramatizing people`s sufferings and problems for his political gains.

People should recall that Tsvangirai, who always brags that he holds keys to the economic revival of this country, once told the expectant gathering at the City Sport Centre in 2009, soon after he was sworn in as the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, that he was going to make sure civil servants are handsomely paid. Despite that vivid promise from the Prime Minister but some civil servants had to wait for the entire life of the inclusive government era with no increment only to get it when ZANU PF romped to power.

As if that City Sports statement, which he misled civil servants was not enough, Tsvangirai followed later with another statement saying that his mission in government was to make sure that salaries of civil servants were  quarterly awarded to them so that they are paid well but all such announcements by Tsvangirai were never fulfilled. So one wonders how Tsvangirai would revive the economic situations of this country when he is someone who does not support what he says or turn out his statements into action.

Tsvangirai`s call for another GNU is a move by him to replenish his dwindling personal coffers as he is quite aware that once in government his fortunes will return full time. While in the inclusive government, Tsvangirai made sure that with money in his pocket, his policy was to always change girlfriends the way he used to change his clothing, resulting in him becoming an open-zip policy strategist. So the call for another GNU by him is not sincere but it is the way by him to fatten his pockets.

With Tsvangirai being the Prime Minister in the discredited GNU, money was not a problem to him and he showed that by renovating state of the art mansion in Highlands, which chewed about $1,5million in taxpayers` money at a time when civil servants were wallowing in poverty. Tsvangirai, who failed to come up with strategies to revive the economy when he was in the GNU, thinks that hoodwinking the people into believing him on what he says, would revive his political career. He knows quite well that his political career is dwindling so fast as the leadership renewal team is not going back in their fight to make sure that there is a new leader in the opposition party. Tsvangirai is quite aware that what he always brags about cannot materialise but he is trying to revive his political career which was tattered by the heavy defeat by ZANU PF which he received in the July 31, 2013 harmonized elections.

Tsvangirai, who has no leadership qualities that can make him a leader of this country, cannot claim that he holds keys to economic revival of this country. He knows quite well that he failed to make sure civil servants are handsomely paid despite being the Prime Minister and leading the country with both the Finance and Public Service Ministries being led by the MDC-T ministers. A lot of people, especially civil servants, had hopes that the MDC-T, which superintended over the two important ministries, were going to use those ministries in favour of the workers but alas, their expectations were shuttered by Tsvangirai`s maladministration and lack of seriousness in running government affairs.

Surprisingly, Tsvangirai, who failed to make sure that government programs were run effectively during the time when he was the Prime Minster, is now saying that he holds keys to the economic revival of the country and that another panacea to economic revival is the formation of another GNU. Tsvangirai spent the entire years of the inclusive government doing nothing economically but only managed to have a chain of girlfriends, thereby spending his time flying to very expensive hotels around the world enjoying a lot with them. So what makes him think that his second coming in government would bring change for the betterment of the economy?

Tsvangirai enjoyed a lot as the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe forgetting that he was not going to be there for the whole of his life. In stead of instructing his western friends to remove sanctions in Zimbabwe, Tsvangirai brags about of having keys to the economic revival of Zimbabwe. He forgets to tell the nation that Zimbabwe is suffering because of the sanctions which he asked for from the western countries to be imposed on Zimbabwe. Tsvangirai knows quite well that without the suffering of the people his political career may be dumped into the political dustbin so his silence on sanctions speaks volumes.

Now that he is not in government, Tsvangirai wants the people to believe him that he holds keys to the economic revival of our country. He failed to make sure that Zimbabwe has an economic boost when he was in government and what makes him believe that his second coming in government would do wonders for the country. Those who are still remembering how Tsvangirai failed to make civil servants get handsomely paid despite promising them that should dismiss him with the contempt he deserves.

While the MDC-T and Tsvangirai is failing to acknowledge and see that the ZANU PF train has already started to move but those with eyes are now seeing that there could be light at the end of the tunnel, only time would tell. When it took the IG four years failing to award civil servants salary adjustment but it only took ZANU PF less than a year to do that. Whilst the MDC-T is calling for the formation of another GNU, ZANU PF is busy trying to stamp out corruption which has turned out to be a cancer in the country.

As such people should let ZANU PF run the country without disturbances. The fact that the July 31,2013, harmonized elections gave ZANU PF the mandate to rule for the coming five years let that be the case and the MDC-T should just accept the fact that they are no longer in government. In actual fact if they feel that they have something to contribute on how the country could be run, the MDC-T should use the parliamentary forum to air out their views as it has some parliamentarians in that august house.




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    The Mind Boggles 8 years ago

    I agree MT is useless in my opinion and a thing of the past but at the same time anybody or anything has to be better than the current bunch of morons trying to lead a country.

    • comment-avatar
      gwabu 8 years ago

      That is the major problem. blaming tsvangirai while doing nothing better than what he has done.

      biti is busy talking about tsvangirai and mugabes failures while he himself has done nothing so to show that he present something better than what tsvangirai has.

      Zimbabweans are not idiots while those who write profusely about how bad tsvangirai is without offering anything better are the really idiots and foolish people of this country.

      eg. the makandiwas moved out of their original churches and formed theirs successfully without chiding their previous congregations. churches and politics are similar.

  • comment-avatar
    gerald 8 years ago

    zanu pf has failed for 34 years to rule and to run the economy now we have no water in our homes you fool stop talking about girl freinds and start focusing about our lives as we are still young at my young age i know zanu pf has failed

  • comment-avatar
    woundedbaffalo 8 years ago

    Mese munotuka tvangirai hamuna kukwana, akambotonga nyika kupi? Manegotiator zvequo de tat against tsvangirai kwete for(MDC Zimbabweans)

  • comment-avatar
    Stingray 8 years ago

    Your last paragraph actually says it all. I dont see why you are blaming MRT as he “lost” the elections and zanu pf is ruining the country on its own.

  • comment-avatar
    tobias mudapakati 8 years ago

    kana mazowananguva motangira grade 1 kumusha kusvika masvika form 4 pamwe mugafunga zvakanaka. Nekuti b e4 2009 the country was on its knees MRT came and things changes for good now he is out of government things are falling apart so who has got a problem. Munotyaka kutaura chokwadi kuno Sourthern Africa nyika dziriku chinja Vatungamiriri dzirinani isu tinoramba tichigoto Tsvangirai auraya nyika akambotonga kupi. Zanu ngaizorodze sekuru mumwe atore muone kuti hazvinake here.Nyika ndeyedu ngatitaurirane chokwadi hapana asingafe uye hapana anoenda nepfuma yake muguva chero yakawanda sei.Zvichireva kuti nyika inoparara chete kana ishe Jesu vauya haikona kuti ini ndafa kana kuti paneachafa obva aendanayo.CHOKWADI NDOCHINODIWA IT WILL SET US FREE AS A NATION.NGATISIYANEYI NEKUTUTAKA i have never seen were hatred has over come anything. Only can overcome what ever problem you can name them. Thank you

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    tobias mudapakati 8 years ago

    last part to read ‘ only love can overcome’

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    Tsuro 8 years ago

    I quote the author of the article:”… ZANU PF train has already started to move but those with eyes are now seeing that there could be light at the end of the tunnel, only time would tell.”

    Let me tell before time-I am an investment fund manager hence I know what I am talking about…Zimbabwe is now rated in the same category with North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba,Boliva Burma and many others in the investment circles. In fact it sits on number 172 in most ratings.


    -Political Instabilty and too much power in one group
    -No law and order with the judiciary compromised
    -Inconsistent Policies..Price Controls/Indigenisation/Land acquisition/Nationalisation etc a new policy every election.
    -Long term planning impossible because of the aged Country leader.
    -Property Rights not guaranteed
    -High level of hurdles of doing Business in Zimbabwe
    -No easy recourse to justice
    -Unfavourable competition with informal sector

    Even if Mugabe goes to USA and kneels down and say “come we will protect your investment”….no one will ever trust a crocodile, including many black Zimbabweans who have moved their investment and skills to other countries.

    The issue is about “trust”, it is a critical commodity for any meaningful investement, with Zimbabwe getting less than 1 percent FDI destined for Africa.

    Unfortunately the people surrounding Mugabe are also not trustworthy, as they wait to take over from him.

    Note the Zimbabwe Economic saga has been going on for 16 years and projection it will go on for another 7-10years, provided Mugabe steps down or dies immediately. After the exit of a dictator things will take another 5-10 years to normalise.

    Tsvangirai, despite his obvious shortfalls indeed holds a critical key to attract investment and economic stability, as evidenced in the period post 2008 to 2011.

    If he comes in and having proper power to some extend he will bring to a great extend international goodwill and trust and it dilutes Zanu absolute power, which no investor is willing to risk based on past history.

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    well-said , ‘Tsuro’

  • comment-avatar
    thembani 8 years ago

    Very good article.You said everything wrong with Tsvangirai, however I think Biti falls into the same category of pathetic leaders.While Renewal is good, let us not change moron Tsvangirai for iddiot Biti.

  • comment-avatar
    mukanya 8 years ago

    Tsvangirai like any human being has both strengths and weaknesses. For some of us in the know he is there at the helm because his followers elected him to serve and complete a term. Tsvangirai could be said to have failed to remove Zanu but noone has offerred a clue on how to remove the voters roll from KG6 and stop the military and the state staffed institutions. If you listen to Biti you would think he is purely an outsider yet he has tried together with Morgan and failed. MDCT supporters will continue to support MT for the sole reason that he has never been associated with selling out the struggle and believe with time the playflied will be level and change will be delivered. it is not about MT but the collective efforts of all democratic actors. All of a sudden Biti and team have become baggy full of money for you in the media to write as you do yet during campaigning thje language was the Party has no money. Lets wait and see

  • comment-avatar
    willo 8 years ago

    A part of me blames Tsvangison for starting what he couldn’t finish.He brot the focus of the international world into our autocratic nation too soon when also his ideas were too weak.He however managed to create employment for a bunch of useless UZ gratuates with some backbitting him now.We have many Zimbos who know their weaknesses better and wud not start what Morgen started .

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    Zim Patriot 8 years ago

    Tsuro you beauty!!!!!!!!At last some sense from someone, Tsuro well done…..NO INVESTOR WITH BRAINS would invest in Zimbabwe and be robbed of his hard earned investment, when all over Africa regardless of his colour he can invest and get 100 + % percent back on his profit, other countries in Africa actually want investors…..seems Zimbabwe hates investors and wants to chase their hard cash away…otherwise they would respect property and investment rights oh and human rights…..May the Lord extend His grace and mercy to us, we the people of Zimbabwe have been through so much pain and suffering, black, white, brown, pink, yes we the people of all race and tribe deserve peace and prosperity!!!!!!!We cant eat indigenization.!!!!!We want food and jobs, bread and butter issues……every other African country is providing by being investor friendly…….

  • comment-avatar
    petros 8 years ago

    The writer Mukombo has an axe to grind with MDC T. The openning paragraph is very damaging and personal attack. This is terrible.