World crumbles around Tsvangirai

via World crumbles around Tsvangirai | The Financial Gazette – Zimbabwe News. 19 June 2014 by Staff Reporter

EMBATTLED Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, risks becoming irrelevant, politically, unless something dramatic happens to salvage his credibility, which is currently on the line, the Financial Gazette can report. Despite giving in to pressure to hold an early congress in 2015, instead of 2016, Tsvangirai’s approval ratings have sunk to their lowest, even among his fellow comrades.

Following the MDC-T’s heavy loss to ZANU-PF in July 2013, Tsvangirai has been under pressure to resign. To stay put, he has surrounded himself with praise singers although his desperation to remain in charge of the MDC-T has been betrayed by the use of violence to crush dissent. With his credentials coming under scrutiny once again due to his unending sex scandals and disillusionment among key allies, there are telltale signs that the MDC-T leader could be fighting a losing battle.

There is a strong sense, even among those who have remained loyal to him that Tsvangirai has run out of ideas to save the MDC-T from collapse, especially after its combative secretary-general, Tendai Biti, and his renewal team claimed leadership of the party in April. Earnest Mudzengi, a political analyst, postulated this week that Tsvangirai’s survival in politics now hinges on his ability to find solutions to a myriad of challenges before him.

“There is also some mudslinging at him but he needs to deal with all that from a political level,” said Mudzengi. Despite its heavy drubbing at the last polls, the MDC-T had maintained its stranglehold on Harare and Bulawayo metropolitan provinces. But it is in these urban strongholds where ugly infighting within the party has broken out, presenting a lifeline to ZANU-PF which has been struggling to penetrate these areas since 1999, when the MDC was formed.

Gorden Moyo, the provincial chairman for Bulawayo, threw in the towel, saying he has had enough of the problems in the MDC-T. Although he remains a card-carrying member of the party, his departure is indicative of wider disillusionment within the civic society, where he came from, over Tsvangirai’s leadership. Another reflection of the disenchantment among its allies in the civic society was a vote of no confidence passed in the MDC-T by a loose coalition of university students.

The Zimbabwe National Student Union, previously a strategic ally of the MDC-T, recently said it was transferring its allegiance to Biti’s faction. As if that was not enough, the party’s Manicaland provincial youth assembly announced last week that its members were defecting to the Biti-led faction. In a statement, the assembly members, led by Dennis Simango, said they were parting ways with Tsvangirai because of his “dictatorial tendencies”.

Tsvangirai’s rivals, both in his party and from ZANU-PF are also having a field day on the latest revelations that he had abandoned a child he sired with 23-year-old, Loretta Nyathi, four years ago. Questions are also being raised regarding the status of Tsvangirai’s marriage to Elizabeth Macheka, amid reports that they are still living apart despite claims by the    MDC-T leader’s publicist to the contrary.

Macheka walked out of their Highlands home last year; stayed apart for several weeks before reports indicated they had talked the storm over. The MDC-T leader is, however, adamant that he is still far from being finished. His spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka, told the Financial Gazette that the MDC-T leader will no doubt shrug off the current troubles and emerge a stronger brand.

“Anyone with an honest analysis of the MDC and its president will tell you that the ground on which Tsvangirai stands remains politically solid and unshaken,” said Tamborinyoka.
But political analyst, Charity Manyeruke, who is sympathetic to ZANU-PF is convinced that the end is nigh for Tsvangirai.

“As a leader of a political party and presidential aspirant, this is the end of the road for Morgan Tsvangirai because we are witnessing mass desertions by very influential members of his party. The problems he is facing both in the party and in his private life are likely to increase and the party continues to disintegrate, so I do not see him pulling through,” she said.

“The donors are also deserting him en masse. That is his problem. They have over relied on donor money which should not be the case. His personal problems are also mounting to his detriment. In terms of his personal profile, he doesn’t have the integrity at all as a leader. If a man goes around sleeping with and impregnating women, some of whom are well younger than his daughters, it shows that he cannot observe the very basic rule of protection,” she added.

While the former Prime Minister managed to shake off attempt to depose him from the helm of Zimbabwe’s main opposition party in 2005 when former secretary general Welshman Ncube challenged his leadership shortly after the party lost that year’s parliamentary elections, the current scenario playing out in the MDC-T is very different from what it was then. Analysts say while Tsvangirai used the tribal scapegoat to discredit Ncube, he cannot do the same today now that the man at the forefront for his ouster, Biti, has no roots in Matabeleland region.

Also, in 2005 Tsvangirai’s private life had not been dogged by endless sex woes, which have gifted his nemeses with a very unclean lifestyle to feast on. While he might have demystified and faced up to ZANU-PF for more than a decade, his four years in power left many asking whether he was the right man for the country’s top job. It is during his tenure as Prime Minister that the MDC-T leader was linked to a string of women and immediately adopted a luxurious lifestyle, thereby tarnishing his image both at home and abroad. The pandemonium in the MDC-T has taken its toll on Tsvangirai’s health as well.

Last month, the MDC-T leader was admitted at the Trauma Centre and Hospital amid fears of a mental and nervous breakdown as the political and personal problems weighed down on him. He had previously been holding marathon rallies nationwide in a bid to outwit those lobbying for his ouster from the main opposition party. Due to ill-health, he could not attend the last two rallies, which had to be put on hold. In addition to this, party coffers have dried up as donors are said to have deserted him.

Political commentator, Alexander Rusero, believes that Tsvangirai’s tainted private life will not hinder his political career. “I don’t think Tsvangirai will sink at all. If you look at the calibre of people he has dribbled past previously, people like Welshman Ncube, Gibson Sibanda, Paul Themba Nyathi and others, you will realise that he will definitely come out of this smart,” he said.

“It is wrong to measure him on his capability, or lack of it, to unseat President (Robert) Mugabe; you have to look at how he has won and still command significant crowds. As a country, we are not yet ready for the politics of ideas or constitutionalism. That is the issue which even Mugabe has understood very well but the Biti faction has not read,” he added. – Andrew Kunambura



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    youths 8 years ago

    last election alot of analist and organisation predicted a big loss for Tsvangirai and it happened meaning wht is said by the same analyst its true.The only the thing Tsvangirai can do now is to come up with youth friendly policiecy unlike last year every policy was empowering women eg women reservation seats and propotional reprisantation.Make my words the moment Biti begain to push youths empowerment drive even including youths to be parlimentarians or councilors he is going a long way.

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    Tsvangirayi should have stepped down as party leader immediately the election was lost. This would have given the MDC some impetus to continue the fight for liberation, and Morgan would have retained his credibility. Now they are just a spent force and so is he.

  • comment-avatar
    gwaya 8 years ago

    Your chronicle about the obvious and already know does not show any sign of analysis at all and as Zimbabweans this where we fail. One pushes his ZANU PF agenda and his is assumed to be analyst. Who in ZANU PF has a upright family, name even one, you will not find him but they lead thier party. Biti is a mbiti for sure, why can’t he separate maturely and lead his faction to his deemed democracy. With his Mafume guy, Biti is bound to fail, because the Mafume of it does not even know what to say and when about their own party. Short of making chiltalk about Tsvangirayi, he has nothing more. Tell us about your new party and its objectives so that you can lure us to your party and not about a president of another party. Shame on you, Zimbabweans are seeking for national redemption and not personal grandstanding. Maybe try Mangoma for spokesman than this Mafume of yours.

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    george cameron 8 years ago

    I personally think that the Tsvangirai sex scandals are over exaggerated and are irrelevant. Is it a coincidence that Tendai Biti and Robert Mugabe are from Malawi????

    I have no hatred for Malawians but facts should be stated as they are.

  • comment-avatar
    Mandevu 8 years ago

    Mmhh. Forget political parties and lets go with civil society to get us out of this mess. And get that Italian out of here

  • comment-avatar
    mukanya 8 years ago

    You guys in the media should be making a killing with this mbiti-donor funds, creating a story where there is no story.All this at the expence of suffering Zimbabweans. Shame on you

  • comment-avatar
    Frankie Laine 8 years ago

    Where can a rightous man be found to lead Zimbabwe out of the wilderness? Not a man without sin for then there would be no one, but a man who is truely led by the Spirit of God so that he has the ability to say NO to ungodliness.
    Tsvangarai has shown the fruits of what he began sowing some time back. Imagine if he had gained power in Zimbabwe. Where would he have lead it knowing all his shortcommings now?
    Those who believe in the effectual ferverent prayer of a rightous man, pray and pray some more for God to raise up a man of integrity and strong moral fibre who can show the way.Strive with Him as Jacob did and do not let go until the victory comes. What is the alternative?

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    jobolinko 8 years ago

    because there is biti faction other wise its biti commiting sucide politicaly

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    The feeding frenzy in the ZANU press about the MDC’s problems borders on the obscene.
    Obviously they are running scared of Morgan.
    lets stay strong, peolpe and forget this nonsense of Biti & Co, concentrating instead on removing these maggots from office.

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    As long as we personalize politics, we will never get anywhere. That is why ZANU PF still has support from some of the many people who are suffering just like us and have not benefited any from ZANU PF policies, but will vote ZANU anyway. I know some are intimidated but not all are.

    From the comments posted above I see that personalizing the MDC split is taking root. It blinds our objectivity, and makes us appendages to politicians, who by the way are primarily doing this for selfish ends. I suggest that we should always look at each and every political player, assess and if you chose to pick one do so not on a personal basis but objective analysis on who can lead Zimbabwe better. Whilst you are at it don’t ever get politically married him or her and look at her or him as a do-no-wrong, because if we are to learn from history and x current affairs, politicians are the most fallible, erratic, deceitful beings in the world. As soon as you pick your choice start looking at what they are doing wrong and ditch them as soon as they don’t acknowledge and correct their faults. In other words be an independent thinker not a product of politicians.