ZANU PF prioritizes own businesses ahead of government challenges

via ZANU PF prioritizes own businesses ahead of government challenges | SW Radio Africa. 20 June 2014 by Mthulisi Mathuthu


At a time when the ZANU PF government is failing to service the domestic debt and to pay civil servants it has emerged that the ruling party is instead on a fund raising drive to revive its own businesses, ahead of addressing the serious challenges facing the country.

Secretary for information and publicity Rugare Gumbo told the state media that a politburo meeting Thursday ‘spent most of the time looking at mobilization of resources for the party.’ The politburo is the party’s supreme decision making body and is said to be more powerful than cabinet.
Gumbo’s comments came as reports said the party has already embarked on an elaborate door to door membership recruitment exercise in preparation for the 2018 election, something which observers say confirms ZANU PF’s ‘misplaced priorities.’

Rugare said the politburo looked at subscriptions of members and a ‘dedicated system’ of fund raising and how the party companies could assist in that regard. He said business secretary Sithembiso Nyoni was tasked to look into how the party could prop up its businesses like Tregers Holdings and Jongwe Printing.

The politburo also discussed a proposal by the land ministry that government should start charging rentals from farmers who were allocated land during the farm grabs. Also discussed was the situation at the Chingwizi Transit Camp which is the temporary residence of the Tokwe Mukosi flood victims.
Commentators and community leaders said by prioritising its own businesses ahead of anything else ZANU PF was showing its true colors as an organisation of selfish people.

Chitungwiza Residents Trust spokesperson Marvelous Khumalo said the country was faced with ‘more pressing issues’ such as poor service delivery, power cuts and homelessness and ZANU PF as the ruling party had better prioritise such challenges.

He said: ‘We are worried and we are tempted to think that the government is not in place to serve the people but to pursue their own selfish interests which is misplaced and is being done at the wrong time and through the abuse of national resources.’

Khumalo added: ‘If a government is pro people it has to address issues of corruption, lack of clean and affordable water, education, creation of job and resuscitation of health facilities.’
These developments come at a time when most government departments are failing to perform their core functions and when private and public firms are closing down daily, leaving thousands of people unemployed.



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    Serving themselves,as they voted themselves.No longer fretted by their morals on Zimbabweans,but worried about a solution beyond them.

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    wensil 8 years ago

    Zanu PF finds itself in a unique position where they don’t need the voters in order to win the elections. They have an efficient rigging machine which if not dismantled guarantees them of a win at the next elections.

    Hence they can afford to look after their own needs, Zimbabwe the country is an after thought, unfortunately.

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    woundedbaffalo 8 years ago

    Biti focus on what is being done by this selfish corrupt government. Takle all those above mentioned failures, do not talk about tsvangirai all the time.we are sick and tired of you

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    godfrey c 8 years ago

    Unfortunately people get the government they deserve. We chose these guys and we must put with them until 2018 and if people decide again to give these guy another term then be it.

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    Roving Ambassador 8 years ago

    This has always been the case since 1980.DDo not expect ZANU to change. The more they look after their loot ,the worse the economy becomes. They cannot fix it, they will fix the vote. We are allowing this rigging to go on by giving these crooks an ear and attending this useless parliament. Civil disobedience is our tool to show we are not fools .
    Stay away from their meetings and do not engage ZANU in any form.
    Isolate the crooks.
    ZANU must go.

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      Gomogranny 8 years ago

      Exactly – the sooner we all shun politics and those who call themselves politicians the sooner we can rebuild our country. Middle finger is the only communication they can expect from the citizens of Zimbabwe…

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    KjvBibleStudent 8 years ago

    Ephesians 6:12-13 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
    Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

    Christians, don’t get too mad at the people doing the injustices; for they are not the true enemies. The battle in Zimbabwe is a spiritual battle, and until that is realised, Zimbabwe will continue the way it is. Sure, speak up against evil, but prayer, witnessing, and much more is what is needed to sort Zimbabwe out. Tell the unbelievers in Zimbabwe to repent and put their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; if you take away people from Satan’s family by getting them saved, justice will come sooner.

    However, will Zimbabwe repent and turn to God? Probably not; but in the end, that decision belongs to the people.

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    The Mind Boggles 8 years ago

    Charge rentals on farms???? And if they don’t pay will they be evicted??? Will anybody from any race or religion then be allowed to rent these vacant farms??? Please these clowns can’t see past their noses or think further ahead than the next 5 minutes

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    Many of us hat are in this debate stay here because we can see some sort of change will happen. It is clear to see this is a ship with no rudder. In other words it has no clear direction and drifts about without reaching its goals. The Captain sleeps. The first mate is carrying out his own agenda. When the Captain awakes he shouts “go the other way” then snoozes again. THE FIRST MATE MAKES THE TURN THEN WHEN HE SEES THE CAPTAIN IS ASLEEP AGAIN HE STARTS HIS OWN BUSINESS.The Pirates jump on and off the Ship but the Captain sleeps and the first mate is below deck doing his own business. What has the country come to?

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    @ Doctor do little at 4.31pm on @1 June.

    I think you are in cloud cuckoo land waiting for change. Nobody has told you that the ship you are referring to is named the TITANIC* – with Capt Mugabe at the wheel and all is well and everyone is partying away, deck chairs being constantly re arranged and no ice bergs have been sighted as yet.
    We all know what happened next ?

    *TITANIC ZIMBABWE – owned and operated by ZANU PF

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    @biggus dickus you are entitled to your own opinion but cloud cuckoo land? There is nothing human that lasts forever. Like those who came before us some of us we keep our hopes alive for those that will be in this land when we are long gone. Others have moved on. I respect their choices. They are now citizens of other countries. The Titanic sunk. Zimbabwe cannot sink. The economy is as we all know in ruins. The Titanic can never sail again. Zimbabwe will, as soon as the Captain and his crew are removed. When that happens we take care of the pirates. You might choose not to be involved. I can respect that. What I cannot respect is your negative attitude and your insult.

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      Doc some people obviously look in hoping the ship you speak about continues to float aimlessly. Others look in for the love of a land that once gave them so much. A few just throw about insults and basically make trouble. That’s what makes this forum interesting. I think you summed it up. Zanu pf don’t care about the future heirs. The want to enjoy now so they take and party. Now the drinks are running dry and the food is stale. Yes Doc, the end is nigh.

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    It is all about remaining positive.biggus dickus has throw in the towel. We don’t need to do the same.

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    Petal 8 years ago

    This geriatic is going to rot in hell presumably he has banned other parties from doing door to door campaigns

    “At a time when the ZANU PF government is failing to service the domestic debt and to pay civil servants it has emerged that the ruling party is instead on a fund raising drive to revive its own businesses, ahead of addressing the serious challenges facing the country.” They do not give a stuff becaus they have an easy way out – LOOT FROM THE COFFERS

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    @Petal I like your passion. This is what I always hope for. People like you. You keep on poking and prodding. I wish there were more like you. Respect.

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    We in the ignored part of the country say KUDUS to you Do Little..I think you actually Do Alot.