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via Zimbabwe now a country of spectators – The Standard. 15 June 2014 by Brian Nkiwane

June 15, 2014 in Sport

As Zimbabweans still try to come to terms with the Warriors’ embarrassing exit from the Afcon qualifiers at the hands of Tanzania in a two-legged encounter, another football disaster has struck.

Final Whistle with Brian Nkiwane

The Mighty Warriors, Zimbabwe’s remaining hope, were also sent packing from the African Women Championships by neighbours Zambia.
This means the nation must this year remain spectators while other nations enjoy the fruits of good sport organisation.

The two shameful episodes exposed sports administration in this country. The Warriors and the Mighty Warriors join the misery of our national Under-17 and 20 boys’ teams who were slapped with CAF bans for failing to fulfill away matches in their respective competitions.

But, barely 10 years back, Zimbabwe had vibrant sport persons ranging from athletes, footballers, boxers and field events participants, just to mention a few. The sportsmen and women were under the direction of vibrant sports administrators.

This has been a year to forget for Zimbabwean sport — being reduced to mere spectators in almost all sporting disciplines. The next Warriors assignment will be in September, the Cosafa Cup while the Mighty Warriors will only take part in the Zone 1V games set for Bulawayo in December.

What boggles the mind is the indifferent attitude exposed by government to the barrage of attacks on the poor preparatory plans for the Warriors match against Tanzania by newspapers, which were awash with headlines speaking about disaster in the camp.

Neither the government nor the football governing body Zifa was prepared to assist in addressing the chaos. They only came out of their shells after disaster had struck with full page apologies.

Stories about the chaos in the Mighty Warriors camp also received no attention from government and Zifa and the result was another disaster.

The Warriors were getting as little as US$15 for a day in camp while the Mighty Warriors got US$100 to fulfill the Zambia away tie.

That definitely could not have inspired players. There are many that believe the issue of money contributed to the poor showing.

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  • comment-avatar
    Kanganwiro 8 years ago

    We Zimbabweans are mere spectators in everything. A hellbent regime has destroyed our country yet all we can do is watch or pick unnecessary fights amongst ourselves which only serve to strengthen our oppressors. Even Zanu Pf itself is shocked and surprised, pleasantly might I add, at our indifference. What happened to responsibility and taking charge of our destiny. The only action we are known for taking is fleeing to other countries or supping with the ZPf devil in order to gather crumbs at their table.

  • comment-avatar
    jobolinko 8 years ago

    Its not easy nor is it difficult someone will start it

  • comment-avatar
    Godobori 8 years ago

    I have always wondered whether the attention given to soccer is really worth the costs? Why is it that Zimbabweans would spend so much energy analyzing why we lost this or that match, what we should do going forward etc in terms of domestic leagues or national team engagements as if winning the World Cup will solve the more serious economic problems we have.

    Why do we turn a blind eye to the pillage taking place within our economy, activities that affect our very livelihoods, where Chinese are taking everything and leaving us with gaping holes in the ground and in the economy, but worrying about whether Dynamos fielded the correct No. 10 player?

    Is it because we want to be seen to be at par with the rest of mankind? I would think the engineers at Airbus would want to do this in order to cool down…making the engine of an Airbus A380 is no joke on the brains…and a cooling off with entertainment might not be such a bad thing after all. But for Zimbabweans and Africa…soccer is a luxury really need? Because we have achieved what? It’s like my father’s brother’s son who is a goat herder in the rural areas wanting to be seen drinking “castle” with a small donation I have given him at my last visit. SOCCER, REALLY!? While you ignore the real matches we are losing on the economic front? What purpose is this dark skinned species? Where did God put our brains? I rest my case!

  • comment-avatar
    tapiwa 8 years ago

    @godobori. True indeed

  • comment-avatar

    Well said Godobori.
    Surely there is more to us than frivolity?

    Right now the social media is full of Zimbos trying to outdo each other in who is driving what and who has what.
    With a country going to the dogs, we have nothing.
    Until we gear up some balls and fight the ZANU devil, we have nothing.