Gono: Things that could not be said

via Gono: Things that could not be said – DailyNews Live by Wellington Gadzikwa 5 DECEMBER 2013  

A successful life or career is measured by the amount of enemies or the controversies that one is associated with.

In fact it remains a paradox that the few successful among us are men and women who court societal controversy the most, but they are not deviants.

The man they call Gideon Gono or “GG” is by no means a saint, but a pragmatic realist who tried the best he could under what he called “extraordinary solutions to extraordinary circumstances”.

He was able to create a love and hate relationship with different segments of society.

Those who loved him wanted him to do some things on their behalf while those who loathed him were mostly outlaws and vampires masquerading as genuine bankers whose sole mission was to defraud the trusting and unsuspecting banking public.

Those who used unorthodox means, possessed by the “I want to grow a mango and reap the fruits today” demon found Gono to be a Moreno Ocampo looking for bad attitude and rogue leaders to take them to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Many people joined the seemingly intelligent and popular “Gono must go” mantra without putting much thought to such slogans. Perhaps they needed time to think and really say what sin real or perceived did this man commit. His sin was seeing and thinking in different ways.

During the period of hyperinflation, Gono was both the alpha and the omega.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) occupied a central role in all economic affairs of the country with the sole aim of launching a springboard for future economic growth.

This is what most people did not see very clearly and most of them were just fond of launching endless brick bats at Gono.

It is this far-fetched vision that was missed by many of his supposed partners who seemed to fold their hands when the baton was being handed to them.

At a critical and desperate times that the country was in, could one stand up and say they could have done things better under those circumstances?

It does not make sense to imagine what could have been done but what Gono did was absolutely correct because he did it with good intentions.

Whether it worked out or not, intention is what matters.

Gono weathered the storm and pushed his programmes in a way that was envied by his critics.

Gono realised that for an economy to grow, the physical infrastructure needed attention.

This explains why funds were availed to local authorities to upgrade the infrastructure and provide better services.

Parastatals were also supported so that they could perform their role as economic enablers; food security was also prioritised with various interventions such as the farm mechanisation and revival of irrigation schemes.

All these and many other programmes that RBZ did were meant to eventually leapfrog the economy.

The sad part of all this work is that when the programmes fail because of poor implementation beyond the originator’s control, then all the blame goes back to the originator.

Gono cannot be faulted for empowering those who called themselves farmers with implements and inputs when they chose not to farm.

As the curtain draws down, Gono should stand tall with pride and should never regret anything that he did because he thought it was the best and indeed everyone can learn and unlearn from his actions.

Perhaps, what troubled him most was the fact that each time he slashed zeros they came back with a vengeance.

With the current liquidity crisis and a dangerous plunge into deflation, the new governor should measure up and have an innovative mind such as that exhibited by Gono.

Will the next governor be able to steer the economy in better ways and have his name on Zimbabwean bank notes?

Whoever it’s going to be, expectations are always going to be high.



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    John Thomas 10 years ago

    The author of this article is a simpleton. Mr Gono is an out and out criminal. A thief, a liar. He is the main facilitator in the destitution of his own people. The deaths of all who have died early because their savings and pensions were prostituted can be laid in great pat on Mr Gono

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      Chamunorwa 10 years ago

      It appears as if this article was written by the man himself (GG), therefore I see no reason he should try and justify his evil after all, he has resigned. We want an audit of his wealth before we start investigating his life at the RBS as a governor. It makes me sick, Gono giving farm inmpliments to inexperienced farmers???? There is a skeleton in the cardboard, someone was driving him to make such decision and with him being a Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and a personal banker of the dictator Mr R. G. Mugabe, a lot of questions than answers appear and therefore the nation needs answers. This is aggravated by the way the elections appeared to be rigged where those who wan never campaigned at all ????? Are these not questions that need to be answered for the future generation to take note and prevent????……… If not, then we have not started the first step on the LONG WALK TO FREEDOM, and until then, Zimbabwe must forget that manner will come from heaven and freedom will be govern by the ruling elit who continue to plander the economy (kubvisa chingwa pamuromo kuti tidye tese zvakafanana (seZVATAKA RWIRA MUHONDO YECHIMURENGA) Pamberi neGutsa Rwuzhinji-Kuzvitonga-Rwuzhinji Rwevanhu-Masimba Evanhu-and we were told all for you before 1080………………, The list went-on, goes-on, and is going-on to date, but we are still waiting for that we were told during the struggle navana mukoma akafa muhondo YECHIMURENGA chechipiri Ito yakarwiwa for 16 years not by ZANU (PF) but by ZIMBABWEANS TOGETHER AS ONE. WHITES ARE GONE, WHERE ARE WE?

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    Can u answer me this simble question,If u are given $30mln do u put it in the field or you use it for other business?? If u are given that amount u are rich already whats the purpose of going to the field?Gono new that all this ws a way of stealing and he allowed that because he ws also stealing. Please can he tell us who borrowed what ws the collateral ?Gono is a thief thief and his Bosses.

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    Sekuru Mapenga 10 years ago

    Perhaps the author is GG himself using a pseudonym — certainly there can only be a very very few people who think so highly of Gono’s disastrous tenure at RBZ. The second highest inflation in history, and then to keep going with the same policy of printing money for 10 years!!!! How greatly that did destroy our productive sector.

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    Mr Mixed Race 10 years ago

    What calibre of people does the Daily News Live employ?What I have noticed is that most of their articles lack substance,therefore not worth responding to.Only crooks benefited during GG tenure of office.

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    Jenandebvu 10 years ago

    Like this article, should hv been written by the beneficiary of Gono’s frauds. Gono was illiterate for the position, a yes Sir, a butlicker etc. He failed Mugabe (the economy was damaged beyond restoration during Mugabe’s life), he failed all of us.

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    Charles Frizell 10 years ago

    Gidiot was stealing for his masters. He and his (or his amster’s?) insane policies and actions destroyed the nation. Gidiot really belongs in jail

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    THE AUTHOR OF THIS ARTICLE OBVIOUSLY LOST NOTHING WHEN THIRTEEN ZEROS WERE KNOCKED OFF OUR PENSIONS, INVESTMENTS, & BANK ACC’S THE PRODUCTIVE SECTOR etc,etc,why are we where we are today?I feel sorry for the finance minister his hands are handcuffed & the key is lost.

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    Gavan Duffy 10 years ago

    GG – you may have been a Governor of the RBZ but eventually you will be brought to trial, if not by man but definitely by GOD
    You financed an International Money Laundering Operation in South Africa and you gave that organisation millions of US$ to supply fertilizer to the poor Zimbabwe communal farmers and you knew that the fertilizer was tampered with in Tzaneen South Africa so that whoever used it, their Maize crops failed, then they would have to rely on ZANU PF for food hand outs but only if they voted for Mugabe – yes you will be remembered always for that and many more

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    Washumba 10 years ago

    Iri igadzikwa chairo rinoda kugadzika nyika pasi. If you don’t know that you don’t know its a problem. Ndosaka nyika yagara pasi nekuti vatungamiri havasi kuona pavari kutadza, dai vaipavona vaigadzirisa zvinhu. Vakuru vakati ndambakuudzwa ……. Vanhu wepi vanoti ukada kuvaudza vanobva vakusunga. Munyori kutoti dai paita mumwe governor anenge Gidiot

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      Chamunorwa 10 years ago

      Those who do not know, will not know that they do not know what they do not know, and will therefore not know the unknown.GG is one of them.

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    Why is this former shoeshine boy not doing hard Labour with kereke? Anyway there is time for that still. Zanupf is the last kicks of a dying donkey

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    Boss MyAss 10 years ago


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    The Rover 10 years ago

    I was always advised never argue with an idiot..therefore no comment Welington.

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    Is this not a baloon being floated by Gono to test his popularity?The man is do vain he likes to feel wanted hence all the goodies he kept dishing out. In its twisted history this country has produced small minded people like Gono who by dint of their malleable characters, have wormed their way into positions of power. Ditto Gono the man who loved his voice like frog.