Gumbura sentenced to 40 years

via Breaking: Gumbura sentenced to 40 years February 3, 2014 NewsDay

RMG End Time Message church leader Robert Martin Gumbura, who was convicted on 4 counts of rape and one count of possession of pornographic material on Friday, was on Monday sentenced to 50 years in prison. Of these, 10 years were suspended on condition of good behaviour. This leaves him with an effective 40 year jail term



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    I have a feeling that its time all churches become accountable for all activities. I do suggest that there be a law to govern these churches. What Gumbura was doing is just a tip of an ice bag, there is more which is happening in most of the churches. I think there must be a ministry to govern and control including the monies people pay, the tax man must audit these monies. Each doctrine must be scrutinised by the government and any pastor must have professional qualifications recognized internationally and any pastor must practise only after clearance with the police. The state security must closely monitor all church leaders, I think by doing so we will have sanity in the religion.

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    wasu wemanyika 7 years ago

    wamama uyo